BREAKING NEWS: United Nations Officially Declares its Support for Arab Terrorism

Mickey Mark

The UN has officially announced that it not only believes that Jews should be prohibited from building on lands they have lived on for millenia, but openly supports terrorism against the Jews that live in these areas.

After the IDF announced it had fulfilled its duty to destroy the home of the terrorist Abd al-Majid in Dura who had murdered Rabbi Mickey Mark on route 60 in Har Hebron, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the “occupied Palestinian” issued a demolition alert for the house.

This behavior coupled with the following statement from Nikolay Mladenov, the UN’s Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process makes it clear the UN firmly believes that civilian lives when they are Jewish are in no way equal to the property of known murderers.

“No legal acrobatics can change the fact that all outposts, whether legalized by Israeli law or not, whether located on state land or absentee land or private Palestinian land – just like all settlements in Area C and East Jerusalem – remain illegal under international law,” said Mladenov.

Once again, the UN does differentiate or acknowledge any historic and indigenous rights of the Jewish people in their ancestral lands. By dissociating the two, the UN gives Arab murderers free rein to kill Jews.

10 More Palestinians Arrested For Aiding in Murder of Rabbi Michael Mark

After last week’s killing of terrorist Mohammed Jabarah al-Faqih responsible for the murder of Rabbi Michael Mark in early June, the IDF arrested another ten Palestinians who are part of the same Hamas terror cell that aided al-Faqih.

Muhmad Amira, the driver of the terrorists’ car during the horrific murder of Rabbi Mark in front of his children, was arrested shortly after the attack and then revealed information to Israeli security forces during interrogations. His revelations led the IDF and security forces to the village of Dura where they located the terror cell, mostly made up of close family relatives.

The cell’s weapons supplier was also caught and three weapons factories were found in the town of Kalkilya.