KEEP IT SIMPLE: Winning The War Within

Evil is in essence is the distancing of oneself from the Creator. What that means is that the Creator within us, which is the eternal bound within our limited physical expression, becomes lost to us by way of our transgressions.

If the light inside is so apparent, so pure, then why do we fall?

The main weapon used against us in our war with the dark side is an over abundance of distractions. These find their way into our consciousness through the ending pieces of information penetrating our mind all the time. These are excesses that keep our mind constantly thinking, but never settling on who or what we are meant to be doing.

This is why Rebbe Nachman exhorts us to remain simple in both thought and action. This is our main way to ensure our prayers stay on target and help rectify the world around us.

The dark side forces appear strong in the the world, but our voices are far more powerful. They are just waiting to be unleashed the moment we let go of the noise within.