Is Putin Making his Move Before Election Day?

To most observers Putin is moving in an aggressive way to wrest control of the Middle East and Eastern Europe from NATO.  He has had success after success in dividing NATO and seizing opportunities in filling the void left from a receding America.

The surprise is not Putin’s cunning success, but the speed in which it has occurred. With under 20 days to go in the USA Presidential elections Putin is moving the largest Russian naval force since the collapse of the Soviet Union to the Eastern Mediterranean. With lots of American naval vessels already there, the Eastern Mediterranean is about to get far more crowded.

Putin’s move to seize the Eastern Mediterranean will have long term implications in the region.  For one it will force Israel to finally make a deal with Russia it does not want to. By  providing cover for Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria Putin holds tremendous leverege on Israel.

With elections at hand and a weak president, Putin is set to carve out his place in the Middle East.  The only question is if it includes Israel or not.

USA Takes Out Iranian Bases in Yemen as an Opening Shot to a Broader Conflict

With Iran seeing a possibly different approach to the Middle East with the next President, they have begun to make moves in the waning days of Obama’s presidency. The Iranian backed Houthis in Yemen fired a rocket at a US warship, missing it.  In response the U.S. military launched cruise missiles on Thursday against three coastal radar sites in areas of Yemen controlled by Iran-aligned Houthi forces.

Iranian warships have been sent to the area in order to “to protect trade vessels from piracy,” according to Tasnim a semi-official Iranian news source.

With the Saudis initialzing this round of tit for tat by their missile launch against a Houthi funeral party, the stakes have grown between the Shiites and Sunnis in the region.  The only question is how serious is the Obama administration in its closing months to put a stop to a regional war about to get out of control. If the past is any hint…not much.


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“Trump Is Less Dangerous Than Clinton; She Will Start Nuclear War With Russia”

Well we know we’ve got a problem when the Green Party candidate is more honest than the Democratic Nominee. Jill Stein is absolutely correct.  Hillary Clinton is fully willing to start a war with Russia at the behest of her neoconservatie backers.  Hillary Clinton may be a socialist at heart, but her foreign policy is based on neoconservative ideas rooted in America’s role in being an active change maker for the globalist agenda.

All of this Trump has been very much on target about. The challenge has been that his campaign has been derailed for now by the national media’s obsession in covering for the Clintons.

A New Chapter for America

Why is Hillary Clinton so dangerous?  The answer to this can be found in her ability to weave corporatist money into a socialist sort of control over the economy. She is one of the architects of many of the current globalist goals which learned to blend coroporate wealth with a mutated version of socialism.

Hillary envisions a world that is transformed and governed by corporate interests that are molded in the halls of government in a way where everyone is a dependent on a buearcracy so intertwined with the financial interests of the 1% that it will be hard to see the difference between Goldman Sachs and Capital Hill. Marx wins in a most ironic way. Instead of the government being the arbiter of the choices of the masses it becomes the tool of the corporations that are he true arbiters.

Why the Hate for Russia?

Once we understand that all neoconservative goals lie in the belief that it is only the American military that can truly bring stability to the world then we can understand the driving force behind this way of thinking. It is in fact these corporate elements that fund the security super structure at the heart of America’s globalist arm.  Hillary is unabashed in being “in bed” with this group in a way Obama was always uncomfortable about.  The corporate elements in the West view Putin and his backers as dangerous to their profit margins and would like to put them in their place before Russia becomes unstoppable.

If Trump loses on Nov. 8th, duck. Putin will not wait to be relegated to a defensive posture when Hillary takes over. He will look to grab important areas in Ukraine and other eastern European countries while Obama is still in office.


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WAR DRUMS: Hezbollah Explosives a Precursor to the Next Conflict

The Israeli military has confirmed that the explosives found in Metulah on the border of Lebanon 3 weeks ago were indeed placed there by Hezbollah.  There are two pervading opinions in the defense establishment, one is the explosives were smuggled into Israel for terrorist attacks. The other opinion believes the explosives were placed in the woods near Metulah to be used at some later date in  a war with Israel.

Although Hezbollah is in no shape to fight a war with Israel while they are taking on ISIS, the newly formed understandings between Turkey and Russia may be a sign that Hezbollah can pull back and let Turkey mop up.  If this is the case then Hezbollah will be well positioned to fight another war with Israel, this time with Iranian forces firmly entrenched on the Golan border.

The explosives are an ominous sign for what awaits Israel as changes in the Middle East are fast underway.

WAR DRUMS: Putin Places 40,000 Troops on Ukrainian Border, As Obama Moves Nukes Closer

In a move that risks pushing the region into all out war, Rissian President Putin positions 40,000 troops and armored vehicles on the border with Ukraine. The US took staleite photos of the troop movemements, witnessing new staging grounds being created with an array of units including combat troops. tanks, and fighters being deployed.

Navy Captain Danny Hernandez told the Washington Free Beacon that the exercises were being closely monitored.

Hernandez said: “We are extremely concerned about the increasing tensions near the administrative boundary between Crimea and the rest of Ukraine.

Crimea is  a disputed Russian province who voted in 2014 to leave the Ukraine and join the Russian Federation as an autnomous district.

Why is Obama Moving Nukes Closer?

Multiple sources have shared that the US is moving its 50 nukes from Turkey to Romania. The reason for the move is do the deterorating relations between USA and Turkey.The fact that the move also coincides with Russian expansion both in the Middle East and Eastern Europe has not been lost on experts.  The question remains as to why Obama is doing this in such a fashion with the end result essentially handing the Middle East over to Putin?

The answer lies in how Obama and his administration has viewed the situation in the Middle East from the very beginning of his Presidency and that is an unwinnable theatre that is far best left to others.  The challenge is, “the others” Obama thought would take over was not Russia, but rather organic political and religious forces already on the ground.  It remains to be seen if and when Obama will put his foot down with Russia.  The assumption is that the real redline for Obama is Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

WAR DRUMS: Russia Deploys Surface to Air Missiles in Crimea

Russia deployed its advanced S-400 anti-aircraft  missile system to Crimea as tensions rise in the border area with Ukraine. Reports have said at least two Russian have been killed near Ukraine increasing the likelihood of some sort of clash.

As the traditional Ukrainian government was forced from office by a Western backed coup in 2014, Crimea voted to separate from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation.  Putin has since militarily controlled the strategic peninsula.

With Russia seen as an emerging power both regionally and globally, NATO has gone to great lengths to reassure allies that it will defend them.  Despite assurances, each move Putin makes sows doubt in areas that belonged to the former Soviet Union.

Map of Crimea
Map of Crimea

Already in July NATO stated it was going to bolster its military presence in the Baltic and Eastern Poland. The challenge is that NATO risks pushing Russia to continuously strengthen its presence with manuevers in Eastern Europe.  Many observers feel that the West would achieve more by trying to lower the intensity instead of committing to more troops. So far this sort of advice has not been heeded.