John Kerry Wants to Force Jews Out of their Homes Before Obama Leaves Office

John Kerry has never much liked Israel. His constant attacks on Jews leaving in Judea and Samaria as obstacles to peace have become a broken record. As Obama is set to leave office, Kerry has become one of the proponents of forcing a settlement on Israel and the Arabs before Trump takes office.

If you think this is farfetched, Kerry’s speech at the Saban forum this past week will make you think other wise. He did not rule out not using the veto in upcoming UN Security Council resolutions, which would force a “peace” framework on Israel. This ultimately means displacing hundreds of thousands of Jewish men, women, and children in order to create another Arab terror state, this time in Israel’s biblical heartland.

“I cannot accept the notion that [settlements] don’t affect the peace process, that they aren’t a barrier to the ability to create peace,” Kerry contended. “The left in Israel is telling everyone that it is a barrier to peace and the right, which supports it, is openly telling people that they support it because they don’t want peace. They believe in Greater Israel.”

John Kerry blamed the failure of the peace process squarely on Israel and Bibi Netanyahu by slamming him for “lacking leadership.”

Will Obama Go For It?

With the Regulation Law passed, Obama may have moved to Kerry’s side on this. Afterall, the President does not have to sponsor a resolution, just abstain. By holding back the veto he creates a de facto Palestinian State and removes Jewish pioneers from their homes.

With a stroke of a UN pen Israel will find itself locked into a paradigm of being in contravention of basic international law by “occupying” another member state’s land. Obama will have his ultimate revenge on Bibi.  With 45 days left until Trump, the world is about to change, drastically.