As the Nations Gather Against Jerusalem, the Almighty Smashes New Zealand with a Tsunami

It isn’t everyday when one gets to witness divine retribution. Although no one should seek joy in another’s sorrow, the idea of a tsunami hitting New Zealand just hours after John Kerry was there trying to convince the government to come on board for a final move against Jerusalem is far too obvious to ignore.

“It is a conversation we are engaged in deeply and we’ve spent some time talking to Secretary Kerry about where the US might go on this.  It is something that is still in play,” Murray McCully the Foreign Minister of New Zealand said after his meeting. He even indicated that New Zealand itself could table the resolution. A few hours after that meeting, the tsunami struck.

Our world is rapidly becoming undone.  With three months left to Obama’s term, assume that he will try to divide Jerusalem at the UN.  Yet, it is the Creator who will have the last laugh.  If the timing of the tsunami is any indicator the nations will not succeed in dividing Jerusalem as it is fast becoming “a cup of poison” for them.



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  1. Wow…. I live in America and have been following events in Israel which I believe will orchestrate an earthquake in America. A few years ago God showed me that a certain prophet was speaking the truth when he prophesied that America would be split in an earthquake for trying to split Israel. I just read that Kerry was in NZ and put two and two together. I fear we are next. How soon only God knows. Pray for us and our children. Yes God is almighty and one cannot poke the apple of His eye without consequence.

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