Why The Captivity of Three Jewish Filmmakers In Nigeria Maybe Connected To The Redemption

A few years ago I attended a high level meeting of pro Igbo Jewish activists, Rabbinic leaders, and political connectors in Jerusalem to discuss how real the Igbo claim of Israelite heritage and if so what was there to do about it.

No real press was allowed at the meeting and in many ways, although we reached some fascinating conclusions and a desire to help – nothing came of it.

There are approximately 30 million Igbo in southeastern Nigeria. Most identify with some sort of Hebraic connection, however those who follow mainstream halachic Judaism are few yet growing. A larger percentage – perhaps the majority, follow a Seventh Day Adventist approach to Christianity, which leans far more to a Hebrew Roots style of worship that appears on the outside to be very Jewish, despite a clinging to a different “messiah.”

The real connection the Igbo have to Israel is not with modern Judaism, but rather a form of actualized Israelite customs that our own sojourning relegated to memory. The bandwidth of laws that are similar to what we see in the Bible as well as familiar ones like Brit Milah, basic Kashrut, and Shabbat is astounding. Whether these came out from a need to connect to the Judaism they saw in the Bible centuries ago, or are an accurate expression of Israelite connection doesn’t matter – the Igbo not only believe, but have a deep culture of practice of the traditions called Omenana – “What you do in the Land.”

With this backdrop, Rudy Rochman, a pro Israel and indigenous rights activist as well as two others went to Africa to film emerging African Jewish communities, eventually finding themselves in Nigeria with the Igbo. Unfortunately for them, the Nigerian DSS associated their work with the free Biafra movement (a loose confederation of pro Biafran separatists sometimes connected to the Igbo).

Despite differences, Nigeria increasingly sees the Igbo movement for greater Hebraic awareness and the Biafran independence movement as growing more and more interconnected. Nigerian President Buhari, is a known radical Muslim who hates the Igbo. Unknown to them, the three Jewish filmmakers essentially walked into a far more complicated and dangerous situation than they assumed existed. Unfortunately they are still being held weeks later.

Despite the frustration and the danger Rudy, David, and Noam are in, their captivity may be part of something larger, a trigger for a wider redemptive awareness. While it is true, we as Israel don’t have the vessels or ability to sift through the myriad claims of connection from around the world, our awareness of a far larger purpose to our homecoming is necessary.

The Jewish return to the Land of Israel is a mere first step to a global redemption. It is not surprising since we liberated the Biblical Heartland and Jerusalem in 1967 that a tremendous awakening is now underway around the world. This awakening may not mesh with our assumption of what the Lost Tribes or the next stage of Redemption would be like, but that is only because our awakening is one of acceptance to something far greater than our exilic imagination permitted.

From the Pashtun in Afghanistan to the Igbo in Nigeria or the individual Christians who for whatever reason desire to return to the path of the Torah to the Bnei Menashe of East India, there is a sense that something profound is unfolding. Our assumption has been that in order to reach Redemption we in Israel only need to strengthen in following G-D’s will as found in the Torah and conquer the Land of Israel. What happens if the there is a another layer?

We know that the Redemption at the End of Days will be global – like a pebble dropped into a pond, the resulting splash has a center point, but radiates outward. This is what we are seeing now amongst the Igbo, the Abudaya in Uganda, and the Lemba in Zimbabwe. Are they Israelites? Not clear and nor does it matter – their attachment to the One G-D of Israel is what may tip the balance between darkness and light.

Perhaps Rudy and his friends are just some naive Jewish filmmakers or perhaps their captivity is a message for all of us that we have a responsibility to not only set them free, but to actually take the Igbo far more seriously than we currently do thus helping to release them from captivity as well. The Redemption just might depend on it.

Learn about Rudy’s Film here.

LOST TRIBES: Islamists in Nigeria Continue to Oppress Igbo Israelites

The growing movement of the Igbo tribe’s return to its Israelite heritage is nothing short of miraculous.  What started out as a small percentage of Igbo interested in returning to the pratices of their ancestors as they were before the slave trade was brought to the Gold Coast of Africa is now a wide spread movement.  This of course is part of the larger Lost Tribes movement we are witnessing around the world.

The Igbo in particular, as well as many of the smaller tribes nearby have been hunted and oppressed by Western backed Islamists from the Northern Hausa tribe in control of Nigeria.  The Igbo, considered dilligent businessmen with one of the richest African diaspora communities, are held back from controlling the lucrative oil trade that originates in their area.  Instead the Hausa backed by oil companies have for years been sucking the Igbo oil wealth from their region and forced the region into direct poverty.

The question is: why?

When the British came to what is today Nigeria or more specific the Biafra region, actually known as Igboland, they noticed a bizarre sight.  The Igbo were keeping the Sabbath on the same day as the Jews.  The Igbo also held strongly to many other Israelite practices.  The British, as they did in so many other places went ahead and forcibly stamped this out.  The pratice that was done in Iraq, India, Afghanistan, and other British colonies was to place non-indigenous peoples over the indigenous owners of the lands they conquered.  In many places it is surfacing that these tribes are actually connected to the Lost Tribes of Israel.

The Igbo are said to be related to the tribe of Gad as well as a mixture of other tribes.  Their tradition leads them to practice Shabbat, Kashrut, family purity, and more. The ongoing oppression of the Igbo is a microcosm, of the wider war that the Judeo-Israelite world is fighting against the global left and the Islamists it is using as footsoldiers to try stopping the ultimate return of G-D’s children in all its myriad colors from the far reaches of the world.

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The Buhari administration in Nigeria is a British backed and Islamist infused mini-caliphate which has kept down one of the most obvious of the Lost Tribes and has sucked out their wealth and spread an extreme form of Islamic adherence to what should be a propsperous and free country.

I personally have always struggled with the truth of the coming home of many of our brothers and sisters from the four corners of the world.  It is apparent to me that it will not occur in way that the first stage has occured.  There is a great awakening happening across the world that is spreading a tremendous light.  The Igbo are part of this, but due to corporate and Islamic meddling they have been prevented from realizing their desires to practice freely and build up Israelite institutions where they have live for 2000 years.

The coming war is a war of truth versus the spreading of Islamo-Facist ideology.  The return of the Lost Tribes from around the world can start with the Igbo if we realize that the best way to fight the coming war is simply by fulfilling the biblical prophecy as it is simply stated. Of course we must make sure this return is on the ne hand as smooth as possible and yet meets the standards that the People of Israel have kept to for the last 2000 years.

Why is the US Selling Fighter Jets to Nigeria’s Islamist Leader?

Sahara Reporters wrote the following on August 3rd:

“The US State Department has approved the sale of 12 Embraer A-29 Super Tucanos to Nigeria.” Sahara Reporters further stated that “The [State] Department notified the US Congress, which has 30 days to approve the deal, of the $593 million foreign military sales on 2 August” and that “the package includes the aircraft, weapons, training, spare parts and facilities to support the program.”

The Buhari regime is known for deep ties to Islamic militants based in Northern Nigeria.  Since taking over Nigeria with the support of the Obama administration, Buhari has set out to Islamify the country while spreading hate to the Biafra region to the Southeast, especially against Igbo tribe there.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) appealed to the US Congress not to approve the deal.  The organization who represents millions of Igbo and Biafrans in Southeast Nigeria said the following:

“We want to remind the world that within three weeks of becoming the president of Nigeria on May 29, 2015, Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari bombed Biafraland using a low-precision and less sophisticated attack aircraft with bombs that have Napalm as the warheads. In that genocidal act which occurred from June 17 to June 19, 2015, scores of Biafrans were roasted while others had their bodies mangled by the torrents of these bombs with Napalm warheads. With the A-29, there is no doubt that Muhammadu Buhari and his genocidal government will wipe out the entire people of Biafra with ease in a matter of a few sorties. The DOS wishes to remind the US Congress that Nigeria is not among the ‘Fast Track’ countries but a country indicted continually on human rights abuses.”

With the above in mind, it appears strange that Rex Tillerson would want to contiue the policy of his predecessor in arming Islamists, especially those with close ties to Iran.

wrote the following over a year ago:

“Either the Obama administration is ignorant of Buhari’s human rights abuses against the Igbo in Biafra or they are complicit. Buhari has often used Boko Haram as a foil to generate arms and sympathy from the West.

The United States has begun to strengthen ties with Buhari ever since he attained power in Africa’s most populous country.  The previous President, Goodluck Jonathan was a friend of Israel and yet spurned the Obama administration. With Buhari now as President the tables have turned.  Nigeria is now ruled by a former military leader and an avowed Islamist. “

The Trump administration, with its various upheavels over the last few months does not seem aware of the disaster looming from this sale.  Not only will Igbo’s who are 30 to 40 million strong be targeted, the idea that Buhari will use these planes to fight Boko Haram is just absurd. Buhari wil continue to use “the need to fight Bop Haram” as the reason for the West to supply him with arms while ethnically cleansing the majority non-Muslims of the South.

The Igbo South is Key to Israel’s Ring of Defense in Africa

If Buhari would succeed in subjugating the Igbo majority areas of Southeast Nigeria, Israel’s strategy of building a bulwark against radical Islamic regimes would be broken in half. To Nigeria’s West is Ghana, Togo, Benin, who have all begun to grow close to Israel. to Nigeria’s South East, Cameroon, another friendly country.  By forcing the Igbo into a secondary status, Buhari would effectively disconnect the Christians of the Gold Coast from their brethren to the East.

Buhari sitting with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Source – Khamenei)

The further Nigeria slides into forced Islamism, the harder it will be to pull it out when the time comes. Many observers are even questioning the need to hold the artifical former British colony together as it combines the Islamist North with the Christian Southwest, and the Judeo-Christian Southeast.

The British Want the Oil Near Igboland

The real reason for arming Buhari appears to be oil related.  The British in particular have a staked interest and have since the formed Nigeria in 1914 to forcibly subjugate the Igbos and related tribes in Biafra in order to gain a stranglehold over their natural resources.

Like other former colonies, the British backed the Islamic Hausa in the North to control what is an identifiably culturally unique area in Igboland also known as Biafra.  This worked until 1967, when Biafra attempted to gain independence. After a three year war and a British blockade on humanitarian supplies caused over 3 million Igbos to die the war ended.

The British policy of pushing Islamic regimes to hold back indigenous peopes in order to exploit the area’s natural resources appears to be continuing, except this time the State Department appears to be complicit. Either this is purposeful in helping the British control the oil reserves of the Ogbo dominated Biafra region or Rex Tillerson and the others at the State Department truly buy into Buhari’s rhetoric.

Either way, the sale represents a slipery slope which calls into question the veracity of America’s fight against radical Islam.

Will a Buhari Visit to Occupied Biafra Spark an Uprising?

President Muhammadu Buhari is slated to visit occupied Biafra in the South-East of Nigeria on Thursday for the South-East Economic and Security Summit being held in Enugu.  Given the summit’s location in Igbo majority Biafra, the visit comes at a time of tension between Biafrans and the Buhari led Nigerian government as IPOB leader Nnmadi Kanu is being held and tried in court on trumped up charges of treason.

IPOB spokemen Emma Nmezu (a lawyer) and Dr. Clifford Iroanya warned against receiving Buhari, known for his ties to radical Islam and anti Igbo sentiment.

“We warn that any governor or Igbo politician that receives Buhari in Enugu will have himself or herself to blame. We make it public that should there be a breakdown of law and order in Enugu on the 22nd of December, greedy Igbo politicians will have themselves to blame. Any Igbo governor or politician that is found among those hobnobbing with Buhari becomes an enemy of the people and shall pay dearly for it.”

Biafra is a staunchly Judeo-Christian republic forcibly made part of Nigeria in 1914 by British colonialists.  They fought a war of independence from 1966 to 1970 losing 3 million people to the predominantly Islamic government of Nigeria.  At the time, the British backed the Nigerian government, enforcing a blockade against humanitarian aid as well as weapon transfers. Israel was one of the few countries who flew aid to the Biafrans and supported their cause.

IPOB (The Indigenous People of Biafra) is led by imprisoned activist Nnmadi Kanu who is not only an outspoken critic of Buhari, but is backer of Israel and Zionism.  Biafrans, being predominantly Igbo are believed to have Jewish roots and staunchly identify with the Zionist movement and Israel.

Buhari’s visit to Biafra may do more to spark an uprising than anything up to date as it will unify the Biafran street and the various opposition groups in the South-East.


Donald Trump, Israel, and the Potential for a Free Biafra

Most Africa observers believe Donald Trump will ignore the continent or at the most put the relationships Presidents Obama and Bush had built there on the back burner. While it’s true Trump does not see Africa as the central plank to his foreign policy, his black and white views of the world in regards to radical Islam may prove to be a perfect lens on how he will deal with the African continent.

Right now, the main way the USA fights radical Islam on the African continent is through Africom. Africom, is one of six of the US Defence Department’s “geographic combatant commands and is responsible to the Secretary of Defense for military relations with African nations.” Given the fact that Africom works with a number undesirable leaders, the main one being President Buhari of Nigeria, Trump may decide to tweak these relationships due to leaders like Buhari who are compromised by radical Islamic ties.

Israel as a Key Player

As Israel makes serious inroads into both West and East Africa in regards to trade and security, they are the ideal partner in building a force for tackling radical Islam.  Israel already has deep security relationships with Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan as well as Ghana and now Togo.  With these deepening ties, the Trump administration would be wise to connect Africom to Israel’s presence in these areas.

Biafra Will Be The Test for Trump

If Trump is serious about fighting radical Islam then the first thing he needs to do in Africa is to break direct relations with the Buhari government in Nigeria.  Buhari is a known smypathizer of radical Islam and supports the spread of Sharia Law south of the Sahara. Furthermore, Biafra, the region made up of a unique Judeo-Christian culture dominated by the Igbo tribe was forcibly fused together by the British with the Yaruba and the Muslim Hausa in the North to form Nigeria in 1914.

Map of Biafra

Biafra has been continuously oppressed by their Muslim rulers for not following Sharia.  Buhari utilized his friendship with Obama to gain powerful weapons and instead of using them to destroy ISIS affiliated groups he has turned his guns on the south through proxies like the Muslim Fulani herdsman.  Thousands of Igbo have been put into jail, including IPOB leader Nnmadi Kanu for treason.

Trump can roll back radical Islam by using Israeli networking, relationships, and weapons to help liberate Biafra from radical Islam and create the first Judeo-Christian republic in West Africa.


How the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Cashed in on the Political Capital of Global Jihad

Some of Nigeria’s analysts see Muhammadu Buhari’s emergence as the “accepted” “saintly tough-guy” Nigerian corruption killer in a different light from the general make-believe one. These analysts attribute Buhari’s final success after many failed attempts to become Nigeria’s democratically-elected president to some external influences. They claim that some powerful international figures have often meddled in Nigeria’s internal affairs to affect the outcome of events in the country. And Buhari’s recent victory at the polls was not an exception.

One remarkable example that these critics cite is the especially patronizing speech by the American President Barack Obama just before the 2015 Nigerian presidential election which brought Buhari to power. In his speech Obama urged Nigerians to maintain a united country no matter the outcome of the election. Many saw the speech in which the president used an old Biafran-Nigerian wartime “genocidal slogan:” “To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done” as an outward expression of clandestine political machinations which in the end installed a preferred candidate in Nigeria’s supreme leadership saddle.

In the opinion of many observers, Buhari is an Islamic extremist who believes that he; “will continue to show openly and inside me [him] the total commitment to the sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria,” and “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the sharia in the country.” Those are Buhari’s own words. For having the foisted posture of the “saintly tough-ruler” as well as an Islamic fundamentalist, Buhari fitted well the ideal consensus candidate of Nigeria’s Islamic north. He was chosen because he was believed to be a capable and willing candidate who would boldly implement the so-called north’s long term ambitious Islamic agenda for Nigeria – extending the global Islamic caliphate project to cover the entire country, including Christians’ and other religions’ areas. Nigeria for many reasons has long been considered important in this local and global Islamic caliphate agenda. It is said that the ultimate goal of this agenda for countries in Africa’s south of the Sahara is to eventually overrun and conquer them for Islam like those in the northern half of the continent. The advocates and financial sponsors of this agenda see the conquer and subjugation of the entire Nigerian geography as being strategic because by virtue of its position and clout the country will serve as a launch pad whose reaches cover the entire target-region.

The Nigerian jihad as part of the greater global Islamic agenda

In Nigeria today there are two manifest champions of this “global caliphate” agenda. They are members of the deadly Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram who have very strong connections with the most powerful people in Nigerian political, military and business establishments. The second group is also an equally well-connected Islamic terrorist group modeled after the fearsome Sudanese Janjaweed. Its members are mostly Fulani, members of the ethnic group (the group sometimes referred to as Nigeria’s “born-to-rule” over others) from which the current Nigerian president comes. They are generally known as the Fulani Cattle Herders (FCH.) Like Boko Haram, Fulani Cattle Herders are also generously financed by the northern elite and ruling oligarch class.

In the last few decades Saudi Arabia and some other Islamic countries like Iran, Turkey and Nigeria have dreamed of and fanatically pursued the archaic fantasy of an eventual Islam-subjugated world. These countries have expended in the process, a chunk of their petrodollar and other national incomes in pursuing the agenda. Some observers think that they have been successful in more ways than most people will care to admit. It is believed that among other achievements, that perhaps their greatest is being able to successfully infiltrate the Western news media establishment. Through this subversive penetration of the mainstream news and information dissemination process of Western societies, the jihadists have over the years, exerted pervasive subtle but unmistakable influence on the editorial opinions of media outlets in the West. Some analysts think that the prevalent editorial stance of most mainstream Western media where each tries to outdo the other on who would best be described as the most “politically correct,” “tolerant” and “civilized liberal,” can hardly be explained otherwise.

The infiltration seems to be so thorough and complete that today no matter how realistic and objective a critic is, there will always be a way to accuse him or her of being “politically incorrect,” suffering from “islamophobia” and expressing a “dangerous far right extremist views.” Today anyone can easily bet their most valued possessions to predict that the editorial opinions of Western media will always sing in unison the well-rehearsed chorus that “not all Muslims are terrorists” therefore the critic who deviates from the accepted “liberal” and fear-induced “civilized tolerance” is condemned and labeled; “unsophisticated,” “bigoted,” “crude” and “uninformed racist.” The new Western standard is simple; even after the attacker had called the authorities on the phone to announce their reason for the attack, Western authorities in the name of “not being at war with Islam,” should spend an endless period of time investigating to ascertain the motive behind the attack.



The ultimate goals of all terroristic or Islamic jihad campaigns are to receive attention, elicit fear and intimidate or cow the target-victims (the infidels.) Those goals have substantially been achieved in many places around the world, Nigeria inclusive. The ongoing global jihad has not only successfully used fear and intimidation to cow much of the international community, it has also compelled everybody to “tolerate and endure happily” the prevailing globe-wide displays of barbaric Islamic violent extremism. So, the fear campaigns have successfully cleared the way for the emergence into powerful offices, such extremist bigots like Buhari in dysfunctional societies like the Nigerian country. As a result, people in the mold of Nigeria’s present leader, rather than being censored are patronized by such world leaders like United Nations’ Ban Ki-moon with such unrealistic words like: “You are highly respected by world leaders, including myself. Your persona has given your country a positive image.” Yet the so-called Nigeria’s “positive image” is nothing more than the continued descent to the lowest levels of religious intolerance and flagrant abuses of the human rights of peaceful citizens. The brutal killings of hundreds of non-violent Biafran separatist protesters by government security forces are too recent to be swept under the carpet by the patrons of these extremist elements.

While campaigning for and on assumption of office, Buhari did not need to present any complex political agenda. Having proved himself as an Islamic fundamentalist, he could cash in on the well-established global jihad’s political capital of the “global caliphate.” Nevertheless, Buhari who became the posterchild of Nigeria’s “saint-and-tough-guy” messiah, winning became a do-or-die obsession. At 70 plus years, he became desperate as he felt that time was running out on him. In his own words; “baboons and dogs would be soaked in blood” should he fail again to win the election to become Nigeria’s next president in 2015.

Buhari and his handlers managed to convince the uninformed public that he was the “poor” candidate who never stole money since his more than forty years in public office (but there are abundant public records to the contrary) who is suited to kill the monster of Nigerian corruption. Yet this wretched candidate was able to easily afford the $10 million consultancy fee of the American political strategist David Axelrod of the Obama phenomenon. So, an indigent Buhari who would kill the Nigerian corruption saw nothing wrong in paying a “modest” $10 million to a foreign political consulting firm for a local election in a country where the people live on less than $2 a day.

Revelation from a Nigerian: The true story of Buhari, Obama, and their plot to set Turkey on fire

It becomes important now, as we lament our terrible fortune in letting Muhammadu Buhari become our chief executive in government that we should begin to tell ourselves some home truths about what we know of this devil we call our President. I believe this will enable us prepare for the worse as he is prepared to give us the worse, together with his counterpart in the United States of America (USA). I believe also that by informing ourselves, we will be able to counter their moves.

Anyone that knows anything about this Daura man must not hesitate to tell us. That is why I must now write of what I know from my vantage point as man who knows the goings on in the inner circle of Nigerian government. This article contains a lot of information, but my main aim is to reveal the plot by Obama and Buhari to oust Prime Minister Recep Erdogan of Turkey in a coup d’état, and to turn his country into crisis for some roles he has refused to play.

In March 31, this year, during Obama’s last Nuclear Security Summit held in the USA, he commended Buhari before Canadian President, Justin Trudeau – telling him that Buhari was “doing a good job”. It was hard to understand whether Trudeau understood what Obama meant, as many Nigerians did not understand what good job Buhari was doing.

But now the scale has fallen off the eyes of many, even as they now learn of Buhari’s involvement in the coup in Turkey. But there are still so much more not learn about Buhari’s atrocities both in Nigeria and outside of it. Right now, many Nigerians think Buhari’s involvement with the Turkey coup just started and ended with transferring the funds to the men on ground in Turkey. But it went beyond that. Buhari is neck-deep in his involvement with many Obama schemes around the world.

Even as I write, he has Arabians stationed in Nigeria in absolute luxury, who are his think-thank that give him advice and insights on developments in the Arab/Moslem world. In August last year, few weeks after he assumed power, his government gave visa to Ahmad al-Assir, a Lebanese Moslem, and an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) leader. Many people would think he was the only one given visa by Buhari. No! He was just the only one that was not able to pass through. He would have been part of that think-tank today.

Many observers did not know that “doing a good job” which Obama said of his “grandfather”, Buhari, meant that the old Nigerian Muslim bigot was playing the perfect lackey to him, and to his Muslim backers in their attempt to shift Turkey away from its status as the only Moslem democracy in the middle-east and to plunge it into crisis.

What many people do not know is that Turkey runs a democracy unlike Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and other Islamic countries in the region. It is about the only Arabian country that has democratized and is bidding to join the European Union (EU). But that is not good for Muslim fanatics like Buhari and Obama abhorred that.

Yes, Obama is a Moslem; there is no doubt about that. One does not need lensed glasses to see it; and he has proven it with his actions over time. Agreed, USA does not have any problem with Moslem countries because they have Moslem friends. In fact, Moslem zone with riches are USA preys. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt are good examples. Yet, USA does not fight Jews, Israel or Christians. But Obama is the only American leader that supports to annihilation of Christians as he is aiding Buhari to do all over Nigeria and aided Morsi to do in Egypt. His hatred of Israel also attests to that.

The coup:
Right now there is tension in Aso Rock. Not really about what the people already know, but what they do not know, and the fact that their possibility of their knowing is growing. What with Obama, at a time, calling Buhari every 30 minutes and telling him to do everything to protect his image and that of the USA.

Aso Rock’s major source of worry is their awareness that Turkey leader is just bidding his time for now. He does not want to talk about the USA/Nigeria connection on the coup yet, until after he has visited Vladimir Putin, the Russian President.

Obama’s plans for what to do with Buhari, concerning Turkey, started long before the 2015 elections in Nigeria. In fact, this was what those campaigning for Biafra did not know. They did not know that Obama’s urge to Islamize the entire world was bigger than his consideration for any peoples’ freedom. That was why he turned blind eye to their entreaties for him to lend a hand in their work for their freedom, the freedom of Biafra and its independence.  That was why also, he first plotted with some Northern governors, 12 of them and a deputy governor (all Moslems), who visited him in August 2014, to help in ousting Jonathan from office.

The governors had visited under the guise of fighting Boko Haram, but they all knew that Boko Haram was part of the plot. Does it not surprise anybody that Obama refused to brand Boko Haram a terrorist group until the Senators suddenly rose to their responsibility and started asking questions on why the government had ignored pleas to brand the sect a terrorist organisation? People should understand that when Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram boasted that USA would not be able to subdue them, he knew that the USA leader was their godfather.

Obama’s plot to float Boko Haram was to use it to discredit former President, Goodluck Jonathan, so that he will be disgraced him out of office. Did it not surprise anyone that Obama bluntly refused to sell arms to Jonathan to confront Boko Haram. Not only that, he influenced many important countries not to sell arms to Jonathan, thereby forcing the poor man to look for arms through the black market. Obama did not stop there; he stopped the USA from buying oil from Nigeria, and organized other countries to do same, except perhaps India. Apart from discrediting Jonathan, Obama had his eyes on drastically reducing the Christian population in Nigeria.

Now, with Jonathan boxed into a corner, Obama finally busied himself with his (Jonathan’s) ouster. He dispatched his electoral hatchet man, David Axelrod, to Nigeria, giving him all the resources and assistance needed, to axe Jonathan. Nigerians should understand that when Buhari boasted that if he lost the election that “monkeys and baboon” would be soaked in blood; he knew the power behind him. But did Jonathan have to go? Yes, he did not accept the wicked plan and Obama’s evil political games, so he was ready (and did) walk out of the seat as a gentleman.

But Buhari accepted everything, even for baboons and monkeys to be soaked in their blood, before Obama decided to lend a hand in rigging him into Power. Obama then reached an agreement that he would pay Buhari certain amount of dollars. Part of the bargain was that Buhari was told by Obama to block the forex in Nigeria once he steps into office, so as to raise the said amount monthly and to pay same to a given account in Turkey. Buhari chose United Bank for Africa (UBA) for the wicked transaction. But why he chose the bank, I have not been able to find out.

It is instructive to know that the USA ceased from continuing with the execution of the coup plan when it was certain that it was going to fail. It then pretended to be helping in foiling it. Actually, discontinuing with the coup was their plan B. The plan A was to unseat Erdogan, but when it became apparent that it would not work, they change to plan B. interestingly, that has always been the USA way of doing things. They will create a crisis and then pretend to help in finding a solution when it appears to be getting out of hand.

Now, in sending the money to Turkey, Obama had told Buhari to tell any prying eyes that it was meant to take care of Syrian refugees. As a result of the latest development, what is going on now is that in his bid to “the integrity of Obama and the USA”, Buhari is telling UBA to deny knowledge of the transactions. But Turkey has all the facts. Perhaps they will spill the beans after Erdogan has visited Putin and apologized to him. We wait!

Niger Delta Avengers state the Obvious, “Buhari’s government is a fraud!”

Niger Delta Avengers

“Mr. President you can purchase all the drones in Europe and Untied State. It will not stop the Niger Delta Avengers from bringing the country’s economy to zero. The worse you can do is to kill poor innocent people which the military is good at, but know the Nigeria Economy will suffer.”

– Niger Delta Avengers

Although the Niger Delta Avengers are often times depicted by the Nigerian regime as a terrorist organization, many Biafrans who have suffered greatly at the hands of the Buhari led Islamist government in Nigeria. view the Niger Delta Avengers as freedom fighters.

The Niger Delta Avengers released the following statement through their spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo:

The NDA intelligence agency gathered that the said peace talk or dialogue by the federal government is a delay tactic employed by the federal government to enable their purchased drones that are said to arrive latest end of August from the United State.

This whole thing makes us to wonder what kind of country is this. We can all see that President Buhari- led government is a fraud. They are not serious about any dialogue and made it seem the Niger Delta Avengers are the ones not ready for dialogue.

Mr. President you can purchase all the drones in Europe and Untied State. It will not stop the Niger Delta Avengers from bringing the country’s economy to zero. The worse you can do is to kill poor innocent people which the military is good at, but know the Nigeria Economy will suffer.

Also note that you will not be able to export one litre of crude in the Niger Delta. Just intensify the oil exploration in the north-east as for the ones in the Niger Delta forget about it because the Nigeria government won’t export a drop from our land.

The statement makes it clear that the Niger Delta Avengers as a group are only responding to provocations initiated by the Buhari led government. In the coming months these sort of attacks can be expected to increase. As Buhari and his Islamist regime continues to inflict damage on the Igbo and the other tribes that make up Biafra, patience is wearing thin.  The Niger Delta Avengers are correct, oil is the key to Buhari.  Disrupting the sale of the oil to the world will certainly bring the country to a stand still.

In Israel’s fight for independence, the Lehi captured the imagination of the Jewish youth oppressed by British forces and Arab mobs.  The Lehi as well as the Irgun bombed the British rail lines, targeted officials, and at the end brought the country to a standstill causing th British to leave. The Niger Delta Avengers appear to be few in number, but like the Lehi they are capable of bringing Nigeria to a halt. The Nigerian government will have to think twice before sending the army into the Biafran heartland. What Lehi proved and the Niger Delta Avengers are figuring out is that force of arms is the only tactic that works.


On May 31 2016, Mr. Solomon Ehigiator Arase (Police Service Number: AP16474 and born on June 21, 1956), who will retire from the Nigeria Police on the 21st of June 2016, made unfounded allegations against the peace-loving and law-abiding Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
According to the Vanguard Newspaper of May 31, 2016 and credited to this man from Edo state who allegedly have two Masters Degrees including one in Law: Following the manifestation of the disposition of the armed Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) activists to undertake premeditated attacks on Police officers engage in operations aimed at restoring public order in States in the South-East and South-South geopolitical zone of the country, the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Solomon E. Arase, fdc, NPM has directed the Assistant Inspectors General of Police and the Commissioners of Police in the affected area to disarm members of the group operating firearms immediately.”
First, it is appalling that someone with this level of education cannot differentiate between“Indigenous“ and “Independent“ or can he attribute this stupid error to the printer’s devil? It is laughable that this retiring “quota system-based“ IGP is alleging that IPOB members were armed and that we undertook premeditated attacks on Police Officers. I hope Mr. Solomon Arase is aware that there is a case of genocide already hanging on his head at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague—Netherlands and it will worsen his case with this spewing of lies against IPOB. How can the Police disarm people who are not armed in the first place? By the way, did the police disarm Buhari’s killer squads who go by the name Fulani Herdsmen? How come you never issued any press statement when Buhari’s armed gang called Fulani Herdsmen massacred thousands of Biafrans in Agatu, Nimbo, Aba, and other areas in Biafraland?
 This murderous and worst-performing IGP went further to state that: “the targeted attacks on Police personnel, who have been performing their statutory functions in the most professional and civil manner since the latest resurgence disorder, portrays the IPOB activists who are orchestrating the insurrection as having crossed the threshold in their misguided attempt to test the common will of the nation.”
Can this decrepit and tired IGP provide any proof that Biafrans attacked police personnel and at what point in time did this so-called “resurgence disorder“ come into existence? Does this supposedly educated man know the meaning of insurrection or is he throwing out words to see which of them may stick on IPOB? Probably he is trying to make the job easier for Buhari’s Department of State Services (DSS) who have been hopelessly looking for the “smokine gun“ with which they will convince the trial Judge, Hon John Tsoho, that IPOB is a violent organization so that the Judge will uphold charge #2 in the case against the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
This grossly incompetent and ICC prison-bound IGP also stated thus: “IGP Arase, while condemning the killing by members of IPOB, also directed the arrest of any member of the group found in possession of firearm and bring him/her to deserved justice, while all IPOB activists arrested in connection with the killing of the Policemen should be charged to court for murder.”

How many of Buhari’s Fulani Herdsmen who massacred men, women, and children in Biafraland have the police arrested? So are you always blind to the fact that the so-called Fulani herdsmen are moving freely with AK-47 assault rifles? Why are you not arresting them or are they a special breed of Nigerians who are above the law? Why are you turning around this case of murder against your policemen to make it look like it was the unarmed Biafrans that were doing the killings? Are you making this press statement to cover your tracks and that of Col. Issah Abdullahi? It will interest Mr. Solomon Arase to know that the Head of Directorate of State of IPOB discussed the upcoming May 30th Heroes‘ Remembrance Day with the Commissioner of Police (CP) in Anambra, Hosea Karma, and
then followed it up with a letter which is attached to this press release. It is a shame that Solomon Arase is displaying crass incompetence and ignorance by lying through his teeth with concoctions that IPOB members were armed and that they attacked Nigerian policemen. Perhaps he would have saved himself this embarrassment by conducting thorough investigation and checking with the CP in Anambra state. Now the entire world has seen through his lies and he is complicating and deepening his indictment, conviction, and sentencing at the ICC with these latest lies from the pit of hell.
Mr. Solomon Ehigiator Arase, you are aware of the menace of Boko Haram, the serial killings of Biafrans by Buhari’s killer squad known as Fulani Herdsmen, and the extra-judicial killings of Biafrans by Nigerian security outfits, yet  you have failed to issue a single press statement on them. But you shamefully issued tissues of lies which you called press statement even after your policemen and Nigerian soldiers killed unarmed Biafrans some of them in their sleep inside a church as they prepare to remember their fallen heroes and some of these fallen heroes were similarly killed by Buhari in 1968 at Owerri.

With Civil Disobedience and Direct Action Biafra Will Be Achieved

As our readers know, the editorial staff of Israel Rising feels strongly about Biafran independence.  Besides being the moral and ethical movement to support, Biafrans are made up of Igbo, Ibibos, and other tribes most of whom clearly share Israelite descent.  Due to this fact, Israel Rising believes it is to the benefit of all of our readers to be connected to their struggle.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) can categorically and experientially conclude that Biafra can be achieved by civil disobedience and direct action contrary to statements made by some saboteurs and Hausa-Fulani slaves from Igbo-speaking area of Biafraland. That Barack Obama is the president of the USA today is directly attributable to the civil disobedience of the days of Malcom-X and Martin Luther King Jr. For 27 years, the blacks in South Africa never stopped carrying out civil disobedience until Nelson Mandela was released from prison. The Arab Spring started with civil disobedience and the outcome is there for all to see. It is therefore preposterous and smirks of political illiteracy for some compromised people to make mockery of the well-organized and peaceful civil disobedience by IPOB that has the twin objectives of pressurizing government to release their illegally detained leader and for the restoration of the nation of Biafra. One of these saboteurs and political neophytes cum Hausa-Fulani slaves is a man called Chekwas Okorie.

Chekwas Okorie has now distinguished himself as the latest and greatest saboteur of the restoration of the nation of Biafra. Chekwas Okorie is from Alayi-Bende in Abia state and he is the son of Late Chief Edward Okorie (a.k.a. Okorie Emeri) who was a fine gentleman but unfortunately gave birth to one of the greatest saboteurs of our time. Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari wanted to have a negotiation meeting with the objective of finding a way out of the impasse occasioned by widespread demonstrations by the Indigenous People of Biafra. The IPOB leader nominated Chekwas Okorie to go and meet with Buhari on the assumption that Chekwas Okorie is a man of integrity and a Biafran to the core. Chekwas Okorie met with Buhari twice but never came back to Nnamdi Kanu to debrief him. Instead, Chekwas Okorie used the opportunity of meeting Buhari to cut personal deals for himself. Chekwas Okorie should return all the money he collected from Buhari.

To cover up his track, Chekwas Okorie granted interview to Vanguard Newspaper reporter, Francis Igata, where he displayed his crass ignorance of Nigerian politics as well as mocked the victims of Buhari’s genocidal killings in Biafraland. By making mockery of those while praying inside the football field of a secondary school were gunned down by Buhari’s killer squads, Chekwas Okorie has insulted the memory of the dead Biafrans including those who died in the war of genocide of 1967—1970. By mocking the dead bodies of innocent Biafrans such as Miss Nkiruka Ikeanyionwu, Chekwas Okorie will never be forgiven by Biafrans and all lovers of freedom.

From his conducts and recent utterances, and just like his fellow sexually confused Igbo politicians who prostitute themselves to Hausa-Fulani men in return for political favors, Chekwas Okorie is a clear and present danger to the Biafra restoration process. He has now joined the hall of infamy of Biafran saboteurs along with such names as Rochas Okorocha, Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu, Dozie Ikedife, Gary Enwo-Igariwe, Monday Ubani, Joe (Judas) Igbokwe, and all members and officials of Ohanaeze Ndi-Oshi na Ndi-Ama otherwise known as Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

Even his postulated political tactics and strategy is replete with ignorance and idiocy. Perhaps, Chekwas Okorie needs to be reminded that a part of the Nigerian electoral law requires 25% votes to be captured in two-third of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for someone to be declared the winner of a presidential election. Maybe he doesn’t know that Nigeria has a winner-takes-it-all political environment and that if you don’t have the presidency, you are not going to make any impact. So how does he think that an Igbo party which covers only five states will achieve this electoral victory requirement? It was politically naïve people like Chekwas Okorie that ill-advised Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu to join Hausa-Fulani party (NPN) which led to his humiliating defeat in 1983.

From 1970 till date, Igbo politicians have consistently betrayed those from Igbo-speaking areas of Biafraland and have been in the forefront of frustrating the quest for the restoration of the nation of Biafra. Biafrans are therefore, placing Igbo politicians on notice that we will no longer tolerate the sell-out of our people on the platter of the disgusting lucre from the decrepit Nigerian politics. Enough is enough to these Igbo saboteurs who see Biafra and IPOB as a means of personal aggrandizements and cutting of deals with the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy. The monetization of Igbos in Nigerian politics must come to an end. Under the stewardship of political contractors like Chekwas Okorie, they presided over the balkanization of Igboland such that a part of Ika called Igbanke was carved into Edo state. Even Egbema land was divided into two with a part in Imo state and the other part in Rivers state fondly known as part of the unconstitutional South-South and as a result of this, the former IGP of Police Mike Okiro is today regarded as someone from South-South. These Igbo political jobbers and lameducks have not made any conscious efforts to even unite the Igbo-speaking areas of Biafraland. If not for IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, most Biafrans would not have known that Idoma and Igala lands are part of Biafra. Igbo politicians like Chekwas Okorie suffer from the three diseases of a typical Igbo man which are greed, envy and jealousy. Hence their envy against the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, over his monumental and exceptional achievements and charismatic cum servant leadership qualities. For Chekwas Okorie, he has met his denouement and at the appropriate time, he shall be called to account for his mockery of the dead Biafran heroes. Chekwas Okorie has betrayed the trust and confidence reposed in him by the leader of IPOB and he will never be forgiven. Chekwas Okorie will soon find out that it does not pay to be a Biafran saboteur.