Syrian Regime Continues to Violate Ceasefire, This Time in Quneitra Next to Israel

The Free Syrian Army based East of Israel’s Golan posted the following tweet:

Given the ecstatic jubilation over the “ceasefire deal” brokered between Trump and Putin on the sidelines of the G20 these sorts of violations that have been growing in the descalation zones have esentially deemed the ceasefire deal to be at the most a PR stunt if not rendered pointless.

With Al-Baath under attack by regime and Iranian forces, which is only 2 km away from Israel’s Golan the infractions are far more serious.

Is the Regime Goading Israel into Attacking?

One possible strategy is for the regime to blame Israel for breaking the ceasefire.  If the regime continues to advance in towards the Israeli border in the Golan, the Israelis would have no choice but to resume attacking regime military targets as they were doing last week.

Any counter-attack by Israel to sure up their FSA allies will run into the growing presence of Russian military police. The ceasefire has essentially be flipped to place US allies in the region on the defensive.  This will continue until the Trump administration is able extricate itself from the already collapsing ceasefire.

Headlines: Ceasefire / Holocaust Remembrance / Terror Tunnels

Egypt brokers a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas after clashes between both sides began after Hamas fired mortar shells at IDF positions near the Gaza border. The IDF has been performing operations near the Gaza border exposing terror tunnels that Hamas builds in order to infiltrate Israel and attack civilians.
[Jerusalem Post]


The IDF has uncovered a second terror tunnel from Gaza into southern Israel, mere weeks after a previous tunnel was exposed and destroyed.
[Arutz Sheva]


Israel pauses to remember millions murdered in Holocaust. Air raid siren brings country to a standstill for 2 minutes as dignitaries prepare to mark Shoah Remembrance Day.
[Times of Israel]


The bodies of the eastern Jerusalem terrorists who committed recent attacks in Israel will be returned to their families, the High Court ruled on Thursday.
[Arutz Sheva]


Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas admitted that the PA is paying salaries to terrorists incarcerated in Israeli prisons despite previous public assurances that such payments had ended.
[Jewish News Service]