The Peace Process Within

There is a common misnomer when speaking about “Middle East Peace” that assumes all things are political and if one can just come to some sort of compromise then there would be eternal and utopian peace. This is of course a fantasy and based on false Western assumptions about the region.

Peace is not some sort of accommodation or agreement or even an acceptance of the area, but rather true peace is a harmonious balance that exists when one recognizes the Divine quality of the other.

The Land of Israel is meant to be a vessel for the Jewish people’s Divine purpose in this world. It is not meant to be merely a political expression of some sort of Western notion of morality, but rather the State is one if approached with clarity should be seen as tool for the Kingship of the Almighty. After all, the Divine Presence we all seek is embedded within the Land itself. However, it remains just out of our reach due to the vessels of sovereignty being without rectification.

This rectification is necessary to harness the true Divine light flowing throughout the Creation. However, it has been stalled by the refusal to lead by those most suited to lead it.

The current political crisis is a message to those who have the knowhow to complete the State’s transformation from Western Liberalism to a rectified political entity with a Jewish core at its engine, to step up and take the reins.

True peace is not about domination of one group over the other or a division of the Land, which cannot be divided, but rather only by the Jewish people accepting their responsibility to be a Kingdom of Priests. The first task of the redeemers within the State is to bring true harmony to the structure of the State itself and only then can peace be achieved.

In Search of Kingship

Our world is a difficult universe. Each yid descends down to this lower world in a state of deep amnesia about his or her purpose here. True, we often times find our stride and push forward. Yet, we know deep down inside that we usually forget why and what we are doing all of this for. The distractions are endless.

Each one of us is considered a mini-world, a vessel containing the blueprint of the universe – the Torah stamped within. This stamp, this is our soul, our Godly will – ultimately our kingship.

Because we have been sent down without remembering our purpose, this stamp, the soul, remains hidden deep within. No matter the Torah we learn or the Mitzvot we do, we feel disconnected until we begin to dig inside of ourselves and discover who we really are.

The Tzaddik’s role is to facilitate this self discovery – to be a guide to the Nation of Israel in order for each yid to move beyond the rote actions of exile and reach the heights of Geulah.

Our Purpose

The purpose in this world is to reveal the Kingship of the Creator within the entirety of Creation and yet we cannot even hope to undertake this mission without first discovering that Kingship within.

Rosh Hashana is the beginning o the year. It is also the best time to begin a new path within – a path of memory and conscious connection to the Creator’s will that flows throughout the Creation and is most deeply held within each of us, waiting to be discovered.