American Desire for Control over Israel is Uncovered through its Funding of OneVoice

As reports of American meddling in last year’s Israeli elections continue to come out, a State Department spokesman attempted to cover up for the US government’s actions with the following statement:

“I’m not going to go into details, but to our understanding the report showed there is no proof that the OneVoice organization used money to influence the Israeli election.”

The problem with this explanation is the bipartisan Senate investigatory committee found the State Department in fact gave $350,000 to the OneVoice organization.  This neither side disputes. The State Department would like Americans and Israelis to believe they had no idea the OneVoice organization would use that money or intended to use that money to actively fund the V15 campaign against a sitting Prime Minister.

The fact is the State Department has a pattern of doing this around the world. Ukraine, Nigeria, and Russia, are just some of the examples.  Moreover, sending US taxpayer’s money along with Obama’s campaign manager over to lend a hand in unseating a foreign leader, especially in Israel smacks of neo-colonialism.

The NGO law being pushed through the Israeli government is more and more becoming a necessary component in preserving Israel’s independence from foreign influence.

Of course opponents of the law are deriding it as uprooting democratic freedoms in Israel. The recent reports about State Department activity here, not only debunk that claim, but prove that NGO’s that are funded by foreign governments have one goal in mind when it comes to Israel and that is assuring it remains a vassal state of the West.

Defeating Foggy Bottom in Israel

History will mark Israel’s election last year as a watershed moment.  Whether the country fully identifies and supports Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu really doesn’t matter. As Minister Zeev Elkin said yesterday, “Likud’s victory saved Israel.”

The State Department dispatched countless operatives to insidiously inject themselves into last year’s election campaign on behalf of the Zionist Union, in an operation that can only be described as meddling and string pulling. The Israeli electorate rebuffed these actions by handing Likud an enormous victory.

With the revelation of a secret deal between Herzog and Abbas now publicized, the V15 and Foggy Bottom’s strategy becomes even more gross.  Essentially, the State Department under directives from the Obama administration sought to unseat and defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu. By doing so their aim was to place a puppet government in charge of Israel in order to sign a final status agreement with the Arab Palestinians.  This agreement would have divided Jerusalem and created a sovereign terror entity in most of Judea and Samaria.

“In my contacts with the Palestinian Authority chief during 2014 I made efforts with the goal of reaching an understanding that would have prevented the wave of terror which I saw coming,” Herzog responded to the report.

The idea that any agreement, especially one that is a product of Western covert force would have prevented the current wave of terror is ludicrous. The Palestinian Authority has no ability to stop the terror as it is.  Placing Abbas and his Western supported mafia in charge of even more land would have spelled complete destruction for the State of Israel.

By voting for Likud last year the Israeli populace was sending a message to the American government. “Stay Out!” It is true, billions of dollars in US aid flows into Israel annually and although many in Israel rightly claim, we no longer need it, the fact is even when we take the money the US gets a tremendous return on it.  Unlike other countries that actually survive solely because they are being propped up by American aid, Israel provides the American military with forward intelligence and details from multiple fronts in the Middle East it cannot collect on its own. This intelligence sharing comes at a price and that is military aid.

This aid has gotten to Foggy Bottom’s brain and instead of respecting the relationship, they have repeatedly abused it.  The Israeli voter used last year to move on and proved ready to redraw the relationship if needed.  Last year was not an expression of love for Bibi, but a rejection of American neo-colonial influence, along with those politicians in Israel willing to play the puppet to a foreign puppeteer.