Bibi Netanyahu: “The People of Israel have Returned home to their Land”

Prime Minister Netanyahu said the following at Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in commemoration of Yom Yerushalyim (Jerusalem Day):

“I have a deep obligation to continue to maintain a united Jerusalem, to protect the Western Wall, the Temple Mount and all the holy sites of Israel. Jerusalem will not return to being Aelia Capitolina, and Jerusalem will not go back to being a divided city like it was after 1948,” Netanyahu said.

“I hear people describe what happened to us [in the Six Day War] as a disaster. But that was our salvation, that was our redemption. We all felt that way then and I feel the same way today.”

“Is there anybody who wants us to go back in time? What would we go back to? A divided city? With ISIS on the Temple Mount? The northern branch of the Islamic Movement was there (in Jerusalem), have you heard of them? We outlawed them. They warned us not do it but we outlawed them anyway and nothing bad has happened.”

“They want us to turn this small square kilometer into what we see in Palmyra or Aleppo or Mosul, and that’s what will happen [if we divide Jerusalem]. Only under Israeli sovereignty is there freedom for all religions, and we will not give up the Temple Mount or the Western Wall and will not divide the city.”

“This fundamental truth stands before my eyes when I stand firmly and resolutely against elements in the world who seek to deny our sovereignty in Jerusalem and seek to return us to indefensible borders, and I never forget where we came from and where we are headed, and I am not talking only about Jerusalem, but about our entire homeland, the Land of Israel.”

“I say to the world – the people of Israel have returned home to their land. We are clinging to our land and our capital Jerusalem, we will deepen our roots and continue to send branches upwards…There is no existence for the Jewish people without the State of Israel in the Land of Israel and this is what I am entrusted with as Prime Minister, and with the help of God and with your help I do not forget that even for a fraction of a second,” said Netanyahu.

“The world of Torah is flourishing and the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva is one of the flagships that lead it proudly. We will continue to strengthen the capital of Israel, and add a measure of beauty and depth to strengthen its soul. Happy holiday to you my friends, and blessings from Zion to the lovers of Jerusalem in Israel and abroad.”

(Translation by Arutz 7)

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  1. I give 100.00 this month already to Israel rising. When I get my next 100.00 and every 100.00 will be the first of the month. I am a single person on S.S. BUT I give to Israel rising to rebuild the homes for the Jewish people coming back there to live. I celebrate the JUBILEE with you in Spirit. I am a Christian woman. The Lord provides for me until I am overflowing with food etc. I receive 755.00 a month. I also give to CUFI 75.00 FOR Israel’s military every month. America with all of its great provisions will not ever compete with what the Lord has given to your land, your wealth etc. Wait until the first and I will give you the 100.00

  2. I am a nigerian, from biafraland, we are predominantly christains and many who are converting to judaism now.we will be the happiest people on earth the day jeruselem becomes the capital Isreal. May God continue to bless andprotect Israel.Shalom. Oriogu Ephraim o.

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