BREAKING NEWS: Israel Aligns with NATO as Alliance Frays at the Seams

Israel is celebrating its opening of a permanent mission to NATO.  The role was n question until Turley and Israel patched their differences up and renewed diplomatic ties.  

“Israel attributes great importance to its relations with NATO. The opening of a permanent office reflects Israel’s role in promoting peace and stability in the region,” Leshno-Yaar, Israel’s ambassador to the EU said in the statement.

Despite the positive development that took years to achieve, the strategic landscape across the world is drastically different from just a few years ago.  NATO is not what it used to be.  This is due both to a reassertive Russia as well as major differences in NATO’s use of an intervention force.

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With NATO having overstepped its bounds in many areas from Eastern Europe to North Africa a growing chorus of anti-interventionists have begun to push back and openly question NATO’s purpose and mission in a world vastly different that even the post-cold war period.


With this in mind it begs the question of why Israel needs to be part or even tacitly connected to the alliance. The answer is it doesn’t.

The only reason why Israel is pushing ahead with its NATO mission is ensure that remains on more than friendly terms with NATO.  A receding NATOis just as interventionist as always, but just a bit weaker. In a volatile world Israel wants to make sure it keeps its foot in the west as it continues to court Russia and China.