JORDAN THREATENS DONALD TRUMP: Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem is Crossing a Redline

A Jordanian govenment spokesman, speaking to the Associated Press warned President-Elect Donald Trump that his planned move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem is “crossing a redline” and will be “catostrophic.”

Momani, the Jordanian minister, said that moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem “will have catastrophic implications on several levels, including the regional situation.” He said countries in the region would likely “think about different things and steps they should take in order to stop this from happening.”

“It will definitely affect the bilateral relationship between countries in the region, including Jordan, and the parties that will be related to such a decision,” he said.

As January 20th draws closer, the Middle East awaits hisDonald Trump’s policy, which by all indications will be decidely pro-Israel. In fact Last month, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was quoted as saying that moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a “very big priority” for the president-elect.

Jordan is a Make Believe Country

One of the reasons why Jordan is afraid of Trump’s move is that the Kingdom is actually carved out of the original Palestinian Mandate as a gift to the Hussein family for their support of the British in World War One.  The King and his family are originally from what is today the Arabian penninsula.  His control over Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem is the only thing that gives him gravitas in the Muslim world.

Any solidification of Israel’s control over the Jewish capital of Jerusalem would reveal that the King of Jordan is a paper tiger with no real power.  He is propped up by American tax payer dollars and Israeli security forces.  Without them, he would have fallen to the majority Palestinian populace he brutally controls a long time ago.