The Decision on Destroying Amona is the Crossroads for the State of Israel

The State of Israel has shown very little problem in destroying flourishing communities over the green line.  Over 11 years ago it destroyed all of Jewish Gaza just to placate the Bush administration.  Settler activists pray that Amona will be different, but with the legal system firmly controlled by the left and the politicians unwilling to take the steps to change it, Amona’s fate appears to be sealed.

However, it does not need to be this way.  Amona is a test case for how the State of Israel views itself.  Will it allow dubious land claims by Arabs who are funded by the extreme left and foreign governments dictate policy or will it chart an “Israel First” course. No other threat to Israel’s existence is as ominous as the precedent about to be set at Amona and if it is destroyed similar cases will pop up all over Judea and Samaria.  We see this in Susiya, which is now claimed by squatters from Yatta a former Jewish city now populated by Arabs.

Amona’s destruction would not only be precedent setting, it would prove it pointless to put one’s trust in state authorities.  Not one of the politicians in the government can and will stop Amona from being destroyed, only the Prime Minister.  Only Bibi can, if he decided that Jewish values trump foreign influence be able to save Amona.

Amona puts the future of the State of Israel on the table and in the hands of unelected judges. Can it be stopped…yes, but only if we are willing to call into question the ineffectiveness of elected officials to stand up to foreign powers.