Israeli Flags Burned at Philly DNC Convention; Protesters Arrested

During protests by Bernie Sanders supporters outside the Wells Fargo Center, where the Democratic National Convention is being held, Israeli and even US flags were being burned. More than 50 protesters were arrested by police.

Sanders’ supporters are angry about the recent revelations by Wikileaks showing the Democratic National Committee’s desire to oust Sanders as the Democratic nominee. This led to many protests by his supporters and their true colors are being shown. They hate Israel. They hate the US. They hate democracy.

Numerous reports and social media posts show that Monday’s convention had more Palestinian flags waved than US flags.

Some questions need to be asked:

  1. Will the Democratic party lean even more to the left in order to accommodate Sanders’ supporters in order to get their vote?
  2. How is such hypocrisy tolerated when there are much greater atrocities being committed around the world than the so-called “Israeli occupation?”
  3. Shouldn’t the focus during the convention be on Americans and its citizens, not on Israel?

It seems like Hamas and pro-Palestinian supporters are just sabotaging the popular event to advertise antisemitism as the new trend it has become. Whether it be by burning flags, campus protests against Israel and the BDS movement, the growth of antisemitism in the US and the world is daunting.

Pro-Palestinian images from the Democratic National Convention:

I support Palestinian Human Rights Palestinian Flag at DNC