The End of Sleep and the Defeat of the Kingdom of Haman-Amalek

Originally published on BRI

Galus is more than a physical separation between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel –  it is a state of mind; a loss of conscious awareness of the Creator’s providence. To be in Galus is to be in a spiritual slumber.

This is our reality.

This was and has been the Jewish people’s predicament since the destruction of the first Temple and it is the paradigm in which the Purim story unfolds.

We are in a continuous state of Purim – an unfolding drama woven within the tapestry of politics and the mundane and yet when we stir from our slumber for just a moment we see the lost princess, Esther, the Shechina that was hidden from us. We are reminded in those moments that it is possible to awaken from our perpetual sleep.

As the Kingdom of Haman-Amalek grows, we remain asleep. It strengthens, inundating us with ambient information, uncontrolled desires, and false yearnings. However, we can awaken, we can reclaim our lives and authentic selves, but we have to cling to the Tzaddik – only he has the key to the story we need to hear.

Which story is that? Our story – special to each one of us. When we hear it – we awaken.

The Jews clung to Mordechai and were saved.  They recognized that Esther was theirs and freed the “lost princess” from the confines of the palace of the “no good” – ruled by Achashverosh – destroying Haman descendent of Amalek.

We too, must hold fast to the teachings and stories of the Tzaddik.  His stories and advice are specific to our generation – the generation meant to awaken and destroy the Kingdom of Haman-Amalek forever.

(Based on the Lost Princess; Likutey Halachot Purim Halacha Alef)