Twitter Tries To Silence Sydney Powell

Twitter has been all in on the Deep State’s return to full control of the USA by continuously blocking important information as well as suspending key Twitter accounts.

The most egregious, was Twitter’s blocking of the Hunter Biden story just before the election. Now, Twitter is at it again. They actually suspended the account of President Trump’s attorney Sydney Powell. Of course, they did this as she smashed through 1 million followers. This many followers would normally not be problem for Twitter, but Powell is alledging that she has evidence of serious widespread elections fraud by way of software manipulation.

Twitter could have allowed her to continue posting, especially since she has yet to bring any evidence (although I wouldn’t doubt that she has it), but they didn’t. Why not? Because Jack Dorsey and his company are in a sense just hatchet men for the Democratic Party.

They are now scared that their virtual regime filled with thought police and censors may actually lose against President Trump – so instead of allowing freedom of speech they are busy trying to stamp out the truth. The problem with what Twitter is doing is that it is not being honest.

By censoring real information they don’t stop this information from reaching the important legal deciders who will in fact make the decisions that may lead to a second Trump term. The only people that will be surprised by a decision that will lead to another Trump term will be those that don’t dig deeper than their Twitter feed.

But this is the world now. Twitter and the other tech giants are now fully coopted by the Deep State and the Democratic Party. In the hope that all of this will just go away if they can silence it, the tech giants are betting wrong. No one who really cares trusts them or the MSM. In fact the overreach in silencing means that there may be something to hide or they wouldn’t try to hide it.

Sydney Powell is not to be taken lightly. True, she has not brought evidence to the media, but that is not what she needs to do. While Twitter is busy trying to silence her, the evidence she has is more than likely being readied for what really matters – the courts.

The US Election Was Hacked – Trump Makes His First Real Move

It now seems that President Trump has made his first real move in this third act of the 2020 Elections. While the corporatist/globalist media has been running around trying to defend against election fraud accusations, that team Trump has been cleverly throwing around, the real moves were being made while viewers, both right and left were distracted.

It now seems there is overwhelming evidence that Dominion Software was being used to manipulate countless juristictions across the country.

President Trump’s lawyer, Sydney Powell explains below:

Interestingly enough, a bit of information was put out over the weekend suggesting that the firing of Mark Esper might have had more to do with this than some sort of “coup” the Democrats claim Trump is in the middle of planning.


Congressman Louie Gomert speaks about a military raid on an intelligence company now based out of Germany that was connected to election data servers. Perhaps Esper was stalling on this.

Suffice it to say, part of the Trump strategy was to buy time and distract the globalist media and the Democrat party hacks that have been using Dominion Software in order to stage these sorts of raids.

While I have neglected to post this video after someone sent it to me, Powell’s confidence now about proof behind the Dominion Software hack or lets say patch, connects the dots together. This is why Republicans are backing President Trump, because they know, if this is allowed to stand then the Democrats with their Chinese and Globalist backers will permanently control the USA.

President Trump and his team appear to understand that this is more than just about Joe Biden, but about the future of US and the free world.

What we are witnessing in the US is the collapse of the New World Order’s attempt to essentially overtake the citizenry. Remember, the globalists care about one thing and that is an erasure of a G-D centered world. There are really two places that concern them, the USA and Israel. The USA, because of the Constitution which posits that all rights are endowed by the Creator, not man. And Israel, not because of the government, but because the miraculous return of the Jewish people attest to the truth of G-D’s promise and fulfillment of the prophecies given thousands of years ago.

President Trump’s team is making its first real move now and it is this set of moves that are set to take down the world of lies that has been built.