LEFT WING LOSES IT: Calls Rabbi a KKK Supporter

Rabbi Ben Packer

This past Thursday the Dutch funded hate blog, the Electronic Intifada published a hit piece against Rabbi Ben Packer of the Old City, claiming he was in fact a KKK supporter.

“Packer’s response to last month’s violence in his home state of Virginia suggests he may have a soft spot for the Ku Klux Klan,” wrote Michael F. Brown, the author of the Electronic Intifada article.

Of course Brown uses Rabbi Packer’s own statements out of context, culling posts off of Facebook and leaving out vital content that surrounded them.

All of this would be just another left-wing rant if it was not aimed at a Rabbi that focuses on bringing young men closer to their Jewish roots as well as giving lone soldiers a place to stay and relax. The house is famously known as the Jerusalem Heritage House.

Rabbi Packer is also heavily involved with reclaiming stolen Jewish property, whose current Arab occupants have more than often been families that have squatted in the houses since the Jordanians expelled Jews from Jerusalem in 1948. In fact many of these houses saw their original Jewish owners chased from them in the British backed Arab riots in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Rabbi Ben Packer and many other activists help raise funds , renovate, and even send younger people to live in the houses until appropriate measures can be taken by the government. Last week as we wrote, Jewish residents of Jerusalem with the help Israel Land Fund’s Councilman Aryeh King moved into a newly reacquired property in Jerusalem’s Shimon HaTzadik/Nachalat Shimon (Sheikh Jarrah) neighborhood on Monday morning. The Electronic Intifada in its criticism of Rabbi Ben Packer claimed this was proof of his support for ethnic cleansing.

Ben Packer, a US-born rabbi, is helping to push Palestinians out of their homes.

Last week, the Shamasneh family was evicted from a house where family members had lived for more than 50 years in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem.

Packer, who runs a hostel in Jerusalem’s Old City, swiftly welcomed the eviction. Writing on Facebook, he statedthat “our guys were there to help move out the Arabs’ stuff and are now helping to guard the property.”

Packer did not respond to a request asking what he meant by the phrase “our guys” and if staff or residents in his hostel – the Jerusalem Heritage House – had assisted the eviction.

Notorious political activist Arieh King – who sits on the Israeli-run Jerusalem City Council – was instrumental in securing the eviction. King regards Palestinians as “squatters” in Jerusalem and, backed by US donors, has been trying to force their removal. The settlement activities which he undertakes are all illegal under international law.

The article continued and claimed that Rabbi Packer supports “ethnic cleansing” of “Palestinians.” The only problem with all of this is, the only group of people who supported ethnic cleansing were the “Palestinian” Arabs themselves. In the 1920’s and 1930’s they drove out what was once majority Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. These Arabs and their descendents still squat in these properties today.

What Rabbi Ben Packer and Aryeh King are doing, is not only just, but acts as a reminder that the Jewish people have returned home and don’t plan on leaving again.

His students agree. One anonymous student posted on Facebook the following:

“I spent a weekend at the Jerusalem Heritage House while extending my birthright adventure a few years ago (2013). It was one of the highlights of my time in Israel. I vividly remember walking down to the Western Wall on Shabbat and then breaking out to various Shabbat dinners; it was magnificent.”

Another student, Shaul Gheblikian, who currently lives in Beit Esther Brenner near the Lions Gate had this to say about Rabbi Ben Packer:

“Rabbi Packer and the Heritage House were an integral part of the success of being able to live where I do. He provided me with a refrigerator, closet, bed, bedding and a washing machine. These were not just good quality items I needed, but items I couldn’t afford myself. All given with a genuine smile. Many thanks to Rabbi Packer and the Heritage House. May Hashem bless you.”

As long as the left, whether in America, or in Israel continue to attempt to shame their opponents instead of engaging in honest discussions, they will be their own worst enemy.

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[WATCH] Newest Jewish Owned Store in Jerusalem Brings Israel to the Foot of the Temple Mount

In a short and poignant ceremony David Wiseman, spoke about his connection to the Land of Israel the desire to make a real difference in Israel’s struggle to build in Jerusalem that led him to buy a small storefront steps from the Temple Mount.  With a small group of activists on hand, including Rav Aviner and City Council Member and head of the Israel Land Fund, Aryeh King, the storefront felt alive.

“Everyone is supposed to own a piece of Israel,” Wiseman said. “So I decided to buy this small place to make a real difference here.”

The strategic importance of the storefront, while small in size is vital as it provides a Jewish presence on a major thoroughfare to the Kotel and the Temple Mount.  The South side of Shalshelet Street known as the “Arab Shuk” was traditionally Jewish.  Most of the stores while currently occupied by Arabs had been fully owned and operated by Jews until the final expulsion by Jordanian forces in 1948.  The reclamation of this area and return of these properties to Jewish hands is part of a larger struggle to ensure a Jewish Jerusalem. Although Wiseman bought the storefront from a Jewish educational institute, it had been previously unused due to the location.

Rabbi Ben packer of the Heritage House, who has been an integral part in preparing the property for use said the following:

“Today at the dedication of another Jewish store in the “arab shuk” of the Old City we strengthened the Jewish Presence both physically and spiritually. This is the correct formula for total victory, may it come soon.”

The Heritage House has been increasing its role in the past two years by providing young Land of Israel activists a platform to help secure and renovate returned Jewish property in Jerusalem and Hebron.

Watch the event below:

David Wiseman leads a group including Rav Aviner and Aryeh King to his store, just steps from the Temple Mount.


David Wiseman, owner of the store with Rav Aviner


Gershon, the manager of the new store next to Rabbi Ben Packer of the Heritage House.

Reclaiming Jerusalem One House At a Time: “Now is the Time to Buy”

Jerusalem, home to the Jewish nation for more than 2,000 years, is seeing a historic trend of Jews claiming ownership in its neighborhoods. We are all familiar with Jews living in the Jerusalem neighborhoods we normally visit. However, there are many brave Jews that take ownership of properties in dominantly Arab neighborhoods. They are taking the initiative to reclaim the land that rightfully belongs to them.

Buying property from Arabs is no easy task. According to the Palestinian Authority, selling land to a Jew is a crime, punishable by death. Hence, there is a conscious fear of selling land to Jews.

Ateret Cohanim, a non-profit organization located in Jerusalem, helps find and buy land from Arabs while protecting the Arabs from getting caught for their “crime.” Ateret Cohanim is responsible for the flourishing Jewish presence in the Muslim Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Village of Shiloach (Kfar Hateimanim) and Kidmat Zion (Abu Dis).

According to Jerusalem city councilman Aryeh King in an interview with Arutz Sheva, “more and more Arabs are offering properties for sale. Because of that the cost of properties that Arabs are selling is dropping and we are able to buy in areas that we never thought to buy.” It seems the Arabs are less hesitant to see to Jews nowadays. “There is a big wave of new Arabs who are offering properties, and we don’t have enough money to buy all of the properties that are being offered.”

When asked whether it is really possible to reclaim a majority of Jerusalem land, Ben Packer of the Jerusalem Heritage House replied, “We see this is true right now, but can’t know what will be in the future. Now is the time to buy!”