After November 8th the King is Coming

The world is about to be thrown into a level of chaos of unknown proportions. None of this depends on the outcome of the elections in America.  Either way the path ahead post elections is fraught with danger.  The prophecies in the bible are clear.  When the nations of the world gather and come against Israel’s control of Jerusalem, the Almighty himself will intervene and save his children.  This prophecy can, like all prophecies be revealed in a variety of ways.

It is almost guaranteed that Obama will, especially if Trump wins come against Israel in the UN. Eventhough the UN Security Council vote will not come with a force of arms attached to it, the coming vote (which Obama will not veto) will lay down the “final boundaries” of a “Palestinian” State. This will include Israel’s biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria and “East Jerusalem.”  Expect the Old City to fall under international control.

With three months left in Obama’s term there will not be enough time for the world to send forces against Israel. However the vote itself will fulfill the prophecy in both Zecharia and Yechezkiel. What will happen afterwards are events that have already been set into motion. The nations of the world instead of destroying Israel will fight one another as it says, “Jerusalem will be a Cup of Poison.” Russia is already preparing for war against the USA, as is China. Europe is preparing to repel an invasion from Russia.  Iran and Syria are ready to attack Israel and Saudi Arabia is ready to defend against attacks from Iran.

Chaos is coming, but we know that chaos leads to order as it always has. Afterall in creation, night comes first followed by the day.  Night represents chaos and day represents order. Noah and his children experienced intense chaos and yet when the door to the Ark opened, the world was ready to be put back together again by their descendents.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov tells us the Messiah, descendent of King David will conquer the world without firing a shot. He will fight with prayer as “prayer is his main weapon” (Lekutei Mohran, Lesson 2).  In a moment when the world has exhausted itself and G-dlessness reigns he is revealed to teach us that it is in fact the Creator who directly has done, does, and will do everything in the world for our good. The Messiah will open our hearts so we can worship the true King, G-d Almighty directly.

In Rebbe Nachman’s lesson concerning Tzohar (Lekutei Mohran, Lesson 112) the light in the Ark, he teaches that all holiness comes to the world surrounded by evil. We ourselves find it hard to allow the Creator’s light into our lives. The flood of anti-holiness and G-dlessness has gripped the world. However desperate things appear, Rebbe Nachman teaches that any of us can break through the layers of darkness and despair by making an opening to the Creator’s light within our own lives.  Afterall, there is no despair in the world at all since everything is done for our own good.

What is coming may be scary, but it is the final moment of chaos and darkness before the greatest light is revealed. The Midrash in Yalkut Shemoni relating to the End of Days says: “Do not be afraid my children. Everything I have done I have done for you.”

Buckle your seatbelts, the King is coming.

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What Happens When a Fake King Twists the Light of Redemption?

King Francois Ayi

Months ago I was introduced to “King” Francois Ayi.  I was invited to a dinner party to meet an extraordinary individual originally from Togo who claimed to be a King and have Jewish roots.  There was a few of us there. Francois Ayi was personable and appeared to be genuine, but concerns persisted and yet many of us shelved them.

Over the next months and many meetings, Francois Ayi and I became friends and yet a quiet discontent grew within me.  I kept my feelings to myself as he became the focus of media attention in Israel as a “Jewish King.”  At one point members of the nascent Sanhedrin even called him the King of Africa.

I of course challenged them on this and still gave Francois the benefit of the doubt that it was us Jews so enamored to be loved by an African King that we ourselves embellished his story. At the end that was not the case.  Francois Ayi used everyone he met differently.  He met with government officials and religious leaders. His targets wre believers and those yearning to bring dedicated Israel loving Africans closer to the truth.

Yesterday as Rav Daniel Asur, one of the rabbis who brought Francois Ayi into notoriety here in Israel came out against Ayi, blasting him for using us and misleading many who met with him. The “King” it seems may have royal blood, but his goals were at the end nefarious.  The rabbi had caught him using his phone on Shabbat although Francois Ayi claimed he had begun to keep the Sabbath.  Messages were made on his phone by him exalting the use of voodoo and other witchcraft.  The list goes on.

My main issue with Francois Ayi is essentially his incessant need to ask for money and to promote himself to many as the ultimate leader.  This got to the point where in fact he began to build multiple followers here in Israel that actually still believe he could be the Messiah.

Bending the Light of Redemption

The question isn’t if we were fooled or why many of us did not listen to others’ “wisdom” in this case.  It is clear none of us, even the great sages are perfect. We all make mistakes and many times let our desire to do good get in the way of staying on the middle path.  The question is how did this charlatan get away with this and why?

We understand that as Israel has returned to its ancient homeland as prophesied in the bible a great awakening has occurred. This awakening is the light of redemption or otherwise known as the spirit of the Messiah (Ruach Mashiach). It is potent and powerful. Yet it comes with such heightened spiritual energy it attracts many who bend it and use it for their own gain.

Make no mistake this dark side holiness only has power by virtue of this light that is increasing daily in our world.  It is why there is global chaos at the same time as this redemptive consciousness keeps growing. 

I expect more and more of these leaders will arise as we continue within our redemptive process, which is a global process. We must filter those who seek to harm us and our friends from within and connect with those forces who are like-minded in seeing a world that is rectified.