Obama and Kerry Paid Ransom Money to Iranian Regime to Free Hostages

It has been reported that the Obama administration sent up $400 million to Iran by way of unmarked cargo plane as payment to free the American hostages that Iran had been holding. Although the Administration at the time insisted it was not folding on paying to free the hostages, more and more proof comes out saying otherwise.

This should not come to a surprise as the administration from the beginning of P5 +1 negotiations engaged in a strategy of obfuscation and semantic gymnastics in trying to show the American people and the Israeli government that it was in fact not caving in on its core principles.

With the new information coming to light, there should be no doubt about Obama’s interest in a détente with Iran from the beginning.  The question is, why has Obama been so interested in rapprochement with the Iranian terrorist regime?

Obama believes that there really are no terrorists.  As a follower of historical Marxism, all conflicts are essentially due to class struggles and economic issues. This is why Obama and John Kerry felt from the beginning that Iran just needed enough incentive to first come to the table and then sign onto an agreement.  The problem is, what happens if the incentive Iran is looking for is the destruction of Israel?