After Corona, Are We Ready For A New World?

The world is changing. Oil is in negative for the first time ever. The US government has taken over large parts of the economy. Joblessness is souring. Global Depression appears to be on our doorstep.

The coronavirus or COVID-19 has changed us. Yet, deep down inside to most of us who have been warning about the excesses of the Western world, none of this is surprising.

There was bound to be a black swan event, one so big that it would knock down the mirage that is the West. After all, how many more Netflix shows can one watch, or feel fulfilled by cheap Chinese products?

The West has nothing to it anymore. There is no vigor of inner yearning or civilizational direction. The excess has been a drug. All of it designed to fulfill base desires and promising nothing in return. Yet, none of this – the pleasure filled dreams of a millennial generation, fed to them by the hi-tech priests of Generation X is real. Most importantly none of it is sustainable.

The world as we know it, is gone.

For me, all of this has been foretold. Most importantly as the West falls something must take its place.

We must construct a world that is truly sustainable. This new world must leave behind the false desires that are based on nothing else but our own inner whims. In many ways, we must leave the virtual and return to the Earth that has been Created for us. It is this Earth that is waiting to be redeemed and it us who are meant to be its redeemers.

Until now it has been used – a place that is merely a production engine for the products that were meant to fulfill us. We have run after the illusions of our own making – the false dreams and the promise of fortune.

Now we must change course. We must leave behind the “gods of gold and silver” and replace them with truth.

The coronavirus is the trigger for the collapse of the world of falsehoods – the world of truth lies within us. Its holistic melody yearning to break free. Are we ready to step forward and reveal it?

G-D Is With Us Even In The Darkest Moments

In these moments when the darkness seems so deep we must realize that this is where G-D is. Sure when the high is there – he is there, but he is here now with us at our moment of need. Our purpose here is to recognize the G-dliness in our world no matter how far away it appears to be. That was the meaning behind leaving Mitzrayim and that is the reason why we are meant to spend so long in this final exile.

Patience and Faith In A Time Of Trouble

We are all experiencing stress and while there is a part of us that just wants to ignore the events swirling around us, that is not the point. Each of us are on a mission. We were sent here to work out our challenges and issues and ultimately we must confront all of the pain and sorrow in our world, not by succumbing to it, but by accepting it and then transcending it. The current coronavirus pandemic is all about fear.


While the virus is actually happening, we must not succumb to the fear it is causing, but rather us this opportunity to isolate the tests involved with it and then understand why Hashem has sent such a virus now, when we are so close to meeting our universal goals.

Coronavirus and the War of Gog U’Magog

When coronavirus broke onto the world scene, it was first seen as a Chinese problem and then an Asian problem. Of course now this pandemic is ravaging Italy and has penetrated throughout the world. Countries are racing to catch up as the most dangerous part of the virus is the exponential spread in rapid fashion that puts a strain on ICU units.

Economies are collapsing, fear is spreading, and the world is literally shutting down.

The assumption has always been that this was a naturally caused pathogen that mutated. That is if you believe the official statements from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Much of the world media bought into, despite the body of evidence that this was anything but a naturally occurring pathogen.

The question is what is it and where is really from?

The Chinese Communist Party ran a P-4 bio lab that dealt with coronavirus’ in Wuhan. Senator Tom Cotton spoke about this connection early on, but was panned as a conspiracy theorists.

Now people are beginning to wake up. There is a realization that in the beginning world society wanted to believe this was manageable. That the Chinese had just messed up, but evidence shows otherwise.

After all the Chinese Communist Party knew of the spread of the virus in Wuhan just before their New Years, but decided to allow 5 million migrant workers to leave Wuhan and Ubey province to go home.

That was no accident. That was a purposeful decision. The question is why? Why would the CCP allow their own citizens to infect a wide percentage of China. The CCP eventually shut down 700 million people with the hope that this would freeze the virus from destroying their country.

We know their reports of the amount of dead is not true and we know now that their recovery is a lie. So why?

China was beginning to lose against the Trump administration. The trade war was beginning to take its toll on the country and so it has fought back with the most insidious economic weapon available, but unfortunately this weapon has now mutated and gone out of control. The Chinese understood they would have to leak this out carefully. For them a few thousand citizens is nothing, but it grew beyond their control and while their intentions in shutting down the West has worked, they have destroyed themselves in the process.

How Is This Connected To Gog U Magog?

The war of Gog U Magog is a global war and it is a war that finishes off the hegemonic rule of the global powers making way for a new paradigm. Rebbe Nachman teaches in the 13th lesson in the Likutey Moharan that before the Redemption occurs, the insatiable desire for money must be destroyed. China was that engine. It produced cheap products that lured humanity after the desires of this world – causing all of us to forget our innate connection to the Creator. This caused us to fall into a deep spiritual slumber.

The Baal Shem Tov teaches that the war of Gog U Magog is a spiritual war. The numerical value of Gog U Magog is in fact 70 – mirroring the 70 root nations of the world. Each of these nations according to Rebbe Nachman as taught over in the 36th lesson of Likutey Moharan has a specific weapon specialized to hold us back from our true potential.

According to this lesson, a person’s soul comes into this world in order to break through these 70 nations. This occurs on an individual level and national level.

The spelling of China in Hebrew is made up of Samech, Yud, and Nun. This equals 120. More interestingly, if you separate the nun from the word you are left with 70. Nun is 50 and as we learn in the first lesson in the Likutey Moharan it is synonymous with kingship. Essentially China is the source of power for the Kingdom of Gog U Magog. It is its life blood. This is the kingdom which controls the world at the End of Days.

While none of us know where any of this is going, it is important to understand that the collapse we are witnessing is not ours. It is the collapse of the Kingdom which has covered up our ability to truly to connect to our most authentic selves. We are after all an expression of the Creator. We are sent down into this world to uplift and to reveal the holiness hidden within. Everything that is happening may seem scary, but it really doesn’t have to be if we understand that this happening for our own benefit.

The statue is falling. Are we ready to take advantage of the situation and free the Lost Princess buried deep within us once and for all? We have the most powerful weapon of all – prayer. It is time we begin to use it.