Hezbollah Drone Maybe a Harbringer for Renewed Fighting with Israel

The collective wisdom is that Hezbollah is too caught up with supporting the Assad government’s fight against ISIS to attack Israel, but Hezbollah’s penetration of Israel’s airspace in the Golan yesterday using a drone, may be an indication that things are about to change.

The IDF fired two Patriots at the drone and missed their target.  The drone made it back to its origin in Syria.  For Hezbollah, drones are a perfect form of both psychological warfare and reconnaissance. The important question is whether this is more of the same from Hezbollah or should Israel be prepared for renewed combat against Hezbollah.

In the last year the area West of the Golan has been the scene of warfare between Jihadist like Al-Nusra or ISIS and Hezbollah and Syrian Government Forces. There have been stray shells that penetrated the Golan and other incidents, but Hezbollah until recently has stayed focused on extraditing the Assad regime from the grips collapse.

The ramifications of renewed fighting between Hezbollah and Israel could be wide. The IDF will have to contend with Iranian troops as well as the Syrian army which is looking to raise morale. Fighting the “Zionists” is an excellent way to do that. The real unknown is Russia’s reaction.  Putin has taken a liking to Israel and wants it within his sphere of influence, yet is fully aware that he has supported Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria in their fight against ISIS.  At some point Putin will have to make a decision on which party to support for the long term. Renewed combat between Israel and Hezbollah will bring that decision to the forefront.


Headlines: Stabbing Attack, Earthquake, Iran Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest

One man wounded after stabbing attack along Hanevi’im Street in Jerusalem. Arab terrorist arrested.
[Arutz Sheva]


Light earthquake measuring 4.8 hits southern Israel; No injuries reported.
[The Jerusalem Post]


Iran mocks the Holocaust by staging a Nazi-themed cartoon contest, as Israeli prime minister claims the Islamic Republic is ‘preparing another genocide’
[Daily Mail]


The planned French international peace initiative will take place without Israeli or Palestinian Authority participation.
[The Jewish press]


Nasrallah: We must be vigilant against the ‘Zionists’. Hezbollah leader warns of Israel’s moves in the region, calls for vigilance.
[Arutz Sheva]


Two suspects have been arrested and are still being questioned for the Hizme checkpoint bombing earlier this month.
[The Jewish press]

Israel Behind the News [Dec 22, 2015]

Iran warns Turkey: Don’t renew ties with Israel

In the Islamic world deals with Israel are akin to making deals with the Satan.  Iran is trying to paint Turkey as a collaborator with Israel and anti-Islamic. Turkey may or may not follow through with the gas deal, but Iran is not a consideration to them, energy is.

Nasrallah says Hezbollah will Retaliate for Samir Kuntar’s Death

Nasrallah may opt for confrontation against Israel in the form of infiltrating the North  His operative capabilities have been smashed by ISIS and while it is true that he possesses lots of missiles direct conflict will bring him ruin.

Iran pulling Revolutionary Guards out of Syria

The real story behind this is the strategic leverage Iran loses with Russia.  Russia wanted to use Iran as its ground army, without it, Iran has little value for Russia other than keeping quiet.