[Podcast] Interview with Alisee de Tonnac: Can Israel Help Change the Developing World’s Funding Paradigm?

The developing world has long seen Israel as an inspiration as the Startup Nation.  With more institutional and multi-National funding finding its way to Africa and other developing regions, Israel can play a key role in shaping the future of these areas.

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In this podcast I speak to Seedstars World Founder and CEO Alisee de Tonnac who is on the front lines of the Developing World  Her company runs a contest for young entrepreneurs from around the world as well as working with locals in many developing regions in the hopes that the Developing World can turn into a true global engine.

Topics discussed:

  • Why the developing world?
  • How do these startup ecosystems view Israel?
  • Is there a role to play for Israel in these regions?
  • What other multi-national players are there?