Headlines June 2: New Jordan Prime Minister, 104 Terrorists Brought Into Israel, Bibi Says Jerusalem Belongs to Israel

104 terrorists brought into Israel under family reunification law
[Arutz Sheva]


PM Netanyahu addresses the Knesset in honor of Jerusalem Day. Jerusalem belongs to Israel and the Jewish people, Netanyahu says.
[Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs]


A journalist for an Iranian news outlet was arrested in northern Israel on Wednesday for incitement and supporting terror groups, police said.
[Times of Israel]


Jordan’s King Abdullah Appoints Prime Minister With Strong ties to Israel
[JP Updates]


Speaking during a debate in parliament on Monday, neo-Nazi Christos Pappas, from the Golden Dawn party,  called Israel an “eternal enemy of Greece and Orthodoxy.
[The Jerusalem Post]

Headlines May 30: 3rd of US is Pro-BDS, Arab Youths Arrested, UNRWA Rumors

Ipsos Survey: One Third of Americans Support Boycotting Israel The good news is that a 62% majority of US respondents believe that the BDS movement is a form of modern anti-Semitism.
[The Jewish Press]


Arab youths arrested for brutal attack on elderly Jewish women. Stabbing attack in Jerusalem earlier this month left two women in their 80s seriously injured; terrorists planned second attack.
[Arutz Sheva]


1 Wounded in Evening Terror Attack on Jerusalem Bus. The terror wave that is supposed to be fading is not yet over — terrorists are still trying to pick off buses and cars on the roads, trying to kill families and individual men, women and children.
[The Jewish Press]


UNRWA facing refugee protests, closings, and rumors. UN body responsible for Arab refugees – but which actually perpetuates them – denies it plans to close Gaza office.
[Arutz Sheva]


Dozens of packages containing drone parts and other communications equipment en route to terror cells operating inside the Gaza Strip were intercepted by Israeli security forces in recent weeks.
[Times of Israel]

Headlines May 25: Mount of Olives Security, 21 Terrorists Arrested, Tech to Detect Deviants

21 wanted terrorists arrested overnight in Judea-Samaria
[Arutz Sheva]


Attacks on Jews at Ancient Cemetery Cause Israel to Beef Up Security
[The Jewish Press]


Tel Aviv based startup, Faception, says its facial profiling software can detect criminals, terrorists, pedophiles and other deviants.


Police returned the body of the Bezeq technician-turned-terrorist who murdered a 60-year-old rabbi in the heart of Jerusalem. He was buried as a martyr.
[The Jewish Press]


Netanyahu welcomes Liberman into coalition: ‘We are joining hands to move Israel forward’
[The Jerusalem Post]



‘Disproportionate’ Response to New York Stabber Highlights Hypocrisy Over Israel

“Knife-wielding man shot dead in midtown Manhattan” was the headline making the rounds on the internet on Wednesday. The man with the knife had not shouted “Allahu Akbar,” nor was he attempting to commit a terror attack. He was simply an apparently inebriated individual, identified as Gary Conrad, who went into a Food Emporium, where he allegedly became “aggressive and belligerent.”

According to NYPD Chief of Department James O’Neill, “he was swearing at the people in the store, swearing at the workers in the store.” Swearing, imagine that. What a lethal menace!

A police officer called to the scene began struggling with Conrad, who pulled out a knife. Police officers ordered him to drop the knife, but he continued to approach them with the knife in his hand. At that point, O’Neill said, an officer and a sergeant opened fire on Conrad.

They did not shoot him once. They did not merely aim to neutralize him by shooting him in the legs or his arms. They shot him an incredible nine times. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Conrad had displayed “aggressive and belligerent” behavior at a food store by “swearing” and he had threatened police with a knife. For that he was shot nine times. Could this incident possibly be characterized as “disproportionate”?

Had this taken place in Israel, and had this man not been called Gary Conrad, but Mohammed, and had he not been merely an inebriated loon but a terrorist out to slash Jews, international outrage would have poured forth in torrents from the front page of every single news outlet and the mouth of every opinion maker worth his salt. The “disproportionate force” claim would have been thrown about and every self-respecting journalist would have asked why Israel had to kill the man — shooting him no fewer than nine times — instead of simply neutralizing him by shooting him in the legs or the arms and then taking him to hospital.

So far, not a single news report has questioned the judgment of the NYPD. No American liberal has come forth in self-righteous indignation, asking whether killing this man, who, after all, was not threatening to blow up the Food Emporium or stab anyone, may have been slightly on the disproportionate side. But those same liberals lie awake at night and pen heartfelt, emotional diatribes against Israeli “brutality” when Israeli soldiers kill certified terrorists and would-be suicide bombers as a last resort, to protect themselves and Israeli civilians.

Somehow, however, these liberals’ hearts do not bleed for a fellow New Yorker like Gary Conrad. Why might that be? My guess is that liberals, much like everybody else, do not like it when knife-wielding men roam their neighborhoods. It is one thing to sit safely behind your screen thousands of miles away from the Middle East, but it is something else entirely to have someone waving a knife at your neighborhood store, whether that person is a terrorist or just a criminal. Apparently, threatening Israelis with stabbings or blowing them up on the streets of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem is acceptable, but acting “aggressively and belligerently” by swearing inside a Food Emporium warrants death.

I am pointing this out because a knife-wielding man poses the same threat whether he wields his knife in the name of Allah or because his beer was not served fast enough. A killing is a killing. If anything, the response should be far more mild to someone who is merely displaying drunken aggressiveness than the response to someone who is intent on deliberately stabbing as many people as possible. Predictably, however, the press has not made that connection.

CBS news has derived some of the most blatantly biased and incompetent reporting from the terror wave in Israel. Most famously, CBS graced us with the atrocious headline “Three Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on” after ‎three Arab terrorists armed with guns, knives and bombs attacked two border policewomen at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem in February. One of the police officers, 19-year-old Cpl. Hadar Cohen, ‎was killed in the attack.

So how did CBS news react to the killing of Gary Conrad? In the most matter of fact way possible. In fact, they even dramatized it by quoting the terrified witnesses, implicitly making it sound like a valiant rescue operation by the police, never questioning the legality of this “extra-judicial killing.”

According to some witnesses quoted in other news outlets, Conrad had blood pouring out of his head, which would strongly indicate that he had been shot there. Apparently, that is an appropriate response to someone being aggressive and belligerent and swearing in a Manhattan food store, disturbing busy New Yorkers. Real belligerence against Israelis? Now that is an entirely different matter.

(Originally published on Israel Hayom)

Headlines: Stabbing Attack, Earthquake, Iran Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest

One man wounded after stabbing attack along Hanevi’im Street in Jerusalem. Arab terrorist arrested.
[Arutz Sheva]


Light earthquake measuring 4.8 hits southern Israel; No injuries reported.
[The Jerusalem Post]


Iran mocks the Holocaust by staging a Nazi-themed cartoon contest, as Israeli prime minister claims the Islamic Republic is ‘preparing another genocide’
[Daily Mail]


The planned French international peace initiative will take place without Israeli or Palestinian Authority participation.
[The Jewish press]


Nasrallah: We must be vigilant against the ‘Zionists’. Hezbollah leader warns of Israel’s moves in the region, calls for vigilance.
[Arutz Sheva]


Two suspects have been arrested and are still being questioned for the Hizme checkpoint bombing earlier this month.
[The Jewish press]

Headlines: Israel Memorial Day, Fighter Jets Attack Hezbollah, Bomb Attack on IDF

Israel observes Yom Hazikaron, its Memorial Day, to honor 23,477 fallen soldiers and citizens who died as victims of terror.
[The Jewish press]


86-year-old relives horror on Jerusalem promenade, when terrorists pounced on her friends, and Arab workers refused to help.
[Arutz Sheva]


Israeli Air Force fighter jets struck a weapons convoy headed into the hands of Hezbollah fighters in Syria. The attack allegedly occurred on the Syrian-Lebanese border earlier in the afternoon and struck a number of vital positions important to the terror organization.
[The Jerusalem Post]


An IDF officer and a second soldier were wounded Tuesday night in a quadruple bomb attack at the Hizme checkpoint, while an hour later five more bombs were defused by IDF sappers.
[The Jewish Press]


French PM Manuel Valls will visit Israel and the PA this month in a bid to engineer a peace deal based on a two-state solution.
[Arutz Sheva]

Headlines: 2 Elderly Women Stabbed, U.S. Aid to Gaza, bin Laden’s Son

Two elderly women were stabbed and moderately injured in a terror attack at the Armon Hanatziv promenade in southern Jerusalem Tuesday morning. Police caught and arrested two masked Palestinians suspected of the attack.
[Times of Israel]


United States announces $50 million aid program for Gaza, to be used over five years for humanitarian aid and job creation.
[Arutz Sheva]


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders; the two discussed bilateral relations. The Belgian Foreign Minister again thanked the Prime Minister for Israel’s offer of assistance and cooperation following the Brussels terrorist attack. They also discussed the threat posed by radical Islam to the region and to Europe.
[Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs]


‘Support Israel — Leave Europe’ campaign encourages Brits to drop EU ties. A group of concerned British ex-pats and Israelis has launched a public campaign to encourage pro-Israel Britons to “vote leave” in the upcoming EU Referendum.
[The Jewish Press]


The 13-year old terrorist accused of two counts of attempted murder for his involvement in a pair of brutal stabbing attacks last October was convicted Tuesday morning by a Jerusalem court.
[Arutz Sheva]


The son of Al Qaeda’s late founder Osama bin Laden has urged jihadists in Syria to unite, claiming that the fight in the war-torn country paves the way to “liberating Palestine.”
[Arutz Sheva]



The Silent Intifada Weekly Report [May 6, 2016]

There were over 110 terror attacks this past week in Israel and 10 Jews were injured as a result.

This week as almost every week there were dozens of terror attacks of varying severity not reported in most major media outlets. We report on these silenced events to present a fuller picture of the reality in Israel and balance the picture presented to innocent readers abroad. We hope that by reporting these incidents we can raise awareness so that actions can be taken to rectify this problem and improve reality in the Jewish State.

This past week (Friday April 29th- May 5th) there were 119 terror attacks in the Silent Intifada updates on Hakol Hayehudi. Ten Jews were injured in these attacks.

On Sunday May 1st three Jews were injured when Arabs threw stones at their vehicle near Efrat. Among the three injured lightly was a baby.

On Monday Mar 2nd, an Arab stabbed an elderly Jewish man in the Old City of Jerusalem near the Lions Gate. The victim suffered from stab wounds in his upper body. He was taken to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in moderate condition but his condition has since improved.

On Tuesday May 3rd, an Arab rammed into IDF soldiers near the Parsa Junction close to Dolev in Binyamin. Three soldiers were injured, one seriously. He currently remains unconscious in the Sheba Hospital. The two other victims were taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem with light injuries.

In the village of Kadum and in East Jerusalem, two soldiers were injured from stone throwing by Arabs during riots.

Also near the Gaza region Arabs carried out attacks. One was a shooting at IDF soldiers near the northern part of the Gaza Strip. In addition, there were at least 6 incidents of mortar fire at IDF bases all along the Gaa border.

Beyond these there were many incidents of throwing of stones and firebombs at vehicles, property and homes throughout Israel.

Full List of Attacks:

Thursday May 5th

  • Arabs throw firebombs at the town of Pesagot.
  • Arabs throw stones in Al Arub.
  • Arabs throw stones in Nazlat Zid.
  • Arabs throw stones in Route 443.
  • Arabs throw stones near Beit Ur Al Fuka.
  • Arabs throw stones near Beit Umar.
  • Arabs throw stones in Silwan.
  • Arabs throw stones in Issawiya.

21:30- Arabs throw stones at Anatot.

20:53- Arabs throw stones at vehicles in Hawara.

17:25- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Beit Umar in Gush Etzion.

15:11- Arabs throw stones at a bus in Hawara.

14:36- Mortar fire: Arabs from Gaza fire mortars at soldiers near the Gaza border.

11:21-An IDF soldier is injured lightly from stone throwing by Arabs in East Jerusalem.

11:06- Arabs throw smoke grenades at soldiers near riots in Yado.

Wednesday May 4th

  • Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Tapuach Junction.
  • Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Beit Umar in Gush Etzion.
  • Arabs throw stones in the Old City of Jerusalem.
  • Arabs throw a pipe bomb at IDF forces in Yavad.
  • Arabs throw firebombs in Issawiya.
  • Arabs throw stones near Karmei Tzur.
  • Arabs throw stones near Maale Amos.
  • Arabs throw stones near Tekoa.
  • Arabs throw stones in Shuafat.
  • Arabs throw stones in Ras Al Amud.
  • Arabs throw stones in Beit Anun.
  • Arabs throw stones in Beit Anun.
  • Arabs throw stones in Zeit Raanan.
  • Arabs throw stones in Nazit Zid.
  • Arabs throw stones in Yatma.
  • Arabs throw stones in the Old City of Jerusalem.
  • Arabs throw stones in Qalandiya.

23:27- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Hizme in Binyamin.

22:32- A fire breaks out near Neve Tzuf as the result of a firebomb thrown by Arabs.

21:58- Attempted stabbing: An Arab woman is caught with a knife on the way to an attack in the Old City of Jerusalem.

21:36- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near the Beitot Junction causing damage.

21:05- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near the Karnei Shomron gas station.

19:24- Arabs riot in Sayir in Har Hevron.

19:18- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Turmus Aya in Binyamin.

19:04- Arabs from Gaza fire mortars that land inside the Strip.

18:39- Arabs riot in Issawiya in Jerusalem.

18:25- Arabs riot in Al Arub in Gush Etzion.

18:20- Arabs riot in Katana.

17:05- Arabs throw stones at a bus in Hawara.

17:00- Arabs throw firebombs at the fence of the town of Pesagot.

16:35- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Maale Amos.

16:30- Mortar fire: Arabs fire mortars towards Nahal Oz from Gaza.

14:44- Arabs throw stones near Beit Umar causing damage to a bus.

9:40- Mortar fire: Arabs from Gaza fire mortars at IDF forces.

8:05- Arabs throw stones at vehicles near Binyamin.

Tuesday May 3rd

  • Arabs throw stones at a bus in Nazareth.
  • Arabs throw stones in Salam.
  • Arabs throw stones in Issawiya.
  • Arabs throw stones in Silwan.
  • Arabs throw stones on the Mount of Olives.
  • Arabs throw stones in Shuafat.
  • Arabs throw stones near Beit Umar.
  • Arabs throw stones in A-Kara.
  • Arabs throw stones near Beit El.
  • Arabs throw stones in Dura.
  • Arabs throw firebombs at the fence of Atil.
  • Arabs throw stones at the light rail in Jerusalem.
  • Arabs riot in Shechem.

21:55- Arabs throw stones at vehicles in Hawra.

19:00- Vehicular attack: Three soldiers are injured when Arabs ram into them near Dolev. One remains in critical condition as of Friday.

13:58- Arabs throw stones at a bus near Beit Umar.

7:02- A Jewish driver is injured lightly from stone throwing by Arabs in Hawara.

Monday May 2nd

  • Arabs riot in A-Ram near Jerusalem.
  • Arabs riot in Al-Giv.
  • Arabs attack IDF soldiers in Beit Ur A-Tahta.
  • Arabs throw stones in Silwan.
  • Arabs throw stones near Har Adar.
  • Arabs throw stones in Malach.
  • Arabs throw stones in Wadi Goz.
  • Arabs throw stones near Tekoa.
  • Arabs throw stones in Dahit Al Barid.
  • Arabs throw stones on Route 443.
  • Arabs throw stones in Hevron.
  • Arabs throw stones in Shuafat.

22:18- Stabbing: An elderly Jewish man is stabbed by an Arab in the Old City of Jerusalem.

14:15- Arabs riot in Katana.

Sunday May 1st

  • Arabs throw stones in Shuafat.
  • Arabs riot in Ramallah.
  • Arabs riot in Balata.
  • Arabs throw firebombs in Abu Sanina in Hevron.
  • Arabs throw stones in Ras Al Amud.
  • Arabs throw stones in Issawiya.
  • Arabs throw firebombs in Um Salmona.

22:50- Arabs throw stones at the light rail in Shuafat causing damage.

22:15- Arabs riot in Naalin in Binyamin.

20:42- Arabs throw firebombs at vehicles near Hevron.

18:42- Arabs throw stones and a pipe bomb at the town of Pesagot.

14:15- Three Jews are injured after Arabs throw stones at their vehicle near Efrat.

14:03- Arabs throw stones at vehicles in Uja in the Jordan Valley.

9:50- Arabs riot in Bethlehem.

6:24- A ready firebomb is found on the road to Maale Shomron.

00:10- Arabs throw firebombs in Qalandiya.

Shabbat April 30th

  • Arabs throw firebombs in Al-Ram.
  • Arabs riot in Kadum.
  • Arabs riot in Harat A-Sheikh.

21:06- Arabs throw stones at vehicles at 206 Junction.

Friday April 29th

  • Arabs riot in Jalazun.
  • Arabs riot near Nahal Oz.
  • Arabs riot near the Erez Crossing.
  • Arabs riot near Nabi Saleh.
  • Arabs throw firebombs near Hizme.
  • Arabs throw firebombs in Qalandiya.

22:43- Arabs throw firebombs at IDF soldiers on Mount Scopus.

19:34- Arabs riot near the Ofer Camp.

17:26- Arabs riot near Bitunia.

16:21- A soldiers is injured from stone throwing near Kadum.

16:00- Arabs riot on the Temple Mount.

Headlines: Fatah is a Terrorist Org., Antisemitism, UN’s Israel Bias

The Federal Court of Canada validated the decision of the Immigration Division (ID) of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada which denied a Palestinian man refugee status in Canada because of his affiliation with the Fatah terrorist organization.
[Arutz Sheva]


Natan Meir, husband of Dafna Meir who was stabbed to death in their home, sent an emotional plea to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
[Jerusalem Post]


The Middle East Quartet, made up of the US, EU, UN, and Russia, is scheduled to release a major policy report later in coming weeks, and senior diplomats involved in its drafting have indicated that the US is taking a far harder line on Israel than in the past.
[Arutz Sheva]


The former Labour mayor of London calls Israel a ‘mistake,’ argues there was no anti-Semitism in the Arab world until founding of the Jewish State in interview with UAE-based news network.


Israeli officials said Saturday they would continue operations to uncover and destroy cross-border attack tunnels in the Gaza Strip over the coming weeks, even as Israel and Hamas sought to calm tensions along the frontier.
[Times of Israel]



UNRWA Honors Jerusalem Bus Bomber; US & EU Pay the Bill

On April 18 Abd al-Hamid Abu Spour, a 19 year old Palestinian Arab destroyed two public transportation buses in Jerusalem. There were numerous injuries, two of which remain hospitalized, one with severe burns.  This was the first bus attack during the 7+ month long intifada being waged against Israeli’s, which has resulted in at least 34 deaths to date.

The one person killed in the attack was the perpetrator himself. All Palestinian factions welcomed the attack. In the eyes of many Muslims, dying while committing a terror attack means Abu Spour is a “shahid,” or martyr for Allah.

His family has lashed out saying he acted in “self-defense,” and “only you Israelis are guilty.” Such inflammatory rhetoric while disturbing, is not unusual from many Arab Muslims.

However, in this case reaction to the attack has gone beyond the family. It has taken on an ‘official’ flavor.

On Monday, a week after the attack, a gathering took place at the UNRWA refugee camp in Aida, near Bethlehem. The location has a huge monument of a lock and key, symbolizing the defiant goal that the Palestinian Arabs will one day root out the Jews and take over the land they believe belongs to them.

The “festivities of the martyrs” event took place under the aegis of UNRWA (United Nations Relief Works Agency).  To think the official body representing the world’s community of nations is celebrating terrorism is bad enough. However, that is not the worst of it. The number 1 financial donor to UNRWA is the US, by far. The EU and UK are #2 and #3 in financial support. Their combined total represents over 50% of UNRWA’s donor support.

Virtually no media coverage

US & UK citizens should ask themselves how they feel about having their hard-earned taxes paying for events that honor terrorists.

Aside from this there is another troubling element to the UNRWA sponsored event.

One might think a public event honoring terrorism sponsored by a branch of the United Nations would be widely covered by the media. Yet, when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict most of the world’s media seems to come under a spell of double-standard. The abnormal becomes normal, the unacceptable turns into acceptable, and the victim is often seen as the bully.

There was virtually no media coverage of this publicly supported terrorist honoring event. One journalist- David Bedein who runs the Jerusalem based Israel Resource News Agency did send a crew to cover it. According to Bedein, the crew didn’t just cover the event; they are interviewing the family of the terrorist. Soon they plan to release a film that will be screened at a forthcoming session of the Middle East Subcommittee of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, when the debate on further US funds for UNRWA will be discussed.

On March 22, Bedein appeared in a closed session of that Middle East Subcommittee and suggested an UNRWA REFORM POLICY INITIATIVE formula as a new funding framework. This would make US financing for UNRWA contingent upon them taking concrete measures to assure transparency. It would also require a crackdown on UNRWA hosting terror entities in its midst, and the re-education UNRWA residents. Currently they are promised the “right of return” to villages that existed before 1948. The committee is chaired by Rep. Ilena Ros-Lehtinen (R) FL.

Senator Jim Risch (R- Idaho) chairman of the US Senate Subcommittee for the Near East, also met with Bedein in Washington. This week Senator Risch issued a statement that “we are looking to write a letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to get them to update the audit of US monies that go both to UNRWA as well as funding for education related issues that the GAO had performed several years ago”.


Regarding media coverage, Bedein sent out a press release to over 600 journalists throughout Israel, informing them of the UNRWA event honoring the terrorist. Incredibly he received a reply from only one. This ‘yawn’ by the media is yet another disturbing reminder of the double-standard Israel receives from most of the world.

Picture this- Suppose there was an event held in the US at a public school, sponsored by the Dept. of Education (using taxpayer money) honoring the Muslim couple who murdered 14 people in San Bernardino last year? How much media coverage do you think there might be? Not only that, but those who were responsible for holding the event might be have some serious explaining to do, even in this era of political correctness.

Not so in the Arab-Israeli conflict where it appears the media seems to have largely taken up the narrative of the perpetrators of terrorism.

The US provides the Palestinian Authority over $400 million annually. Concern about the Palestinian educational system is growing in Congress.

US taxpayers have an opportunity to send a strong message opposing their tax money being used to honor terrorists who target innocent citizens of America’s strongest ally in the Middle East. They can contact the members of the Middle East Subcommittee in the House of Representatives, as well as the Near East Subcommittee in the Senate.

There is no moral equivalence between terror and justice. It’s high time the UN stop making an exception when it comes to Israel.