With 46 Days to Go Until Trump, Bibi Netanyahu Bests Obama

With a revamped Regulations Law set to be passed in the Knesset, Bibi Netanyahu will have officially ended the Oslo era. For the first time since Israel liberated its ancestral heartland, Israeli government and military powers will invoke the nation’s sovereignty in areas previously not allowed.

The Regulations Law gives power to the Knesset and government officials to decide what to with private Arab land whose owners fled generations ago. Caroline Glick sums it up:

“The settlement regulation bill empowers the military commander to seize privately owned land and compensate the owners. In other words, it provides a means for willing Palestinian sellers to sell their property to willing Jewish purchasers without risking the lives of the owners.”

The law does not make Israel the sovereign, but it gives the government and military the ability apply sovereignty in select cases where in the past it could never do. This alone alters the status of Judea and Samaria to a point where Oslo becomes null and void.

Obama Was Outplayed

Between Kerry’s attacks on Education Minister Naftali Bennett for being disturbing and the Obama administration attempting to play footsie at the UNSC by potentially abstaining during the vote on “Palestine” the common wisdom was that he government would not go ahead with the vote. Obama thought he had set up Bibi to fail, thus putting his government into free fall in time for Trump to be sworn in.

Bibi did the unthinkable, he and his coalition passed the settlement Regulation Bill and by doing so opened the avenu for a new approach to the Arab’s iving in Judea and Samaria. True, Amona will not be saved, but hundreds of other communities will.

For eight years Obama tried to get the best of Bibi Netanyahu.  At the end, it is Bibi who has out smarted Obama and given his government the ablity to chart a new course in relation to the “Palestinians.” Naftali Bennett is right to say this is a revolution. With one vote Israel has freed itself from answering to Washington in regards to Judea and Samaria and declared itself sovereign over its ancestral homeland.


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