Ehud Barak Attacks Bibi Again

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak: Netanyahu’s diplomatic tactics are caused because of the vagaries at night between him, Sarah and Yair.

Ehud Baraktweeted the following, in response to the diplomatic moves carried out by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after resolution 2334 against illegal settlements passed in the United Nations Security Council late last week.

“Nightly whims night between Bibi, Sara, and Yair, wake up in the morning and are transformed into as diplomatic tactics and policies put forth by the Prime Minister”.  

“Israel is fast becoming an international joke,” Barak warned.

This is not the first time, Ehud Barak has taken swipes at Bibi Netanyahu.  Despite Barak’s backing at globalist institutions, he remains one of the most unpopular Prime Minister’s of all time and is considered a political failure.