BREAKING NEWS: Two Jews Stabbed by Arab Terrorist in the Old City


After a reprieve from terror attacks, Jerusalem’s Old City is once again the target for radical Islamic terrorism.  Two Israeli police officers were wounded by the attacker near the Lions Gate. Police shot and critically wounded the terrorist who used a screwdriver to wound the police.

The Lions Gate area is deep into what was once a mixed Jewish Arab neighborhood before the Jordanian occupation.  There had been no Jews living there until a reacquired Jewish apartment was recently renovated and filled with young Yeshiva boys.  Even local Arabs consider the neighborhood dangerous as young gangs from rival clans frequently attack each other. With Jews moving back in, there has been increased threats of violence.

“A few weeks ago I was walking with my friends to look at the new apartment and Arab youth came out threatened to physically harm us.  Thankfully, one of us had a gun, which the Arab youth clearly saw. We ended up back off and walking back.  The police have little to do with the area and are as nervous about the violence as we are,” a Jewish activist told Israel Rising.

Islamic terrorists understand that the ongoing Jewish return to neighborhoods that were primarily Jewish before the British backed Arab riots expelled the Jews from 1920 to 1948, is the biggest threat to the supremacy of Islam.  This is exactly why they are increasing their attacks in areas that have yet to be returned to their indigenous residents.

“If they think these attacks will even remotely slow down Jews from moving into that area they are very terribly mistaken. G-d willing we will be moving in 2 to 3 families there in the next few months. Arab terrorism will be defeated with Jewish victory!” Rabbi Ben Packer of the Heritage House said about the incident.