At the End of Days Who Will Rule?

Our mystical tradition teaches us that everything in this physical world is a reflection of the upper worlds.  “Upper” refers to less tangible and more spiritual realms.  This is why, whether or not Donald Trump delivers on 100% or 50% is less important than the actual shake up of the world order that has sought to break apart our G-d centered reality. People from all walks of life around the world seek to be free.  This does not mean free of obligations or responsibilities, but rather they want to have self governance to make their own choices in their lives.

The Creation is built on free choice.  We see this is the beginning of the Torah when the Creator gives Adam and Eve one single commandment “Do Not Eat From The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.”  A commandment is a choice.  You can either follow it or not.  When we follow them we grow closer to the source of creation.  When we don’t we move farther away.  This is why Rebbe Nachman of Breslov teaches that the commandments in the Torah and the rulings of the sages are advice on how to attach ourselves to the Creator.  If we want to be free and act as a our authentic G-dly selves, we would act positively on these pieces of advice. If we shun them, then we jettison our divinely created selves and merge into the broader forces of nature.

The Globalists would like to take away this ability to choose.  They want to decide for us already that we are in fact just pieces of nature that need to be ruled over. If they succeed then they rule and G-d becomes buried in story books.

The war of Gog U’Magog is a war between the forces of the Creator and those who oppose a G-d centered reality. This is why the main purpose of redemption is to reveal he Divine root in Creation. This is what the forces of the New World Order are so frightened of.  They have disconnected themselves so much from their Divine root that they will be wiped out at the end.

Many freedom loving people are ecstatic over Trump’s victory, but beware, because the Globalists will find other ways to fight.  This is exactly why the battle cannot be fought directly or we will lose.  We must through our thought, speech, and actions uncover the divine light within creation and wield it carefully over the enemy. This they cannot stand up against.

When the Nation of Israel returned to its Land.  The world shook because it meant that what we had been insisting on for 2000 years was true.  It meant that the prophecies are true.  It meant that G-d does not only exist as Creator, but as an active participant in everyone of our lives. The Tower of Bavel has begin to collapse, but that is when those forces of darkness are most dangerous.  The sages of the Talmud understood this and all prayed for Messiah to come, but also prayed that they would not live to see it.  The final battle is about to begin and change the world forever.