Let Go Of What The World Tells You To Be

Rebbe Nachman’s story the Sophisticate and the Simpleton is a classic explanation about the struggle each of us experiences within. It is also the struggle between the increasingly vacuous Western World’s importance on success in one’s career versus a life filled with faith and contentment.

Do We Hear The Land’s Melody Within Us?

Rebbe Nachman teaches that there is a special melody found within the Land of Israel. The challenge though is our world is set up to distract us from hearing it.

In the above class we learn that we must remove the layers around us and start to listen carefully for the melody of faith embedded in the Land of Israel.

Discovering Myself Within The Creation

The Creator speaks with us, encourages us, and influence us by means of the Creation. It is our mission to complete ourselves by getting in touch with those sparks – those messages of information we so desperately need and can only be found hidden with the Creation that we are part of.