The Left’s Moral Relativism Is Rooted In A Lack Of Faith In The Creator

In the first chapter of the Rambam’s work, the Mishne Torah he quotes the prophet Jeremiah and explains as following:

“This is as the prophet says: ‘But the Lord God is the true God’ (Jer. 10.10); He alone is the Truth, and no other being possesses a truth similar to His Truth, even as the Torah says: ‘There is none other like unto Him’ (Deut. 4.35), meaning, there is no other true being, besides Him, like unto Him.”

There is no other truth besides the Creator. This is a foundational concept in Judaism and ultimately an underlying principle in a culture based on Divine Will.

The nihilistic left, which has essentially superseded the traditional left seeks a godless culture – where morality is subjective and truth is personal. In a sense, a disbelief in G-D as the sole arbiter of Truth goes hand in hand to believing that Truth is subjective – a sort of neo-idolatry. Instead of multiple G-Ds – there are multiple truths.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that the Exile is due to a lack of Faith. The Redemption is based on a return to pure and simple Faith in the One Creator. Faith is based on Truth. The more we lack a grounding in Truth the more idolatry grows. Today’s left is no different than the idol worshipers of the past. The only difference is the jargon they use to convince us they are right.

Pure Faith in the Truth of the Creator is our light through all of this darkness. This is why in many ways we are still facing the idols of Egypt – which drew their “power” from the disbelief in the one G-D. True we are not in Egypt anymore, but the inner Egypt of a lack of truth belief in the Creator is still our biggest enemy. In order to crush this we have no choice but to return to the simple Faith of our ancestors – there is One G-D, that is source for the ultimate Truth. Anything other than that is inviting our own self destruction.

The Exchanged Children – Regaining Ourselves

The path to self awareness and inner connection weaves through the darkness of our world. It requires us to recalibrate the balance between our soul and our bodies.

We are always descending within the darkness of the physical world. It is that descent, that confusion we find in our lives that we must abandon in order to rise up to the path of the light. This is the path of the Creator, who is hidden in all of Creation. Yet, until find the true Tzaddik, the loop that was forged at the time of our birth in this world will continue.

We rise only to fall – fall only to rise. We hold onto our false sense of self because we are too afraid to move forward. This is the job of the Tzaddik – to show us our own way. It is the path most carved out for each of us that allows us the comfort to let go of all of the false perceptions we have packed into our mind.

When we let go – we find ourselves and the body is once more ruled by the soul.

Seeing With Eyes Of Emunah

Sometimes we fall so much we cannot see through the darkness that has become our lives. Our vision has become blinded from our own doubts – our own fears.

This is why we must strive for actualized Emunah – activated faith. When we see that the Creator’s will fills up and permeates all things and all things are in fact a reflection of the Creator’s unity, then our fear and confusion will dissipate. All experiences are messages from the Creator to us and each one of our experiences is unique.

We do not need to fear the unknown, but rather embrace the daily rush of events thrown at us by seeing the world through the prism of Emunah.

If We Want To Leave Mitzrayim – We Must Have Faith

There are times when we feel low and other times when we know that the exit from the darkness is just around the corner. The truth is all of our feelings of lacking and despair, are just feelings – true Redemption is always within our reach!

Only when we have faith that the Creator is the ultimate reality and our one real reason for being sent down here is to have a personal relationship with the Almighty, then we will begin to feel ourselves leave the Mitzrayim we have been trapped in.

We Must Descend Into Darkness Before The Light Can Be Revealed

When our souls descend into this world we find ourselves in a state of “klipot, layers.” These layers are the cognitive distortions we are meant to spend a life time breaking through.

Growth always starts within darkness, confusion, and illusion. We move up and we fall, move up and fall. In chassidut and deeper lessons connected to the Torah this process is analogous to leaving “Mitzrayim, Egypt,” the place of constricted G-D consciousness.

Our job is to discover light within the darkness that we find ourselves in. It is literally the descending that holds the greatest chance to reveal the light hidden within.

Right now darkness surrounds us and penetrates us. Endless information, unlimited choices, and a world which appears to be more and more chaotic has pushed us into a state of collective despair.

Where and how can we move forward?

We must not fear. The darkness we are experiencing is the moment before the greatest light is revealed – all we need to do is to hold on tight.

(Likutey Moharan 6 & 36, Orot Techiya, Likutey Halachot Hilchot Pesach)

The Temple Is About Restoring Our Eternal Memory

Tisha B’Av is once again upon us. So many of us wonder why we are still laboring to keep it. After all, we have returned to Israel, the galut is seemingly over.

Yet, the Temple, was more than a national symbol, it is our own eternal memory, because it is the memory of the World to Come. Tisha B’Av is about recapturing that memory and propelling ourselves forward towards the final redemption.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Winning The War Within

Evil is in essence is the distancing of oneself from the Creator. What that means is that the Creator within us, which is the eternal bound within our limited physical expression, becomes lost to us by way of our transgressions.

If the light inside is so apparent, so pure, then why do we fall?

The main weapon used against us in our war with the dark side is an over abundance of distractions. These find their way into our consciousness through the ending pieces of information penetrating our mind all the time. These are excesses that keep our mind constantly thinking, but never settling on who or what we are meant to be doing.

This is why Rebbe Nachman exhorts us to remain simple in both thought and action. This is our main way to ensure our prayers stay on target and help rectify the world around us.

The dark side forces appear strong in the the world, but our voices are far more powerful. They are just waiting to be unleashed the moment we let go of the noise within.

Don’t Overthink

There are times when the noises in our head, the voices, the thoughts are so much we begin to doubt ourselves. The world becomes painful and the path towards our own inner success fades.

This is the lot of the chacham – the person who thinks he is smarter than anyone else. Eventually even the smartest person comes to the realization that he is not in control.

It is the path of the simple one, which leads to true happiness and therefore true success and of course true wisdom.