Nigeria is a Sinking Ship

From East to West, North to South the Biafran conflict is heating up globally. The Biafran war, fought between Nigeria and Biafra from the years 1967-1970 has been recorded as the most brutal civil war any black Nation has ever witnessed. With the help of the British, innocent young people, mostly women and children numbering close to 6 million lost their lives.

The leadership the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has infused  a new spirit into the struggle for self-determination.This spirit has awoken from its slumber the drive to  exhibit the  fundamental human right under the rule of law to protest the Buhari lead Administration.  This Nigerian government has unleashed terror on the innocent citizens who are seeking a better life and good governance for their children and future generation.

Scores have been killed by the Department of State Security (DSS), including those shot by the combination of both military and police personnel.  Despite Amnesty International being aware of these  heinous crimes, the United Nations lead by Ban Ki-Moon and world leaders have kept quiet.  Nigerian security forces continue to kill Biafrans in secret, attacking street vendors who sell newspapers with anything concerning Biafra.  The Buhari led government has even destroyed Coca-cola customized products and their warehouses that were made especially for Biafra awareness.

Is Nigeria meant to be democratic or an autocracy?

The Nigerian state is presently suffering from governmental incompetence, human rights abuses, and a lack of justice for the ordinary man. Ironically the government’s policies have backfired. Buhari believes the killing of unarmed innocent civilians will subdue the struggle. Yet by attacking and jailing Nnamdi Kanu they have ended up making him the most influential personality of the century.  The struggle for self-determination of the people of Biafra has now become a global one.

The crux of the issue now is convincing those who think the Biafran protests are merely a mirage that they should wake up from and face the new reality that there is no going back.  The message to the world must be clear that the level of insecurity that Nigerian government operates in, is total. We don’t want what happened in 1967-1970 to happen again. Despite the Biafran willingness  to lead a peaceful struggle, how long shall we fold our arms and watch our citizen been killed in cold blood?

“I will lead a 500,000000 Million man march that will crack Nigeria globally!” Those were the words of the brave Biafraian and we are getting close to it. Both local and International media, organizations, world leaders are now getting up to see the injustice that has been meted out to the people of Biafra by the central authorities in Buhari’s so called Nigeria.

Considering where we began, much has been achieved and yet more needs to be done.  There is no going back on Biafran independence. There is a deep lack of credibility in Nigeria concerning the independence of the judiciary system.  This has added to the ordinary citizen lacking any confidence in all aspects of the government’s relationship with the broader society. We have all seen this in the ongoing case of Nnamdi Kanu the Leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra and the Nigerian government.

The Mohammed Buhari lead Administration has taken the whole pf Nigeria for granted and it is very imperative to remind him that he can’t eat his cake and have it also.  It is not going to be like those days when he refused to appear before a tribunal on charges corruption.

We call on all well-meaning lovers of freedom especially the Israeli government to take a stand and look into the issue of Biafra and Nigeria’s Christians in order to help lead them to freedom from the oppression of the Islamic state of Mohammed Buhari.