ON THE FRONTLINES: Hamas Fires Rocket at Sderot, Shattering Quietest Summer in Years

Sderot has been relishing in what has been noted as the quietest summer in years in terms of rocket attacks.  Today that quiet was briefly shattered with the blaring of the Code Red siren and the discovery of a detonated rocket that had landed between two homes in Sderot.

The IDF and IAF immediately retaliated and struck a number of military targets in the Gaza strip belonging to Hamas.

“In response to a shooting carried out a short time ago toward the city of Sderot, we attacked, using an Air Force jet, terror infrastructure belonging to the terror organization Hamas, in the northern Gaza Strip,” the IDF tweeted on its Hebrew language account.

The Israeli airforce continued to pound targets in the Gaza Strip into the night.

Although most experts believe that Hamas is not moving towards another round of war with Israel, with the Middle East changing at a rapid rate anything is possible.  Hamas has been said to be preparing for another of conflict, by digging more tunnel and smuggling weapons into Gaza. The question now is if this missile attack was a one off or an opening shot in the next war.