The End of Sleep and the Defeat of the Kingdom of Haman-Amalek

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Galus is more than a physical separation between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel –  it is a state of mind; a loss of conscious awareness of the Creator’s providence. To be in Galus is to be in a spiritual slumber.

This is our reality.

This was and has been the Jewish people’s predicament since the destruction of the first Temple and it is the paradigm in which the Purim story unfolds.

We are in a continuous state of Purim – an unfolding drama woven within the tapestry of politics and the mundane and yet when we stir from our slumber for just a moment we see the lost princess, Esther, the Shechina that was hidden from us. We are reminded in those moments that it is possible to awaken from our perpetual sleep.

As the Kingdom of Haman-Amalek grows, we remain asleep. It strengthens, inundating us with ambient information, uncontrolled desires, and false yearnings. However, we can awaken, we can reclaim our lives and authentic selves, but we have to cling to the Tzaddik – only he has the key to the story we need to hear.

Which story is that? Our story – special to each one of us. When we hear it – we awaken.

The Jews clung to Mordechai and were saved.  They recognized that Esther was theirs and freed the “lost princess” from the confines of the palace of the “no good” – ruled by Achashverosh – destroying Haman descendent of Amalek.

We too, must hold fast to the teachings and stories of the Tzaddik.  His stories and advice are specific to our generation – the generation meant to awaken and destroy the Kingdom of Haman-Amalek forever.

(Based on the Lost Princess; Likutey Halachot Purim Halacha Alef)

ISRAEL AFTER 70: From National to Global Rectification

“When the Lord returned the captives of Zion, we were like people in a dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter,​ and our tongue with exultatio​n: then said they among the nations, The Lord has done great things for them. The Lord has done great things for us; so we rejoiced!​ Bring back our captives,​ O Lord, as the streams in the south. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Though he goes on his way weeping, bearing the store of seed, he shall come back with joy, bearing his sheaves. ” – Psalm 126

We have come home.

After 70 years since the British left the Land of Israel (which they sinisterly called Palestine) with their tails between their legs, the State of Israel has risen from the dreams and hopes of the Jewish people around the world to become a global leader in so many areas.

Against all odds and in a miraculous fashion the State of Israel has become a beacon to so many around the world. The number 70 is a transitional number.  It represents the end of one era and an entry to another.  After all the first exile of the Jewish people lasted 70 years exactly as prophesied. King David lived 70 years, which is seen as a paradigm for the concept of the years of kingship. 70 is also the number of root nations in the world as well as being the numerical value of Gog uMagog. The sages taught that there are 70 faces of Torah.

So What’s Next?

The Nation of Israel is meant to lead the world to a new era.  We of course are not quite there yet, but the feeling that we are heading to something incredible is all around us.  The challenge for Israel is that transitioning from a country at siege yet extremely successful to one which takes its success and transforms the world may result in altering Israel as we know it.

Anyone with eyes wide open can see that the world as we know it is collapsing.  The paradox of new advances that are literally changing how people live to the chaos across the globe with super powers preparing to destroy each other can be overwhelming.

Despite the potential carnage, there is light and hope.

It is at this juncture that Israel is meant to lead. The broken world we live in is only broken because we have yet to fix it.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov said the following: “If you believe that you can destroybelieve that you can build.” 

Israel has all the ingredients to lead the world from its darkness to a state of light, yet something is holding us back, keeping us from transforming the chaotic storm winds into a new order. For 70 years the State of Israel and the Zionist movement has been rooted in classic Western nationalism. But that in its core can only take the Jewish people in Israel so far.  Our job is to bring a new, rectified order to the world. One that merges the physical and spiritual together.

Achievements in technology cannot be divorced from the traditions of the Torah.  These advances are part of a holistic redemptive process that sees an Israeli experience as one that blends multiple forces together. If we think of advances in technology as only a “tikkun olam”  (rectification of the world) in a physical sense then we are lacking a wider perspective.   Technology is a tool or vessel for the spirit or will of the Creator.

The State of Israel as an entity is a tool for a global redemption.  It is at one hand the vessel which was formed to allow the reconstitution of the people of Israel in their ancient ancestral land as prophesied more than 2,500 years ago.  This has happened in miraculous fashion, but the State of Israel is far more than that.  It is now transitioning into the activated tool for the will of “Knesset Yisrael” the mystical concept which expresses the rectified Israeli Collective, whose mission it is to ultimately repair the broken world, which still awaits its full rectification and direction.

Rebbe Nachman teaches in Likutey Moharan that the Jewish people’s role is to repair the “supernal altar” of the nations.  This means that we are to turn them away from worshipping a false notion of spiritual connection and recalibrate their yearning for a divine relationship to one which is an authentic personal relationship to the one above or better expressed, the one within. We can only do this by example.

The vessels to spread the light of the Creator have been built in the first 70 years of the State of Israel.  It is now time for Israel to rise to the occasion and steer the world out of the darkness and chaos it finds itself in.



Is This the Last War?

Whether or not the attack in Douma, Syria by Assad’s forces was really a chemical weapon may never be fully proven, but the attack itself appears to have finally pushed the proverbial trigger of war that has been building up for the past few years.

From Russia to the USA, China to Taiwan, Pakistan to India, and Iran to Israel, the global structure we have grown accustom to is breaking apart.

This may be the final war.  A war so terrible that it resets our reality and opens the possibility of giving us a new beginning.

Afterall, the war we are about to witness on the outside is merely a projection of the inner chaos which rules our individual and family lives.  We have grown disconnected from one another and from the Creator and in doing so created a cultural and spiritual vortex of emptiness. It is this emptiness which is now becoming manifest in the world around us and it is this emptiness which is leading the world as we know it to become shattered like our own personal lives.

Our sages teach us that in the year the Moshiach will be revealed, the nations of the world will agitate one another leading to a final destructive war where a majority of the world is destroyed.  About this time it says that the Nation of Israel will run from side to side in fear and G-D will say: “Do not fear for everything that I have done is for your benefit… your time of redemption is now.” (Yalkut Shemoni)

We cannot imagine the depths of spiritual decay we have all fallen to and yet no matter how far down we fall, we can rise to unbelievable heights.  That is if we are unbound from the world around us. We must want and be willing to rise and reconnect to who and what we are meant to be.

It is true, the world is about to enter moment of extreme shaking. Yet, this shaking is necessary if we are to be prepared for the next stage of the redemption process. Chaos leads to order. If this is to be the last war, then the reordering after the chaos must begin within each of us.  We must choose good over evil, the will of G-D over our own wants and desires.

“Kol ha’olam kulo gesher tsar m’od v’haikar lo l’fached klal: The whole world is a very narrow bridge, but the essence, is not to be afraid at all.”

(Rebbe Nachman of Breslov)


From North Korea to Syria, Is Chaos the New Norm?

From threats of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula to a Syrian crisis that appears to be spiralling out of control, the world as we know seems to collapsing and with it the sense of security. Not since World War Two has the world experienced such turbulence. All of us who remember the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of the post Cold War global regime felt that we were finally moving past the grievances of old.  We believed that hi-tech would usher a new and more perfect world.

2017 has proven the above assumptions wrong.

Lurking within us and within society is a beautiful Divine potential to do good.  We feel it and we want it. However, another force is there waiting in the shadows and whispering in our ears to do evil.

Each one of us can bring a new light into the world. We can ignore the daily bombardment of negativity and allow events to unfold the way Almighty wants them to.

The world as we know it, is collapsing.  Chaos is reigning supreme. But this will not last forever. Another world is coming and it is our responsibility to make sure it is a world where our capacity for good outweighs the lust to do evil.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov makes it clear that before the Messiah comes there will be a great flood of non-blief throughout the world. It will seem as if there is no hope, the forces of anti-G-dliness will win and yet, there will be a great yearning for the true and simple faith. “The Redemption rests on the faith of the simple believer,” he told his followers.

Yes the world is out of control and no one can put the breaks on it. We of simple faith know that there will be a far better world after this if we learn to just hold on.

Uman, the Engine for the Final Redemption

There is a light growing in the world.  It is hidden behind the veil of our everyday redundancy, but it is still there none the less. We can feel something happening.  A great movement away from the globalist consumerism that has enveloped all of our lives.  Smartphones, Internet, Netflix, Amazon, and so on.  The globalist elite understand there is something afoot.  Something powerful. But they cannot stop it. It started small after the fall of the Soviet Union, bu the awakening promised in the prophets is happening.

In a city in central Ukraine, Rebbe Nachman is buried.  He was the great grandson of the Baal Shem Tov and the young leader of the Breslov movement of Chassidus. At 38 he already knew his life would be cut short by tuberculosis and so decided to travel to Uman with his most trusted followers six months before his death. Rebbe Nachman chose Uman early on as his final resting place for a variety of reasons.  It was there he said, “A place was prepared for me from the beginning of Creation.”

Rebbe Nachaman taught almost 200 years ago that a flood of G-Dlessness would fill the Earth. This would be the real war, a complete spiritual attack on humanity’s belief in a single active Creator responsible for every moment of our reality. This attack would be on what we call Emunah, the pure faith in the Almighty’s providence with every facet of his creation.

This war has filled our lives.  It is the war the globalists who are a manifestation of the husks of the Other Side wage on the common person.  Their war is a war built around money, war, and control.  They spread disinformation and lies, which lead to depression and sadness. These globalists maybe faceless and hide behind the zeros and ones of the computer screen, but make no mistake they are there.

It is for this war that, which is spiritual in its nature that Rebbe Nachman chose to be buried in Uman. Knowing that the Land of Israel would be the foremost target of the forces of evil at the End of Days, a place outside of their radar was prepared for us to recharge for the fight at hand.  Uman is this place.

Uman has always been central to the Jewish experience during the painful exile.  It was there Chmielnicki massacred thousands of Jewish men, women, and children.  He dumped them in a mass grave on the very hill, Rebbe Nachman chose to be buried on over 150 years later.  In 1920, 3000 Jewish inhabitants were murdered by their Ukrainian neighbors, and during World War Two, the Nazis laid waste to the rest.  It is within this place of deep darkness Rebbe Nachman chose to fight his war.  Why in such a place of great pain? Because the forces of evil have no way of attacking him and his mission there. They can issue decrees only in places of overt light, like the Land of Israel, but in Uman the mission is kept hidden as it prepares to burst open.

My first trip to Uman on Rosh Hoshana was nearly eight years ago.  Then there were 35,000 visitors, praying more intensely than anywhere else I had ever seen.  There was no inhibition.  The same person outside of Uman, even in Israel is trapped by his doubts, fears, and worry, but in Uman I saw my fellow travelers experience freedom.  I felt free. This past year the number doubled to 70,000. Rebbe Nachman can be felt everywhere. Singing, dancing, joy, and deep personal prayer can be experienced everywhere. It is this light, that Rebbe Nachman promised he would give us that is so necessary to be brought back to the Land of Israel and spread to throughout the world.

With the above in mind I took my two oldest boys to the Ukraine last week. We visited grave sites of many chassidic leaders and ended our journey in Uman.  We prayed and connected and saw that even during the year, on the quietest of days, there are many visitors from around the world.  Both religious and non-religious are journeying to Rebbe Nachman to reconnect to themselves.  It is said the Tzaddik stands at the center of a great maze. It is this maze each one of us is trapped within, seemingly unable to find the way out.  The Tzaddik can see all of our paths and although physically passed from he Earth, it this ability gained from completing the maze himself that gives him the ability to lead each one of us out of our maze.

Rebbe Nachman told his followers “My Light will burn until the coming of the Messiah.” With Putin spreading war into Ukraine and Syria and Iran and Hezbollah poised to strike Israel. While the USA is set to go head to head against North Korea in a nuclear confrontation, there is one place that has the power to lift us beyond the darkness and depression those in “control” have injected us with.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that the light of the true Tzaddik always shines. It is this light, which has the power to open our eyes to the truth of the Creator’s guidance of all of Creation for tha is the role of the Tzaddik, to awaken and guide us.


This light of the true Tzaddik is found, hidden away in Uman, ready for each of us to discover it for ourselves.

NORTH KOREA AND THE END TIMES: “Then the whole world shook with the violence of battle”

Rebbe Nachman says the following at the end of his famous story The Cripple:

“…all the remaining Whisperers were furious at this injustice, and they went up on earth and brewed trouble among all the kings of earth, so that there was hunger, and pestilence, and death everywhere among men and among demons of the earth; then the whole world shook with the violence of battle, and earthquakes came of war. And then the walls of the Demon’s pit fell inward, and the soil filled the pit and pressed against the Tree, and the water passed through the earth to the Tree, and the Tree drank.

And all the Demons perished.”

The World stands on edge as North Korea, a despotic, brain washed country led by an insane person is about to throw humanity seemingly over the nuclear cliff. How have we gotten to this point? The Cripple’s end is eerily similar to the mayhem the leaders of our World are heading to.

King Solomon teaches us “the hearts of kings are in the hand of G-D.”  When we see nonsensical actions taking place in front of us the chaos unleashed can only have one goal and that is a sort of wiping the slate clean of the past.  Chaos leads to order.  Darkness to light. The “demons” of our world, those creatures we entertain in the dark recesses of our society have no choice but to be destroyed.  These demons of corporatization, globalism, atheism, consumerism, and moral relativism have no place in a rectified World.  Yes, the collapse is on and the chaos unleashed because of leaders gone mad seems incoherent with a Divinely empowered existence, but in fact the crisis flowing from the “End of the Earth” on the Korean peninsula is now the trigger G-D is using to move humanity beyond the demons of its past.

The World’s super system and hierarchy of lies is being destroyed. All we have to do is have the faith to hold on.

HAVE WE HAVE ARRIVED? Israel, Syria, and the Final Redemption

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

The above verse has been rolled out over and over again since the Syrian civil war began six years ago.  The verse offers an important sign that indicates the final stage of the redemption of the Nation of Israel at the End of Days. Now, with tensions rising between the USA and Russia over President Trump’s shooting of 59 missiles into Syrian territory, the above verse has become extremey significant.

With those 59 missiles Donald Trump not only recalibrated the Syrian conflict, he has changed his and in turn America’s relationship with the Putin regime in Russia to one of possible rapproachment to nearing open conflict.

King Solomon says the following in the book of Proverbs:

21:1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD as the watercourses: He turneth it whithersoever He will.

We believers know that a leader has no true will power of his own when it comes to global affairs and so the Trump White House no matter the promises before the election of not getting involved in Syria is now involved. Trump is not the sort of president to back down and there is no position Russia or Iran could retreat to in order to compromise with the USA on Assad’s future.  Given this, the conflict in Syria has become the trigger for something far bigger.

In ancient days Damascus was always the thorn in the side of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. This ongoing tug of war between the Kingdom of Israel and Aram and later Assyria played itself out in much of the book of Kings.  The State of Israel at this stage is a representation of that Kingdom, with only the Messiah representing the return of the Davidic Kingdom of Judah.  Furthermore we understand that Damascus falling at the End of Days is equally important, not just for the rectification that needs to occur in relation to the Northern Kingdom of Israel, but because of the way in which this once great city becomes no more.

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The Bible is replete with accountings of a final war between the Nations of the World. Although this war is global, it is also connected to the Land of Israel.  The modern State of Syria, at least the area of Syria and Lebanon up to the Euphrates River fell within the Davidic Kingdom and will be part of that reconstituted Kingdom at the End of Days.

The Nations of the World duke it out in and around the Land of Israel just prior to the Messiah’s arrival.  It is this war that spreads out from a collapsing Damascus that lays the foundation for a new era.  It is once again the principal of chaos to order, we see thoughout the Creation and expressed so beautifuly in the beginning of the Torah and its accounting of the Creation of the World. We are entering a period of intense chaos, one which will lead to a new order.

Syria, Passover, Rebbe Nachman, and the Ongoing Redempion

Every year we find ourselves back at the Seder and yet every year there seems to be a new set of personal, national, and global challenges.  Passover is our time to feel that our personal and national freedom is guided by the Almighty.

Each one of us sees the world and the chaos that flows throughout it as a threat to our very existence.  Yet, the opposite is true.  The chaos is an opportunity.  This chaos will settle and afterwards there will be a new order and set of rules for the world to follow. Yet, just like the time of the first redemption we did not know when the chaos would end, we drew comfort in following Moses, the one true leader of the generation. However, it was not Moses alone. The Midrash teaches that it was in fact the bones of Joseph who the Nation of Israel carried out of Egypt and went in front of it that led to the Sea splitting.

We are at the proverbial sea again. There are nations all around us.  Some are fighting eachother and others are preparing to attack us.  We have no where to go and yet we wonder in which form our salvation will come. The politicians want us to believe it is they who we should trust, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov teaches that the Messiah will conquer the world without firing a shot.  How does this happen? We know the redemption from Egypt is a prototype for the final redemption.  The chaos of the world around us is nothing other than the clearing of the deck to make way for a far higher consciousness to prevail. The boundaries and order established by the elites are crumbling. The false kingdom is being laid to waste.

Damascus, who challenged the Kingdom of Israel thousands of years ago, essentially challenging the Creator’s plan, will now be destroyed as the empires of the world take one final swipe at eachother before their reign comes to an end.

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Rebbe Nachman said his fire wil burn until the coming the Messiah. Those who opposed his leadership just over 200 years ago, thought the statement was mad. Yet, it is Rebbe Nachman and his teachings who have penetrated the mainstream Jewish conciousness in a way that could have never been imagined even 20 years ago. As the world of lies continues to crumble, the world of truth prepares to be revealed.

Passover instills us with a deep faith that all is in the hands of the Almighty and all will be good no matter the chaos that seems to be ovetaking us.  Syria is the trigger for the final war. Rebbe Nachman teaches that simple faith in the Almighty is the key to the final redemption.  Now more than ever we too need to cling to the faith that all is for the best just as we did during the very first Passover thousands of years ago.

Obama and Kerry Cannot Stop the Redemption

The light of Hanukkah is shining.  Its light cannot be contained because unlike other light, its light is drawn from the first light of Creation.  The light of Hanukkah is the Light of Redemption.

John Kerry told us we have to choose between being Jewish or Democratic. He means to say that in order to”save ourselves” we have to give up our traditions and beliefs for the world’s greater good. This, in his mind is the stumbling block to peace.

We have seen this show before. When the Maccabees revolted against the Greeks and their Jewish allies, Israel was being told to become Greek or else. We said no and the impossible happened. The Maccabees defeated the Greeks and the Hellenized Jews that fought with them. They cleaned the Temple and lit the Menorah.  The light of Redemption burst forth forward into history.

The Zionist movement did not begin in the 20th Century.  In a way it began when the Maccabees picked up arms and liberated the Jewish homeland from the Greeks.  In fact, Shimon the Maccabee said the following to Antiochus when the latter asked the Jews to pull back from the Lands they occupied in the war:

“We have not taken strange lands, nor are we ruling over foreign territory. We have returned to our ancestral inheritance, from which we had been unjustly expelled by our enemies. And now that we have been blessed with the opportunity, we will hold onto our ancestral land.” – 1 Maccabees ch. 15

Over a century and half ago Jews from all over the world began to come home to Israel and join the fledgling communities found in Jerusalem, Tiberius, and Tsfat. This movment of Jews grew and drew non-observant Jews. The masses of Jews yearned to be home and it was this yearning and crying that lit the flame of redemption in each of them.  The movement kept growing until it burst forth and could not be contained.

As World War 2 came to an end and the UN was created the global elite knew they had to find a way to contain the Jewish liberation movement. So they partitioned the Holy Land and with teary eyes the movement seemed to stop. With the light contained the world order would be safe.

19 years later the light of redemption burst forth again with the complete liberation of Israel by the Jewish Nation in six days.  The light was uncontrollable and no vessel could contain it.  The Jewish Nation was not ready for its mission and the light was used by the counter culture, leftists, socialists, and globalists. It was bent and harnessed for evil.

It is 50 years later and now the light is about to make its final push back to its original purpose, redemption. The light of Hanukkah cannot be contained.  Not by the UN, not by John Kerry, and not by Obama. The Creator wants to fulfill his promise to his children and return them home.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov likens redemption to the game of dreidal played during on Hannukah. We have no control over the spinning.  Only the Creator knows when it will stop and what letter it will land on. Sometimes the letter is favorable and other times it is not.

Redemption is about understanding how to latch onto the light and go with it; being ready just in case the dreidel of redemption lands on your letter.

The world is surrounding us, ganging up on us one last time, yet it is Hanukkah and the light of redemption wants to return home.  When our enemies tell us to choose between their culture and being Jewish the light rises within us, drawing us to our destiny.  This cannot be stopped; not by Obama and not by John Kerry.

We were not stopped by the Turks nor the British. We could not be stopped by the five Arab nations that attacked us in 1948 or the UN which divided us. We burst forward and now we are home. We  have built and inspired., changed the world and led a hi-tech revolution and a spiritual rebirth. No one or no nation can prevent the Almighty’s light from shining.

Every Hanukkah we say: Praised are You God, Source of Life, who performed miracles for our ancestors in their day at this season. 

Hanukkah does not stop. Its light is forever.  Those miracles are for then and for now.

The Redemption cannot be stopped, it is upon us.

Get ready the dreidel of redemption has spun…



[watch] Rebbe Nachman’s Grave Has Been Desecrated, It’s Time To Bring Him To Israel

The video below has been circulating the web today.  Local Ukrainians threw a pig’s head into the grave of Rebbe Nachman, the great chassidic master, whose tomb serves as a place of pilgramage for thousands every year.

Within Brelsov there have always been various opinions concerning bringing Rebbe Nachman’s grave to Israel.  It is known that Rebbe Nachman yearned to be in Israel, but remained in Ukraine after returning from his trip to the holy land over 200 years ago. He did this for an express purpose, one which is very deep.

Could the attack on his grave site, a location which has benefited not only Jewish pilgrims, but the non-Jews living there, be a sign that Rebbe Nachman’s purpose in desiring burial in Uman has ended?

With redemption closing in and Rebbe Nachman’s prediction that his “fire would burn until the coming of Mashiach” actualy materializing as his teachings continue to grow in world wide influence, it seems the time is right to bring him to Israel.

Watch the video below:

Anti Semites desecrated the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev in Uman.

They left a pigs head and blood all over the area of the tomb area.

Posted by Alan Silver on Tuesday, December 20, 2016


“And Yaakov Left…” A Year Since Rav Yaakov Litman and His Son Were Mudered

This past year since Rav Yaakov Litman and his son Natanel were brutally murdered, there has not been a week since our son who was in his first grade class last year brings him up.  Our two oldest sons both learned with him.  They like the rest of the students in their school spent the last year grieving and learning to grow past the pain of losing such a beloved teacher to a murderous terror attack.

It’s strange to find myfelf back at the same Torah portion as last year and see the exact same relevance as before.  I wrote last year the following in connection with the murder of Rav Yaakov and Natanel and the Torah portion:

So how do you tell your son that he will never see his Rebbe again? How do you tell your 1st grader that arab murderers gunned his Rabbi and son down for no other reason than because they are Jewish?  

Our son heard the news from us last night and processed it. In many ways kids are more resilient than we are.  “Who is going to be there tomorrow?” he asked my wife. Our older son seemed to wonder the same thing. Rav Yaakov taught him two classes a week as well. The three of us decided to learn together.  That was what Rav Yaakov would want us to do. We picked this week’s Torah portion to learn.

“And Yaakov left Beer Sheva…,”  it began. Yaakov left. Rashi tells us that when a tzaddik leaves a place the people feel his absence

A year has passed and in that year I have begun to understand in a different way what our sages meant when a tzaddik (righteous person) is alive even in their death. They live through their students. To understand the impact this one man and his son had on a school and community is impossible without looking at the students in the school. Everyone who met Rav Yaakov was touched and lifted up.

This is how the great Tzaddiks like Rebbe Nachman, the Baal Shem Tov, Arizal, and others live in both worlds.   Each student carries his life force with him.  I only met him briefly, but Rav Yaakov’s smile on meeting me still stays with me. Seeing both of our sons who had the merit to learn with him still talk about Rav Yaakov shows me that he is up there with the greatest.  His lifeforce is more than just a simple statement, he has given his strength and eternity over to his students and he lives on within them in a very real way.

To this end the entire school put together a video marking a year since he and his son were murdered. Watch and even without the translation you can easily see what impact Rav Yaakov is still having on his students and community.