USA Takes Out Iranian Bases in Yemen as an Opening Shot to a Broader Conflict

With Iran seeing a possibly different approach to the Middle East with the next President, they have begun to make moves in the waning days of Obama’s presidency. The Iranian backed Houthis in Yemen fired a rocket at a US warship, missing it.  In response the U.S. military launched cruise missiles on Thursday against three coastal radar sites in areas of Yemen controlled by Iran-aligned Houthi forces.

Iranian warships have been sent to the area in order to “to protect trade vessels from piracy,” according to Tasnim a semi-official Iranian news source.

With the Saudis initialzing this round of tit for tat by their missile launch against a Houthi funeral party, the stakes have grown between the Shiites and Sunnis in the region.  The only question is how serious is the Obama administration in its closing months to put a stop to a regional war about to get out of control. If the past is any hint…not much.


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