It’s that time again.  April 24th 2017 marks the 102nd commemoration of the Armenian Genocide where Armenians all over the world, including in Israel, will never let you forget what we went through and demand worldwide recognition.  

As An Armenian dedicated to Israel and Armenia, on occasion I write you about pertinent issues.  I have a platform where I am known, Israeli Armenian Solidarity and Israel Rising has welcomed me as a guest contributor from time to time.  Since before the inception of Israeli Armenian Solidarity I have strived to be an instrument of knowledge, information and encouragement.  For the last 2 years I’ve been bringing Israeli affairs and Armenian affairs to the members of the group to speak out for and teach about issues these 2 great peoples, I particularly relished the similarities and our horrific tragedies.  

WHAT IS THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE?  A basic question but believe it or not a lot people still don’t know about the Armenian Genocide.  It was the Armenian Holocaust.  It was perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire 102 years ago.  Initiated on April 24th of 1915 through May of 1923.  Yes, systematically, methodically the government saw WWI as an opportunity to finish the ‘Armenian problem’ ultimately the Christian problem.  Along with slaughtering 1.5 Million of my people, they slaughtered hundreds of thousands Greeks and Assyrians.  Whereas some might say “Aha, it was not targeted” indeed it was.  All three groups are Christian.  Therefore a major underlying factor was our faith.  Every Turkish government has subsequently denied what was perpetrated hence the biggest difference between the Holocaust and the Genocide.  Mind you, the Germans were close allies and onlookers of what ‘their predecessors’ were committing.  And yet, Germany caught red handed could not deny the innocent blood spilt, the Turks did boldly deny and have continued for 102 years.  

So every year, we remember and demand.


Here’s the definition: An accomplished fact, something that has already occurred; a (colloquial American) “done deal

Last year in July 2016, Zehava Gal-On of Meretz initiated discussions about how imperative it is for Israel the Jewish nation, to recognize the Armenian Genocide in the Knesset quoting Eli Weisel, BD, who had recently passed on.  After some discussion the brilliant decision was made to defer the topic to The Knesset Education Committee.  The next day, the Education Minister came out with a statement:

“It is our moral obligation to recognize the Armenian genocide,” said committee chair Yakov Margi (Shas) at a committee meeting.

We, at Israeli Armenian Solidarity believe the Knesset has recognized the Armenian Genocide as a Fait Accompli.  It is a done deal.  

In fact, I made a video:

OK then, great what’s the problem?  There was no official declaration.  Without the official statement we are in a constant arm twisting mode….


Every year, around April 24th, there are different events/marches being held in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  Armenians all over Israel gather and call out for admittance from the Turks and recognition from the Knesset.  I ask that you all share this article and demand the Knesset to take that final step.  

This year, my brilliant Hebrew teacher, Zev Garber informed me that Yom haShoah Nairim is also on April 24th. This is no coincidence.  Now is the time.  Stand with us in Solidarity! Thank you.