[watch] Obama Took $221m of US Taxpayer Money and Gave it to a Terror Organization Before Leaving Office

It has been revealed that Obama took one last parting shot at Israel and the US Congress before leaving office by transferring $221m to the Palestinian Authority the US Congress was blocking.

Ari Lieberman writing in FrontPageMag wrote the following about where the money is going to go:

“Just as alarmingly, a whopping 10% of the PA’s budget goes to pay the salaries of convicted terrorists or is allocated to families of deceased terrorists, killed in “martyrdom operations,” the Palestinian euphemism for bloody terrorist carnage. Thus, the family of the terrorist who stabbed US Army veteran Taylor Force to death while he was touring Jaffa receives a stipend from the PA. Similarly, the family of the beast who broke into the house of Hallel Yaffa Ariel and butchered the 13-year-old while she was sound asleep in her bed also receives a portion of Obama’s taxpayer-funded aid money.”

Obama has proven time and again, that his allegiances as President was to his far left and radical Islamic supporting ideologies and not to what is best for America or her allies.