[Podcast] Israel Doctrine: The Expanding Israelite Consciousness

I had the opportunity to speak to Carl Albert, the CEO and Founder of Israel Doctrine.  Carl is one of the many African Americans that have begun to connect to the Hebrew Roots of the Bible and attach themselves with the G-d of Israel.  We discussed the Hebrew Israelite Movement, Kemetic thought, and why Israelite is not about skin tone, but rather following the word of the Almighty.

[Podcast] Global Israel is Rising

Rabbi Harry Rozenberg joins me for a deep discussion on the growing global awakening among crypto Israelite communities around the world. His groundbreaking work on iTribe brings together these Israelite communities onto one social platform.

The following subjects are covered:

  • iTribe.us
  • Law of Return?
  • Global Israel
  • Igbo, Bassa, Pashtun, Bnei Menashe
  • Biafra
  • Israel needs to wake up and accept these Crypto Israelites

[Podcast] Here Come the Anousim

In this podcast, I speak with Ashley Perry of the Knesset Caucus on Bnei Anousim [Marranos] and his work through Reconectar. There are so many facets this podcast touches on and shows why this movement is perhaps one of most important causes in the broader Jewish world today. There are literally millions of descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish origin. Ashley’s work is already having a tremendous impact.

Learn more at Reconectar.

[podcast] Interview with Remy Ilona, an Igbo Jewish Leader

Have a listen to my interview with our very own Remy Ilona, leader and activist of what can only be called an awakening movement among the Igbo population in Nigeria.

I discuss with Remi the following:

  • His own awakening
  • Comparisons between some of the parallel customs among the Igbo and Jews
  • How the Israelites got to Igboland
  • Igbo persecution
  • How many Igbo are there and do they want to return to their Israelite roots

[Podcast] Interview with Alisee de Tonnac: Can Israel Help Change the Developing World’s Funding Paradigm?

The developing world has long seen Israel as an inspiration as the Startup Nation.  With more institutional and multi-National funding finding its way to Africa and other developing regions, Israel can play a key role in shaping the future of these areas.

SeedstarsWorld logo

In this podcast I speak to Seedstars World Founder and CEO Alisee de Tonnac who is on the front lines of the Developing World  Her company runs a contest for young entrepreneurs from around the world as well as working with locals in many developing regions in the hopes that the Developing World can turn into a true global engine.

Topics discussed:

  • Why the developing world?
  • How do these startup ecosystems view Israel?
  • Is there a role to play for Israel in these regions?
  • What other multi-national players are there?


[Video] Rowdy Arab Youth in the Heart of the Old Yemenite Village

Daniel Luria of Ateret Cohanim encounters a bunch of rowdy Arab youth towards the end of a day of filming in the historically Jewish neighborhood of the Yemenite Village in Jerusalem. Since its decimation in 1936-37 it has been taken over by Arabs and renamed Silwan. Now more than 17 Jewish families have moved back. The old Synagogue has been brought back into Jewish hands as well.