Jordan Remains at War with Israel

Reports suggest that King Abdullah of Jordan is angry at Netanyahu for publicly praising the Israeli embassy security guard who was stabbed earlier in the week in Amman.

“This kind of behavior — which is unacceptable and provocative on all levels — has made us all angry… and feeds extremism in the region,” the King said of Netanyahu.

“The Israeli prime minister is obligated to act responsibly and prosecute the murderer, instead of exploiting the crime for internal political purposes,” he added.

Of course none of this should surprise those who are avid watchers of the Hashemite family and their dealings in Jordan.

Caroline Glick wrote the following in March:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is the second largest political force in the country. Although Jordanians were revolted in 2015 when Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria burned alive a downed Jordanian pilot, ISIS has no shortage of sympathizers in wide swaths of Jordanian society. More than 2,000 Jordanians joined ISIS in Syria and several thousand more ISIS members and sympathizers are at large throughout the kingdom.”

The King has become adept in playing all sides. When he needs to fan the flames of hate to the Jewish people he does. The opposite is also true. When he needs help against challengers to the throne, he ends up asks America for help.

The peace treaty signed in 1994 has grown more and more worthless as the King’s rhetoric continues to become far more radical than in the past.

Why is He Still King?

Israel and the USA feel they need King Abdullah on the thrown. ¬†Essentially this boils down to dealing with the evil you know rather than the chaos you don’t. Israel has gone out of its way to ensre the King lives simply because the alternative is chaos. Jordan’s stability has been the hallmark of America’s foreign policy.