SHOWDOWN AT THE UN: Israel and Trump Force Egypt to Drop Resolution, What’s Next?

The State of Israel and Donald Trump flexed their political muscles successfully on Thursday by pressuring Egypt’s El-Sisi to drop the latest anti-Israel resolution at the UN.

The resolution called for an immediate cessation of all settlement building. Both Trump and Israel wasted no time going after the resolution on social media.

Yet, El-Sisi probably dropped the resolution when he understood that his joint campaign with Israel against Al-Qeida would be curailed if he continued to table it.  El-Sisi needs Israel as a partner in his fight against Al Qeida and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The resolution made this partership weaker as it backstabbed the very country that has helped maintain stability on El Sisi’s Sinai border and in Gaza. These are two places that El-Sisi cannot afford to let flare up or he risks his regime.

Is the Worst Over?

This is only the beginning.  New Zealand’s term maybe over on January 1st, but they are insisting on tabling a resolution that dilineates the final countours of a “Palestinian State.” New Zealand’s resolution is a game changer and is the one Obama may abstain from.  If so, then Obama will de-facto create a Palestinian terrorist entity within Israel’s borders before he leaves office.

Stay tuned, it’s about to get bumpy!