Israel Headlines Update [Jan. 21, 2016]

US condemns Israel’s Jordan Valley land expropriation
Washington on Wednesday condemned a planned Israeli move to appropriate West Bank land near Jericho, the largest such appropriation since 2014, saying the action called into question Jerusalem’s commitment to a two-state solution with the Palestinians. At the same time, the PA is trying to get the UN to declare Israeli settlements as illegal under international law. What the US and the UN fail to realize is that a two-state solution is not realistic, especially at this time. This sentiment is shared by Israeli government officials.

Neta Lavi recounts the horrifying moments leading to husband’s death
Neta Lavi, the widow of Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, recounted Wednesday the moments of terror she experienced watching the stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City during last Sukkot in which both her husband and Aharon Bennett were murdered.

Rivlin: ISIS already present in Israel with support growing
The Islamic State is already present within the country’s Arab communities and support for the group is growing, President Rueven Rivlin said during a national security conference earlier this week. “Research studies, arrests, testimonies, and overt and covert analyses…clearly indicate that there is increasing support for the Islamic State among Israeli Arabs, while some are actually joining ISIS,” he added. In a previous article we discussed that all Palestinian terror is really just an extension of ISIS and global Jihad. It is surprising that it takes Israeli officials so long to confirm this fact.

Israeli Billionaire Creates Industrial Jobs to Foster Peace Between Jews and Arabs
Israeli billionaire, Stef Wertheimer, has been investing serious resources in creating industrial parks he believes will foster peace between Jewish and Arab Israelis. He builds these parks in predominantly Arab areas of Israel that are suffering economically. Wertheimer’s industrial parks employ both Jews and Arabs, and he believes that if people are busy working and making money, they will not have time to fight each other.

Palestinian Authority hard-liners blast security cooperation with Israel
PA security commander unveils that PA security forces have prevented some 200 terrorist attacks against Israel since October 2015. Majed Faraj, commander of the PA’s General Intelligence Force, also revealed that his forces have arrested about 100 Palestinians on suspicion of planning attacks against Israelis. His remarks triggered a wave of denunciations from a number of Palestinian factions, including Hamas, that are strongly opposed to security coordination with Israel.

Israeli Medical Association Says British Doctors Trying to Boot Israel From World Medical Association
British doctors have submitted a request to the World Medical Association to have the Israel Medical Association expelled. British medical journals have published letters to the editor carrying accusations against Israeli doctors, including malpractice against Palestinian patients. This is the latest in despicable BDS attempts against Israel. If the request is approved, the WMA may be shooting itself in the foot, considering some of the greatest medical research and innovation are conducted in Israel.

Far-left activist arrested at airport is Ezra Nawi
The far-left activist recently arrested at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport is Ezra Nawi, who was recently exposed entrapping and handing over Palestinians to the PA for execution for selling land to Jews. The identities of the other two suspects are still under a gag order, although it is known that one is a far-left Jewish activist, while the other is an Arab volunteer for the far-left B’Tselem NGO.