Huma Abedin: Yes, Hamas Would Honor Accord on Peace with Israel

The 30 thousand plus Hillary Clinton emails found o WikiLeaks are treasure trove of information.  In 2010 according to one email with the subject: (Reuters) Hamas would honor referendum on peace with Israel, Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s trusted aid and Saudi national answers a back and forth on a reuters article dealing with a Hamas acceptance of an Israeli-Arab peace accord, with just one word: Yes.

One can infer that Huma was giving  credance to naive State Department officials who truly believed and probably still do that Hamas is just a political/social group who at the end of the day will bend.

It is clear if Huma Abedin has changed her mind. This is even after two wars since the email, where Hamas rained rockets down on Israeli populaton centers, but one must assume and believe the US officials think differently now. The question one must ask in assessing whether or not a canidate is particularly pro-Israel or at least supportive of Israeli positions, is if they are surrounded by people who reflect that.

For Hillary to take advice from her Saudi aid on geopolitical manners concerning a country that until recently her country would rather see drown in the Meditereanean seems at the least naive and at the most down right incompetant if not worse.

What will this sort of approach mean for Hillary getting into the White House?  Not much, but if Assange is telling us the truth and there are emails in the next batch that confirm Hillary gaive permisson to fund ISIS then, this email and others provide a perfect background to understanding approach that Hillary ad her staff take with regards to foreign affairs.