Completing Ourselves With The Foods We Eat

Rebbe Nachman teaches in lesson 54 of the Likutey Moharan that the Creator sends us messages everyday to draw us close to him. His chief student, Reb Noson of Breslov expands on this by teaching that it is in fact our mission to use the sparks or souls found in fruits and vegetable to help complete our own souls.

Looking at this even deeper, we can now understand why we desire certain fruits and vegetables. Our personal Holy desires found in these fruits and vegetables are there for us to uplift ourselves and the world around us.

Once again we see that wholeness of the Creation – the Divine System which is embedded in the fabric of our reality reality depends on our own choices, especially what we ingest into ourselves.

The more we live in a manner that is in. sync with the Creator’s blueprint, the more world will return to its initial balance.

This is ultimately why the blessings we say over the fruits of the earth and trees have special blessings, because the produce of the Land contains the route back to our true inner expression and enlivens our life force in this world.

The more we connect properly to the Creation and the food produces the more we will connect to our personal and cosmic Divine Mission.