The Sacrifice at the End of Days

The prophet Zechariah tells us famously that the Messiah will be “Poor and Riding on a Donkey.”

We are at the precipice of a new world as we witness the confusion and chaos of the world we live in now seemingly overtake us, but this is part of the End Times where the norm must be washed away to make way for a different world. The world that is coming will not be filled with baseless yearnings or pathways that lead nowhere, but rather a world where humanity desires to reconnect with its Creator.

Why does the prophet tell us the Messiah will be “poor?”  What does poor have to do with leadership?

The End of Days is not some sort of Hollywood thriller or apocalyptic movie, but rather it is the bridge between two worlds and the Messiah is a necessary part of this transition.

There are many sacrificial offerings listed when someone brings a personal sacrifice to the Temple in Jerusalem. Despite all that are listed only one rises above them all as the most preferred by the Creator.  This is the Mincha offering.  Consisting of flour, water, and oil, the Mincha is the most simple offering and yet Rashi, the famous medieval commentator quotes the Talmud indicating that the one who brings this offering is poor. The Almighty cherishes this offering the most, because he is poor, yet still willing to bring the most minimal sacrifice. His humility is cherished above all.

Our generation has nothing left.  The world is filled  with endless noise, distractions, and base desires pulling all of us in every direction.  The Almighty is hidden from us, seemingly far away.

Reb Noson, Rebbe Nachman’s chief student teaches that the Mincha offering is connected to the Messiah because both involve an intense level of humility.  This humility is the underlying point of connection to the poor person.  All of us can reach this level and ultimately as Reb Noson teaches, this level of humility is the necessary ingredient to be fully connected to the Creator.

At the End of Days, we have nothing left, but our yearning for the truth.  It is this pure and simple faith in the Almighty and the truth that he is right here with us that will usher in the Messiah and the world we have been striving for. If we achieve this level, there is no other sacrifice we need to bring, except for the words that we are meant to offer to the one true source of all of Creation.

When all is revealed at the end and the Holy Temple is rebuilt, Rebbe Nachman teaches that the only sacrifice we are meant to offer if one of thanks.  The Mincha offering is prepares us for an age of simplicity, humility, and gratefulness.

After November 8th the King is Coming

The world is about to be thrown into a level of chaos of unknown proportions. None of this depends on the outcome of the elections in America.  Either way the path ahead post elections is fraught with danger.  The prophecies in the bible are clear.  When the nations of the world gather and come against Israel’s control of Jerusalem, the Almighty himself will intervene and save his children.  This prophecy can, like all prophecies be revealed in a variety of ways.

It is almost guaranteed that Obama will, especially if Trump wins come against Israel in the UN. Eventhough the UN Security Council vote will not come with a force of arms attached to it, the coming vote (which Obama will not veto) will lay down the “final boundaries” of a “Palestinian” State. This will include Israel’s biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria and “East Jerusalem.”  Expect the Old City to fall under international control.

With three months left in Obama’s term there will not be enough time for the world to send forces against Israel. However the vote itself will fulfill the prophecy in both Zecharia and Yechezkiel. What will happen afterwards are events that have already been set into motion. The nations of the world instead of destroying Israel will fight one another as it says, “Jerusalem will be a Cup of Poison.” Russia is already preparing for war against the USA, as is China. Europe is preparing to repel an invasion from Russia.  Iran and Syria are ready to attack Israel and Saudi Arabia is ready to defend against attacks from Iran.

Chaos is coming, but we know that chaos leads to order as it always has. Afterall in creation, night comes first followed by the day.  Night represents chaos and day represents order. Noah and his children experienced intense chaos and yet when the door to the Ark opened, the world was ready to be put back together again by their descendents.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov tells us the Messiah, descendent of King David will conquer the world without firing a shot. He will fight with prayer as “prayer is his main weapon” (Lekutei Mohran, Lesson 2).  In a moment when the world has exhausted itself and G-dlessness reigns he is revealed to teach us that it is in fact the Creator who directly has done, does, and will do everything in the world for our good. The Messiah will open our hearts so we can worship the true King, G-d Almighty directly.

In Rebbe Nachman’s lesson concerning Tzohar (Lekutei Mohran, Lesson 112) the light in the Ark, he teaches that all holiness comes to the world surrounded by evil. We ourselves find it hard to allow the Creator’s light into our lives. The flood of anti-holiness and G-dlessness has gripped the world. However desperate things appear, Rebbe Nachman teaches that any of us can break through the layers of darkness and despair by making an opening to the Creator’s light within our own lives.  Afterall, there is no despair in the world at all since everything is done for our own good.

What is coming may be scary, but it is the final moment of chaos and darkness before the greatest light is revealed. The Midrash in Yalkut Shemoni relating to the End of Days says: “Do not be afraid my children. Everything I have done I have done for you.”

Buckle your seatbelts, the King is coming.

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