Finding Unity and our Good Points in the Land of Israel

The goodness held deep inside each Yid flows from the Nation’s connection to the good points within the Land of Israel. Our connection and yearning to be one with our Land unlocks the points of light within our own consciousness.

It is ultimately on a National level that the Yidden can fully express the good points found within themselves and this expression can most fully happen in its most authentic way in the Land of Israel.

Unity within in the Land of Israel, even if this unity is only found in separate communities causes the good found within the Nation to be fully expressed throughout the Land.

How do we reach a level of unity?

Every Yid must see the goodness found within the other and draw that out. After all, this goodness is an expression of unity with the Torah and Land of Israel, so by seeing the good in a fellow Yid, one is ultimately drawing this same goodness and light from within the Land itself.

The Tzaddik and the Land

The Tzaddik is the heart of the Nation. His most concrete realization is in the Land of Israel, because that is where the purpose of the Yidden are transformed from individualistic endeavors to national processes. Yet, despite the National return, the Tzaddik’s role in its revitalization cannot be fully actualized unless the Nation yearns for Tzaddik’s light to guide them.

Our yearning, for a true leader is only due to the need to find the Tzaddik that can arouse the Nation to see the good points held within it – the good points in one another and the Land itself.

This is precisely why we are experiencing so much trouble within our own Land, even when we appear to have sovereignty. The lack of a true Tzaddik means we can’t truly draw the light held within each one of us into the vessels that have been constructed here in the Land of Israel.

When each Yid finds the courage within himself to identify those “good stones” that he was gifted with and then help others find theirs, a true lasting Redemption can be built.

Once again, true unity is one where the national body finds true connection with the Tzaddik at its heart and where it yearns to release its ultimate good found within each Yid and the Land itself.

All it takes is for each one of us to find the courage and the perseverance to see the goodness in ourselves and each other, no matter how far apart we appear to be.

Based on Likutey Moharan 282 and Likutey Moharan Tinyana 8; Eretz Hefetz 1:7; Olat Reyiah Part 1 Page 99