Donald Trump, Naftali Bennett, and the End of the Two-State “Solution”

In a perfect world, Bibi would be in deep conversations with the incoming Trump administration on how best to put the two state solution in the garbage bin.  For Bibi Netanyahu the availed leader of Israel and nemesis of Obama and the EU, the status quo despite its road to nowhere is a far more digestible situation. Yet, Bibi with all of his political prowess and especially astute understanding of the USA has not fully digested the Donald Trump victory.

In steps Naftali Bennett, the Minister of Education and the widely successful entrepreneur turned right wing leader.  His position as the head of Jewish Home may not be interesting to Americans, but he represents the future of Israel, which if the current trajectory holds will be led by knitted kippa wearing nationalists who are busy playing the part that the secular kibbutzniks played before the creation of the state.

Naftali Bennett and the National Religious Camp are fast becoming the predominant force in Israel and it was with this feeling of destiny that Bennett reached out to a few of Donald Trump’s associates on the need to get rid of the Two State “Solution.”  After all, Trump is more than the president to be, he is a revolution and earthquake in the world order.  For an Israel constrained by the bygones of Oslo and State Department Arabism as well as Neo-Conservative control, Trump represents the possibility to reach peace without jettisoning Israel’s Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria.

Most Americans assume that Israel is in love with the Oslo accords, but as most of the Israeli street knows, since the Oslo Accords 1000’s of Israelis have been killed and in the same space of time more and more communities have been built in Judea and Samaria.  Young religious Zionists have grown into maturity and taken the reigns of power.  With the “Palestinian” Arabs showing no signs of coming to terms with even one Jew living in the Land of Israel, alternative solutions to Oslo are a must.

This is where Bennett’s outreach to Trump lies.  If Trump really is the anti-globalist President to be, then he understands the need to move on from a conflict entirely manufactured by globalist ambitions in the Levant. It is in  fact the globalists embedded in Foggy Bottom and Brussels that have rewritten the Jewish people’s narrative to exclude them from meaningful attachment to their homeland. For these Arabists, Israel is Palestine and those poor Arabs that found themselves there 100 years ago have really been there the whole time.  Trump understands this is make-believe and it is the Jews that have been their continuous for thousands of years.  He understands that for America to be strong it must support a complete reconstituted Israel.  This is in order to offset the globalist plan to detach humanity from the Almighty.  To do that Soros and his ilk know they must remove the obvious miracle of the Jewish people’s return to their Land.  If there are no miracles, there is no active G-d as far as they are concerned.

Trump and his advisers including Bannon know that the future lies with an Israel that is strong, independent, and in complete control of its Divinely ordained boundaries.  The faster Bibi gets this, the faster Israel will find true peace.

Below is one solution offered. There are many others.