President of Turkey: “Israel is a state of occupation”

In an unhinged reaction to President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday described Israel as a “state of occupation” which used “terror” against the Palestinians.

“Israel is a state of occupation,” Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul. “And now they are making use of terror and are bombing young people and children,” he continued. 

Erdogan was referring to Israel’s response to the firing of rockets into civilian areas from the Gaza strip.  He conveniently left out the fact that one of the rockets destroyed a kindegarden in the Israeli city of Sderot.

Interestingly enough, while Erdogan labels Israel an “occupier” it is Turkey that far outweighs most countries in the world in that category.

Turkey currently occupies half of Cyprus, Northern Kurdistan with its 20 million Kurds, and West Armenia. Turkey was also responsible for the Armenian Genocide that saw more than 1.5 million Armenians killed at the hands of the Turks from 1915 to 1917.

Under Erdogan’s watch, Turkey has grown into an Islamic centric country that eschews minority rights and champions Jihadism.  It was afterall Erdogan’s Turkey that was a key backer of ISIS in its early days by allowing thousands of foreign fighter to traverse the border between Turkey and Syria.  Erdogan’s children were behind medical supplies specifically destined for ISIS. It was Turkey’s backing that lent a hand to Obama’s decision to help prop up ISIS in its early days.

By allowing Turkey to take the mantle of leadership of the Muslim world and thus the “Palestinian Cause” proves the very point that Israel supporters have been careful to make over the past decades and that is the existance of a “Palestinian Nation” is nothing but a hypocritical trojan horse designed to destroy the Jewish State from the inside.

It would be best for the Arab and Islamic world to clean up their act before chastising the only country that may be able to save them from their moral and ethical morass and yes the coming crisis with Iran.

Israel’s Azerbaijan Problem


Israeli Russian Jewish blogger, Alexander Lapshin did something brave, he crossed over from Azerbaijan to Artsakh aka Nagorno Karabagh and came out speaking for Artsakh’s Independence which automatically steps on Azeri toes.  The Azeri’s were furious and wanted him arrested and extradited.  In spite of the democratic façade, Azerbaijan is an oppressive regime and this is proof positive of that.

He is sitting now in a Belarus jail waiting for the next step.  From what I understand Israel has intervened and he will not be extradited to Azerbaijan.  This blogger has been saved from sure torture and probable death if he ended up in Azeri hands.  

We must show our support and let our voices be heard for Alex Lapshin.  He must be released.  There is no crime in speaking the truth.


This past December Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev met in Azerbaijan to have discussions.  Soon after we read the following headline in the news: Azerbaijan wants to purchase Iron Dome technology.  Next day, it was a done deal.  

When I read this headline, I asked myself do they realize the potential consequences of this deal?  I marveled over this agreement for quite some time and concluded either Israel is extremely naive and careless or the political analysts don’t see beyond their noses.  

  1. This Technology is defensive but can embolden this regime
    1. Can you guarantee the Iron Dome technology will not facilitate a war with Artsakh?
  1. This Technology will be in Shiite hands.
    1. Can you guarantee it won’t get in other Shiite hands?

In my strong outcry and numerous commentaries, I was reminded by members of the group, Israeli Armenian Solidarity, ‘Keren, it’s a defensive technology so you have nothing to worry about.’  

I recall reading a couple of years ago after Operation Protective Edge, the UN told Israel to give Hamas ID Technology.  I remember scratching my head when I read that, smirking at the absurdity.  Why would Israel do that?  Let Hamas not start wars and no one will need IDT.  

So I came up with my follow up question. “Why doesn’t Israel sell this defense technology to Hamas?”

Don’t jump out of your seat!  I know why.  But can the reader start to empathize now why it’s a bad idea for Azerbaijan to buy this technology?  Let me try to answer, but first let me give a little background.

We, who follow Middle East politics, know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but is the public know about the Azerbaijan-Nagorno Karabagh conflict?  

Let me explain it in a quick nutshell.  Back in 1920’s about the same time Palestine was being discussed, the Caucus region was also discussed for drawing out borders.  Stalin promised to give us, the Armenians our historic lands of Artskah aka Nagorno Karabagh and more to us.  What did he do?  Definitely not as he promised. Stalin divided up the lands in another way.  He gave OUR historical lands to Azerbaijan.  

Source: Wikipedia

There was bloodshed over the years including pogroms against Armenians who were living in Baku, reminiscent of the Hebron Massacre.   

In 1991 when Armenia became independent of the Soviet Union about the same time we claimed Artsakh to be ours.  At that point the Armenian population was very high. Today it’s one hundred percent and Azerbaijan does not want to let go of our lands.  Hence our conflict.

Relevant Parallels:

  1. The same way parts of Israel have been given to this false owners who dub themselves Palestinians, this territory land was given to Azerbaijan.
  2. The ‘Palestinians’ or Hamas attack and break ceasefires – Azerbaijan the same.  (We are in a ceasefire mode as I write today).  Nearly every day Azerbaijan breaks the ceasefire, it is just too tempting from their high ground vantage point.
  3. Muslim aggressors (Hamas and cronies) against Jews & in our case: Muslim aggressors against Christians.  

As a side note but one that can not be neglected, there are many other parallels the most notable being: the Armenian and Jewish holocausts.  Both of our peoples went through attempted annihilation.  The Armenian Genocide in WWI and the Jewish Holocaust in WWII.  

With that setting in mind, let’s go back in time a little – just a little.  Last year in April 2016, Azerbaijan received a shipment of Israeli drones – THE VERY NEXT DAY, they started war with Nagorno Karabagh.  The drones were used in kamikaze style and against the Geneva Convention laws. They killed civilians with these drones.  Azerbaijan also committed war crimes by the horrendous murders and mutilations (including decapitations) Nagorno Karabagh soldiers.  This is what I call the Hamas of the Caucuses.

Now fast forward to today, Azerbaijan wants the Iron Dome technology.  Is an attack from Iran imminent? No.  Azerbaijan will start a war with Armenians in Artsakh.  

They want to finish the Armenian Genocide that their big sister, Turkey started a century ago.  Israel I beseech you, Bibi and Likud, I beseech you to not sell Iron Dome technology to Azerbaijan. They will start a war with us.

Don’t be naive or careless.  Rethink your analysis.  You have been informed and God is awake and never slumbering.  If Israel is to be a light to the nations as you are to be then stop being scared of saying no.  Trying to wash your proverbial hands will not wash away the stains.  





Knock, knock! Who’s there? Erdogan is knocking on Israel’s door. Shock! Surprise!! NOT! Turkey, with debacle after debacle now wants to restore relations with Israel. Oh really? After Erdogan’s military shot down a Russian jet, within hours Putin announced his first move, economic sanctions on Turkey, saying ‘We will not buy from you, rather we will buy from Israel.’

Stab and twist.

With Putin’s strong arm in Syria, the Russian military is coming out successful in efforts to obliterate ISIS/Daesh and frankly, Turkey is in the roost. Not only has Turkey been accused of aiding and financing ISIS/Daesh, who is one of the most evil & vile force in the world today, but Turkey is widely known to be connected to our enemy, Hamas. This factor must, absolutely be dealt with. Putin in a smart political move met with Netanyahu to show Erdogan and whoever else, this alliance is fortified. Now Erdogan wants to restore relations with Israel.

By the year’s end, the Israeli government will decide how to proceed with Turkey. What will the strategy be? Flotilla payoff? Unilateral or bilateral demands? Anything? BUT WAIT! Another door has been knocking in Israel for years!! Behind it the blood of over a millions Armenians is crying out to NOT BE forgotten. Israel needs jump on this opportune time and recognize the Armenian Genocide with no delay.

Why now? Clearly, Israel has the upper hand. What do we have to lose? Erdogan needs Israel…. Our way or the highway. And I boldly suggest they stipulate Turkey to finally come out and confess their dirty deed. Israel, in particular, the Holocaust people needed to make this announcement many years ago, but to our shame because of politics, i.e. Turkish & Azerbaijani relations we have NOT. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Grounds of politics LOCKED, on grounds of compassion UNLOCKED with a welcome mat. In recent months, the news over and over again exposed how the Grand Mufti who spurred on the king of the Nazis to burn the Jews was also a part of the Armenian Genocide, and when he became the Grand Mufti, it was he who went to Hitler and helped plot against the Jewish people. Do you see the connection? Of course then there’s the famous quote when Hitler said, ‘Who remembers what happen to the Armenians.’

It is clear that we are connected in more ways than one, with Azerbajian/Nagorno-Karabagh conflict (an Armenian populated region given by the soviets to the modern day Azeris) and the Israeli/’Palestinian’ conflict. Both a diaspora people who recently obtained a country again, respectively. And here we are again, shall we stand idly by?? With the outreach of Armenians visiting and building relations with Israel, Armenia has proven to be a good ally even though, through ignorance, we are on Azerbaijan’s arms vendor list.

Armenia is a thriving, ambitious young country whose numbers would have been exponentially greater had not their Genocide like for us, had our Holocaust not happened. Our histories’ similar, our plights’ alike and our conflicts unresolved… There have been many advocates: Rivlin, pre-presidential days was a strong proponent for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, Edelstein has gone before the Knesset earlier this year, Israeli Greek Orthodox priest Naddaf is outspoken for this cause, in Nov Sassounian, an American Armenian editor brought forth a compassionate, logical plea, of course for years the Israeli Armenian Community has attempted to reach ear that will not hear, last week a delegation from Armenian visited Israel and finally we the people of Israel, stand up and ask for justice. Israel must put politics aside once and for all. Let us stand with the Armenian people whose motto is Never Forget and say Never Again our motto. The time is now to open the door and recognize the Armenian Genocide.

I implore the Israel government to take this opportunity and make history. Stop being embarrassed of what we haven’t done and make a wrong right and also to stipulate to Turkey in their time of desperation, that Turkey needs to confess what the Ottoman Empire committed against the Armenians. Let’s take it all the way…. Answer the door let the screaming blood of the dead be put to rest. The doors are knocking…. open them both and restore the dignity of the dead and demand from Turkey justice as we are a light to the nations. Why? Because righteousness and wisdom is our path…

[Podcast] Israel’s Allies and Turkey’s Demise

This podcast is a continuation of my previous post on Israel’s indigenous allies.  The podcast covers Turkey’s isolation and the fast pace of the new security and energy alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean between Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, and Israel. In the podcast we also discuss Russia’s relationship to Israel and the turbulent changes in the region. Other subjects we cover are Russia’s encirclement of Turkey by way of Armenia, Iraq, and Syria, as well as Greece and Cyprus.

Sources to look at:


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Israel’s Indigenous Allies

In the turbulent middle east friends can be hard to find, yet there are some allies Israel can unify behind it under the banner of fellow indigenous people of the region.  Before the Islamic Jihad poured out of the Arabian peninsula, the region looked a lot different. Over the years, the world has gotten used to the idea that the Arab nation has always been here, but as I illustrated in my last post on Yathrib, the truth is a different manner.

What is taking shape in the region spanning from the Eastern Mediterranean to East Iraq, is a rising up of those peoples pushed to the corner by Arab muslims over the past 1300 years. The following is a short list of perhaps the most friendly to Israel and why each one can and should see itself as part of a larger alliance in the region.


So much has been written about the Kurds. They are the largest group still without a sovereign state, unless you consider the Kurdish Autonomous Region one. They are hated by Turkey and have been friendly to Israel.  They are Islamic in culture, but religiously very tolerant.  Related to the ancient Medes who were always welcoming to the Jews, they were the indigenous people of what is now Northern Iraq. Attacked from the South  by various caliphates and the North by the Turks, the Kurds are fierce in the defense of their homeland.

Israel has provided training and weapons to the KRG and behind the scenes has built an oil trade stemming from Mosul.  The fact that both groups find themselves on the same side when it comes to both ISIS and Turkey only cements the quiet partnership.


The Druze are part of the fabric of Israeli society.  They serve in some of the most elite units and are loyal to the state. Israeli Druze consider themselves to be part of a blood pact with the Jewish people and will defend the Land against the Arabs, whom they consider to be invaders. Major population centers of the Druze exist in Southern Lebanon and Jabal Al Druze in Southern Syria. There are 1.5 million Druze in the Levant.

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Cyprus has been under the broader Greek world for almost 2.5 thousand years.  Lying just to the West of Israel, it is one of the largest islands of the Mediterranean and shares many of the same gas fields as  Israel does.  It also suffers from occupation, with the Northern half of the Island under occupation from Turkey. This makes Cyprus a perfect partner in both defense and energy.


One of the most confusing things about Christians in Israel has been their connection to the Arab narrative.  Of course this has always been partly due to the fact that the Arab conquest forced many of these Christians to adopt Arab culture.  Despite this, many Christians in Israel and Syria have clawed back into their roots and have rebuilt their stolen identity once known as Aramean.  These Arameans are under threat in Syria, but have found Israel to be an excellent and natural ally against their common enemy, radical Islam.


Copts are the indigenous people of Egypt, that is before the Arabs invaded. They remained the majority population there until the 10th century and to this day are a large minority within Egypt. Since their roots can be traced to the beginning of Christianity and according to many Copts to the ancient Egyptians, the Arabs have made sure to oppress them in order to substantiate their hold.  Copts probably suffer the worst persecution across Egypt, Sudan, and Libya. Their plight is well known. Recently El Sisi, president of Egypt has gone out of his way to protect them.  


Armenians are an ancient people and although in the Southern Caucasus region, their proximity to Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, put them into the Middle East’s strategic envelope. They suffered heavily under the Turks and were decimated by the Ottomans in the early 20th century. One of the four quarters in Jerusalem’s Old City is heavily populated by Armenians and because of their suffering at the hands of the Turks they feel a sense of friendship with Israel and the Jewish people.

Armenians are also becoming a key geo-location in the growing friction between Russia and Turkey.  Russia has recently positioned attack helicopters there as part of their growing encirclement of Turkey. With all eyes on Turkey and ISIS, Armenia provides a great strategic ally in Caucasus region for Israel. It is another indigenous people that have suffered at the hands of Turkey, which has become one of the main backers of ISIS and radical Islam.

The above groups can serve as something more than a security envelope for Israel.  They can serve as a foundation for a liberated Middle East.


I See No Big Difference, Do You?

As an Armenian, whose ancestors were victims of the Armenian genocide, as a daughter of a DP (displaced person) whose father’s whole family were in forced labor camps in Stuttgart, Germany during World War II  – the topic of the behavior of the Ottoman Empire vs the modern-day Turkish regime actions are always in the back my mind and any Armenian’s mind.  

In Jan 2007, when Turkish born Armenian journalist Hrant Dink (January 2007) gets assassinated for speaking out and telling the truth…I see no big difference, do you?

More recently in October 2015, Turkish Mayor Abdullah Demirbas of the municipality of Sur in Diyarbakir, a brave man standing up for the minorities in Turkey including Armenians, has been harassed, threatened, imprisoned and became deathly ill for speaking out against injustices done to minorities (us) in Turkey, I see no big difference, do you? 

When reflecting on the recent bombing in Ankara where Kurds and minorities were rallying for their voices to be heard…. Erdogan alluded to ISIS being involved, when now we know Turkey is a backer of ISIS….I see no big difference, do you? 

Also, reading of the potential idea that Erdogan’s daughter and son being involved with ISIS and of course many other articles connecting Turkey directly to ISIS makes one ask: I see no big difference, do you? 

What is the difference between today’s Turkish regime and the Ottoman Empire?  International oversight? Turkey is a part of international coalition today so they are held accountable for their actions.  Really?  Is there any true scrutiny… except when it comes to Israel and the double standard automatically applied to every action or non-action which of most are clearly accusations & clearly distortions of the ‘campaign of young Arab muslim terror’ happening daily.

Turkey seems to autonomously make moves having the world in an unspoken grip.  Who can do what to them? Erdogan the visionary and his vision seem to be far reaching into the future with maybe a desire to become an empire again?  Can it be?  

Now, with the grave error of striking down Putin’s plane, the world sits back and watches as the first step of an economical withdrawal is made by Russia… adding insult to injury, we won’t buy from you WE WILL BUY FROM ISRAEL!!  Let’s just sit back and see what other front will be doused in Putin’s 2nd plan of retaliation attack on Turkey.  Erdogan, sit down.  Autonomous, are you??  World, I hope to see a difference, don’t you?