Child Terrorists, 11 and 15, Arrested in Jerusalem

Saturday evening, right before the end of the Sabbath, an 17-year-old American who just moved to Israel was stabbed near Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate by two Arab kids aged 11 and 15.  The victim is said to be released from the hospital today and police now have both child terrorists in custody.

Arab boy fleeing scene of attack
Arab boy fleeing scene of attack

This is another product of incitement by Arab leaders to murder Jews. Will their family members be held liable? Of course not. These children will probably be released home in a matter of weeks. The Israeli government has failed to implement policies to ensure security for Israelis. Many terror attacks have been carried out by Arab children and teenagers. Yet the Israeli government continues to ignore this phenomenon and fails to uproot the dangerous Jihad ideology from its midst, putting Israelis in constant danger and high alert.

One Israeli Minister, Uri Ariel, finally demanded from Prime Minister Netanyahu: “The Israeli government and the political-security cabinet must make a clear decision to deport terrorists and their families to Gaza or any other country which will accept them. Our country must rid ourselves of these murderers.” This is clearly the only immediate solution to prevent future terror attacks.