Headlines June 6: Netanyahu Visits Moscow, NY Governor Attacks BDS, Hamas Rejects Peace

Arab Terrorists Shoot at School Bus, Stone Second Bus
[The Jewish Press]


In a joint ISA, IDF and Israel Police operation, a 17-year-old resident of the Gaza Strip, who is active in the Hamas military wing, was arrested after crossing the perimeter fence from the Gaza Strip into Israel.
[Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs]


Hamas official criticizes Egyptian President’s call for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

PM Netanyahu heads to Moscow for an official visit marking 25 years of restored diplomatic relations with Russia.
[The Jewish Press]


NY Governor turns tables on BDS Boycott Israel movement with executive order. Anyone boycotting Israel will find themselves boycotted by the great state of New York.
[Times of Israel]

Headlines: Ceasefire / Holocaust Remembrance / Terror Tunnels

Egypt brokers a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas after clashes between both sides began after Hamas fired mortar shells at IDF positions near the Gaza border. The IDF has been performing operations near the Gaza border exposing terror tunnels that Hamas builds in order to infiltrate Israel and attack civilians.
[Jerusalem Post]


The IDF has uncovered a second terror tunnel from Gaza into southern Israel, mere weeks after a previous tunnel was exposed and destroyed.
[Arutz Sheva]


Israel pauses to remember millions murdered in Holocaust. Air raid siren brings country to a standstill for 2 minutes as dignitaries prepare to mark Shoah Remembrance Day.
[Times of Israel]


The bodies of the eastern Jerusalem terrorists who committed recent attacks in Israel will be returned to their families, the High Court ruled on Thursday.
[Arutz Sheva]


Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas admitted that the PA is paying salaries to terrorists incarcerated in Israeli prisons despite previous public assurances that such payments had ended.
[Jewish News Service]