BREAKING NEWS: Israel Attacks Multiple Targets in Syria

Although the IDF has no official comment on the air force raids into Syrian territory. Arabic media is reporting Israeli airstrikes on multiple targets.

London-based Rai al-Youm stated the following on it’s website:

“The Israeli air force launched two raids by 4 missiles. The first targeted an ammunition dump inside the 38 Brigade of the Fourth Infantry Division, in the Syrian army and sources said the second targeted a number of cars near highway between Beirut – Damascus. The sources said the second raid was not targeting any security or political personnel, but rather a convoy of vehicles who are mostly likely affiliated with Hezbollah arms shipments.  According to local media the attack occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning with Syrians waking to hear the sound of explosions west of the Syrian capital Damascus.”

The attack follows a similar attack against ISIS targets after they engaged with the IDF on Monday.  The Israeli government continues to follow a policy of neutrality in regards to the Syrian Civil War and will only attack when arm shipments are destined from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon or if ISIS directly confronts Israel, which happened for the first time earlier in the week.




Is Bibi Netanyahu Really a Threat to Israel?

According to former Prime Minister Ehud Barak (pictured above), Bibi Netanyahu and the nationalist camp is a direct threat to the State of Israel. Speaking at a publicity event Barak gave the following statements

“The nationalist spirit of the leaders of the right, chief among them Netanyahu, is the central threat today to Israel’s future, its identity, its cohesiveness, and its strength. The leaders of the right in the government headed by Netanyahu are afraid and only see black and white, but primarily black.” Barak then pointed an accusing finger at Netanyahu of exploiting the fire Intifada, to incite against Israel’s Arab population.”It is clear and agreed upon that arsonists and inciters of arson need to be dealt with with an iron hand,” he said, but added that the arsonists “do not represent Arab Israelis or the Palestinian people.”

Perhaps the former Prime Minister has amnesia.  Most people remember him as the guy who removed the IDF from Southern Lebanon so fast that our long time Christian allies there were over run by Hezbollah.

A quote from the Guardian at the time of the retreat from Lebanon sums it up:

With the fighters of its proxy militia, the South Lebanese Army (SLA) fleeing headlong with their families to crossings all along the border, the scale of the Israeli fiasco was beginning to unfold yesterday.

At the Fatima Gate crossing, where men, women and children waited behind a barbed wire fence for five hours in the sun to be cleared for entry by two Israeli security officials, the refugees called out the names of their villages – Khiam, El Qlaia, Kheube. It was a rollcall of defeat that yesterday spread eastwards with astonishing speed across the self-declared security zone. Hizbullah now controls at least two-thirds of the area.

Along with Israel’s evacuation of Bint Jubayl, the second largest town in the zone, at least a dozen more villages passed into the hands of Hizbullah yesterday.

Most fell without a shot. After the Israelis pulled out of Bint Jubayl in the middle of the night, their SLA allies, already in a state of collapse in the centre of the strip, simply gave up. Branded collaborators, they and their families headed for exile.

To further illustrate how much danger Ehud Barak has currently placed the State of Israel in, the video below should be jaw dropper:

That’s right.  Those are Russian troops fighting alongside Hezbollah.  That is only possible due to Barak’s retreat from Lebanon 16 and half years ago.

Let’s also keep in mind Barak is remembered as the leader who offered most of the Holy sites in Jerusalem and Israel’s biblical heartland to arch terrorist Yasser Arafat in exchange for “peace.” It was this negotiation that served to strengthen Arafat’s desire to start the second Intifada costing Israel thousands of lives.

Barak and Arafat Shaking Hands/Source: Sharon Farmer
Barak and Arafat Shaking Hands/Source: Sharon Farmer

It is clear to most observers that Ehud Barak has been a continual nightmare and major security threat to the State of Israel.  His sad attempt at covering up for his failures by attacking the current government should remind everyone who the real threat is.



ISIS in Ohio State…Beginning of a Terror Wave?

With today’s terror attack in Ohio St. we can cleary state that the refugee rettlement program has turned deadly. As the main stream media and police vacilate over whether or not to call the actions of 18-year-old Abdul Artan a terrorist attack, it is clear to anyone with even semi clear vision that plowing one’s car into pedestrians and then jumping out to stab whoever did not get knocked down is without a doubt a terror attack.

Attacker Dead on Street Source: Gateway Pundit/OSU Student
Attacker Dead on Street Source: Gateway Pundit/OSU Student

Abdul Artan was a Somali refugee who left his East Africa with his family in 2007.  He lived in Pakistan and then in 2014 came to the United States as a legal permanent resident.

“This car just swerved and ran into a whole group of people,” said Nicole Kreinbrink, who was walking nearby. “All these people were running and screaming and yelling,” Kreinbrink added.

“I heard someone yell, ‘He’s got a knife.’ And I saw a guy with a big-ass knife just chasing people around. When I saw that, I grabbed all my stuff and started running,” said Jacob Bowers an OSU sophmore.

So far there has been 9 wounded from the attack with police shooting Artan dead.

Are There More Attacks to Come?

The answer is yes. Now that Trump has won, the massive migrant infiltrations into the USA will reveal the thousands upon thousands of Jihadsts that were embedded among them. The purpose of continued attacks is to force a Trump administration to overreact thus encouraging more Jihad. This is the cycle that fits perfectly into the ISIS playbook.

Similar to Israel’s Knife Intifada of Last Year

The attack mimics the car ramming and knifing attacks that were prevelant in Israel last year.  Whether this sort of tactic is being carried over to Americais not clear.  Americans are primarily not prepared for this sort of combat.  Time to consider building the sort of barriers Israel has in public places.


Fire Intifada Continues as Israel is Left Vulnerable

Fire Intifada Latest Updates:

What is fast becoming one large “weapon of mass destruction” Arab arsonists continue the onslaught against Israel by lighting new fires in the last 24 hours. The village of Neve Tsuf saw its 350 families evacuated as arsonists stared three different fires which eventually destroyed 15 houses, with 25 others damaged.

Beit Meir, west of Jerusalem was torched as residents fled.  The fire was started at the entrance in order to prevent people from fleeing the area.  18 homes in the village were entirely burned and 30 others were extremely damaged during the attack on Friday night. The arsonists threw Molotov cocktails at the outer row of houses. Dozens of private cars were also destroyed.

Meanwhile, the fire by Nataf outside Jerusalem has been pushed back. The video below shows the Global uTanker from the USA at work putting out fires between Jerusalem and Nataf.

Haifa, thought to be under control is still on fire as strong winds returned Friday, whipping up flames.  Over 600 homes have ben destroyed in Haifa since the beginning of the fire.


Arsonists Prove Israel is Vulnerable

Although the fires have begun to be controlled, the surprise and immensity of the damage proves the weapon of fire to be one of the most effective against Israel.  Israel’s security services had been caught off guard by the terrorists’ ability to organize across the Land of Israel in a manner that could only have been orchestrated by foreign plotters. The Fire Intifada has done more to smash Israel’s percieved invincibility in respect to the Arab Street and terror leaders.

The following Tweet encapsulates the renewed energy within the Arab world:

Of course Haya and other pro-“Palestinian” activists cannot answer one simple question: If the Land really belongs to them, why are they burning it?


#IsraelBurns, Arab Arson Terrorists Caught, Now What?

“Every fire caused by arson, or incitement to commit arson, is terrorism for all intents and purposes, and we will bring them to justice,” Prime Minister Netanyahu stated today.

As of tonight it has been announced by the chief of police Ronny Alsheich that eight arabs were arrested for lighting fires all across Northern Israel.  The security services headed up by Minister Gilad Erdan admitted that at least half of the 200 fires raging across Israel were nationalistic arson attacks.  This is unprecedented.

Former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari stated: “Israel is at war and must send disloyal Arabs who support terrorism to other countries.”

Minister Deri has threatened to strip the arsonists of their Israeli citizenship. These are all excellent declarations, but there is a deeper point that most are missing.  After millions of dollars in damage and 85,000 evacuations we are still approaching this action in the frame of mind that these eight are ultimately the only ones to be blamed, but that is anything but the case.

There was a vast amount of Arabs inside Israel and throughout the world cheering on the fire attackers.  #IsraelBurning was the most trending hashtag in the Arab world as the fires burned away. We aren’t dealing with a few bad apples.  Radical Islam has become the norm among the Arab street and it seems it is not changing anytime soon.

Israel’s population is at edge.  It has dealt with the Oslo fiasco by first burying its collective head in the sand and only when the bombs killed enough it awoke only to fall back asleep until this past year when the Arabs came with knives. Now it is fire.


The cancer of radical Islam has been injected like some Islamized version of Nazi propaganda into the “Palestinian” Arabs.  It has poisoned the minds of millions. Goebbels would have been proud.

Despite the present day shock at the barbarity of “Palestinian” Arab culture none of this is a surprise.  The Oslo accords invited arch murderer and the father of modern terrorism Yasser Arafat into the heartland of Israel and placed him over the “Palestinian” clans.  He murdered off the moderate leadership and over the course of a decade and a half filled the minds of the Arab youth with seering hate towards Jews. He was KGB trained and given money by succesive  American administrations. All of what we are witnessing is an outgrowth of both the American and Israeli governments giving Arafat and his underlings a pass.

It is not enough that these eight arsonists are put in jail forever. The Arab Street, led by their leaders must be put in their place. Only an Israeli leadership that is capable of seeing these attacks as an extension of Palestinian Arab society will be able to prevent the next round. If not the attackers have proven that fire may be the ultimate weapon in destroying the State of Israel.

Haifa is a mixed Jewish and Arab city.  It has always prided itself on mutual respect.  The fires may not destroy that, but the ability for Israelis to continuously put up with Arab culture encouraging these acts of violence and terrorism is quickly coming to a close.  What’s next may not be as friendly for those who seek to destroy the Jewish State.


BREAKING NEWS: Arabs Start the Fire Intifada and Engulf Israel in Flames

What was thought to be accidental is now confirmed to be so widespread that nationalistically motivated arsonists are setting fires around the Land of Israel.  There has always been a warning that Arab terrorists would resort to a “burn it all down” strategy and now we are seeing it.

Map of Affected Areas Courtesy of Stand With Us/Gary Rozenman
Map of Affected Areas Courtesy of Stand With Us/Gary Rozenman

Video below from Haifa shows just how massive the fire is there:

In a quick response MK Oren Hazan has proposed a bill to raise the level of punishment for arson terror to life imprisonment.

“It appears that most of the fires raging around the country were caused intentionally by arsonists. They must be caught and sentenced as if they were terrorists who had perpetrated acts of terror. This is very serious because these conflagrations can cause mass deaths. We cannot relate to them with equanimity,” Hazan said. “The arsonists chose to ignite forests and trees in order to ‘burn the country down’. What they didn’t achieve through suicide and terror they will try and accomplish through fires.”

One update from Haifa says the following:


The damage from the fires have even drawn the ire of an unlikely source “Palestinian” activists. Albeit from their own perspective.


Yet the above seems to be not in line wit the multitudes on the ARab Street celebrating the fires.

See a list of more fire related Arab celebrations here.



Arab Terrorists Burn Down Prayer Site and Memorial South of Hebron

Near the community of Pnei Hever/Maale Hever Arab terrorists burned down a prayer site and memorial known as Mitzpe Ziv dedicated to two young men killed 13 years ago mistakenly by the IDF.  

Once a week families of the fallen boys and local residents would spend the sunrise in prayer and rememberence at the very site where they were killed.  Activists and family members added olive trees, stone benches, and walls the site over the years.  Recently, the local government even built a stone pergula over the site for Sukkot.

This morning was set to start like all the others until family members and residents arrived and saw that local Arabs had burned down the site, including the large olive tree planted in the boys’ memory. The attack set back years of work and created intense anguish for the families that were present.

Destroyed interior of Mitzpe Ziv
Destroyed interior of Mitzpe Ziv Photo Credit: Akiva Ariel


“The families spent the morning contacting the army and police instead of spending time in prayer and remembering their sons.  This should not have happened,” said Gidon Ariel, a resident of the nearby community of Maale Hever and founder of Root-Source.

Listen to Full Interview with Gidon Ariel below:

Head of Maale Hever’s community council Yigal Klein said the following: “Maale Hever is shocked at the burning down of Mitzpe Ziv. We need to continue to strengthen the area and make sure that permanent buildings are put there.”

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BREAKING NEWS: Arab Terrorist from Silwan Shoots 8 at Jerusalem Light Rail

An Arab terrorist, a squatter living in the Yemenite Village, a formerly Jewish neighborhood now called Silwan, shot 8 Jews at two different light rail stops today. Two of the injured have been pronounced dead and another is in critical condition.

The attacker who was released from jail last year first shot at bystanders at the Ammunition Hill train stop, which is across the street from the Jerusalem police headquarters and then drove to the next stop at Shimon HaTzadik and kept shooting.

He reached the the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood where he was said to be eliminated by a special police task force.




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War Between Russia and America Only a Matter of Time

If anyone had a doubt that Obama was planning on leaving a mess for next president, the rhetoric between America and Russia should wipe any doubt away.

Ashton Carter the US Secretary of Defense insists on only allowing coalition planes over Syria, but admits that would trigger a war with Russia. Despite that fact Carter has taken the hardline in Obama’s administration.

Carter’s posture seems to be winning Obama over as the administration has increasingly seen the Syrian mess as harming Obama’s legacy. With 3 months to go Obama looks like he is finally willing to confront the Russian bear. In the coming weeks look for increased aerial bombardments in and around Syrian positions. This will trigger a Russian response in both Syria and the Ukraine.

Obama way be willing to start something for the sake of his legacy knowing the president will be left to sort it out, even if it is all out war with Russia. 


BREAKING NEWS: Failed Attack on Israeli Embassy in Turkey


Reports are conflicting about the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Turkey.  CNN reports that the attacker used a knife against the security guards.  Local accounts on Turkish NTV and other eye witnesses insist it is actually the attacker that used the gun against the security guards.

The attack comes after a series of ISIS related attacks against US targets in an apparant uptick in world wide Jihadist movement.  Both Turkey and Israel recently signed a rapproachment deal which gives ISIS substantial reason toa attack targets there.