[watch] Cuba Complains About a One Minute of Silence For Holocaust Victims, but Demands the Same for Palestinians

While UNESCO assembled today at Krackow, Poland to discuss motions tabled against Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem and Hebron, a one minute moment of silence was called for the victims of the Holocaust by the Israeli Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama-Hacohen.

“Mr. Chairman, because UNESCO has taken upon itself to commemorate the Holocaust and mainly because I stand here today as the representative of the Jewish state, I therefore request that this body stands with us in a minute of silence in solemn memory of the six million murdered Jews, and all those who were killed by the Nazi animal, or died fighting against it.”

After the moment of silence, Cuba compained about the action and in turn wanted one for the Palestinians.

“Only the Chair can request a minute of silence. So with your indulgence, let me request Mr. Chairman, that we stand for minute of silence for all of the Palestinians who have died in the region.”

The delegates followed suit as if to compare the Palestinians to Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

None of this is surprising as last month the UN Human Rights Chief compared Palestinians with Holocaust victims, refugee camps to Auschwitz.