The Left’s Moral Relativism Is Rooted In A Lack Of Faith In The Creator

In the first chapter of the Rambam’s work, the Mishne Torah he quotes the prophet Jeremiah and explains as following:

“This is as the prophet says: ‘But the Lord God is the true God’ (Jer. 10.10); He alone is the Truth, and no other being possesses a truth similar to His Truth, even as the Torah says: ‘There is none other like unto Him’ (Deut. 4.35), meaning, there is no other true being, besides Him, like unto Him.”

There is no other truth besides the Creator. This is a foundational concept in Judaism and ultimately an underlying principle in a culture based on Divine Will.

The nihilistic left, which has essentially superseded the traditional left seeks a godless culture – where morality is subjective and truth is personal. In a sense, a disbelief in G-D as the sole arbiter of Truth goes hand in hand to believing that Truth is subjective – a sort of neo-idolatry. Instead of multiple G-Ds – there are multiple truths.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that the Exile is due to a lack of Faith. The Redemption is based on a return to pure and simple Faith in the One Creator. Faith is based on Truth. The more we lack a grounding in Truth the more idolatry grows. Today’s left is no different than the idol worshipers of the past. The only difference is the jargon they use to convince us they are right.

Pure Faith in the Truth of the Creator is our light through all of this darkness. This is why in many ways we are still facing the idols of Egypt – which drew their “power” from the disbelief in the one G-D. True we are not in Egypt anymore, but the inner Egypt of a lack of truth belief in the Creator is still our biggest enemy. In order to crush this we have no choice but to return to the simple Faith of our ancestors – there is One G-D, that is source for the ultimate Truth. Anything other than that is inviting our own self destruction.

Will the Coming Election Be Israel’s Final One?

Barring any last minute surprises, Israel is heading to an unprecedented third election in the span of one year. The State has always been seen as an anchor and foundational necessity for the survival of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel and around the world.

With increased chaos within the structural underpinnings of the State, restlessness abounds. Why is their ongoing chaos in the state? This is due to the real fear of the establishment that it’s grip it has had over the State is falling.


Who is the Establishment?

The establishment consists of three forces, the elected, the courts, and the media. While the revisionist zionists, now led by Likud have over the last 40 years consistently controlled the first branch – “the elected,” the true center of power has always rested with Israel’s Deep State – the courts and media.

Mencahem Begin, hero and leader of the Irgun – who together with his colleagues Israel Eldad, Yitzhak Shamir, and Natan Yellen Mor of the Lechi succeeded in driving out the British, assumed that it would only be a matter of time post his victory for the leadership of the State where his successors would be able to finally rid it of the socialist junta that had implanted itself in Israel.

He was wrong. Elected officials in Israel have very little power other than control over the army and budgets. While it is true “the elected” which has been mostly the Likud and its satellite parties in recent years have succeeded in settling large areas of Judea and Samaria, that was never the real conflict between the movements.

Israel’s Deep State, led by the grandchildren of Palmach officers and secular Ashkenazi elitists will not let traditional Jews, rightists, and their supporters truly run the State. As Israel Eldad told Begin himself: “They rather destroy it.”

This is the real reason for the current destabilization in the State.

The Reordering Has Begin

The current chaos within the established governmental structure here in Israel will only lead to an overt change in the system. Ultimately, the system is built on a non-Redemptive model, one that stems from a parliamentary British styled system, which is far removed from its Jewish roots.

This may very well be the last election before the vessels of Davidic rule begin to be revealed. These are vessels that must be set up to contain the light of the Creator in the Kingdom of G-D here in the Land of Israel.

The original system of the Israelites and Judeans, in its ideal form, was always a mixture between a weak decentralized monarchy (excluding the 10 tribes of the North), religious libertarianism excluding those cases of national importance, with power residing locally.

We have had 70 years of pseudo socialist and centralized parliamentarian rule, with a judicial junta presiding over it. Our success has been despite all of this interference. If this election will be worth it at all, it must address the rebuilding of the Israeli governmental structure with a different format completely – one that is Redemptive and aligned with our authentic roots.

Why Did Adam Sin?


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Our exile from the Garden of Eden may have been thousands of years ago, but it’s after effects are still being felt today.  Why did Adam sin, after all he was completely integrated to the Creator’s will and should have known what to expect?

Adam knew what he was doing and understood that in order to truly fulfill G-D’s will he and his progeny would have to go into exile. All of us are responsible for bringing the world back to its original state.

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A Space for Creation

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In this short clip I discuss the idea that G-D allowed a space for creation to exist. Although there is a perception of a lack of G-Dliness, this space does not negate G-D’s existence but rather allows a covering.  Why did the Creator pull back.  Essentially, he did so out of living kindness.  How else would we his most beloved and cherished creations have the capacity for free choice? Once again our free choice does not mean G-D is not around. On the contrary, he is right here with us every moment of the day. If we choose to carry a thought, speech, or action that increases holiness in the world then his presence will be revealed, but if we choose the opposite, the Creator then pulls back more increasing the perception of his lacking.

Our mission is to uncover the divine hidden within the creation and reveal G-D’s presence from within the very space that he appears to have retreated from.

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